Been gone off wagon soooooo long


(sean kelley) #1

I work asphalt here in central Florida, we spend very long days in the extreme heat and I was (am) the only Keto person on the crew. We send out for lunch, dinner, whatever. I was bringing my own meals, drinks and such, but it got to be a real pain to not just give in and give up. 2 months ago I went to my Dr. and it had been so long she said “We thought you died or moved lol” My a1c was 6.1 and I had gained too much weight not to be embarrassed about ( I was up to 390 ) I was kicking myself and felt that I had let myself down. I had to do something fast. I broke out my old books and went to YouTube, I listened to (binged) podcasts. I came upon Dr. Berrys channel right as his live was starting and I said to myself “Sean you are not going down like this!” I watched all and I mean all the vids on his page. I started a BBB&E the next monday. It was hard at first, not the idea of BBB&E but having to do my lunches again. Well I have fallen into the pattern of 1 meal a day after work (if I’m hungry) and no more Pepsi. I am drinking black coffee again and wondering why i started putting stuff in it in the first place because I actually like black coffee. Lots of water, no Gatorade. I went to the Dr. this morning and i am awaiting my blood work message to come in. But I have lost 39 lbs and the best part of all… most of my joint pain is gone! Blood presser is coming down 149/ 92. My a1c was taken but it has not been 3 full months since last check but it read 5.4 in the office.

I don’t want to be a loser. (other than this weight, pain,hpb…I can lose all that) I will let the world know my progress.

thanks for listening

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2

Hey man that’s great. Welcome back. It’s funny about the black coffee. I did it for a while and enjoyed it, and wonder why I started adding light cream in again. I think it may have been the acidity.

I was friends with a Sean Kelley in high school.

Anyway. Good luck. I hope your blood tests come back with good news.


As you would imagine…I know shed loads of people called Sean Kelly (slight diffrent spelling!).

It can be confusing…‘I was talking to Sean the other day,’
‘Wait, which Sean?’
‘Sean Kelly’
‘Again, which Sean Kelly…can you describe him, age, company, even football support info?’


(Marianne) #4

I’m so happy for you that you are on the path to clean eating and better health! I really celebrate that.

You were never a loser just because you got caught back up in the Standard American Diet. Obesity is at epidemic levels (at least in the US), because the things we have been conditioned to eat are too delicious, accessible, easy, relatively inexpensive, and addictive to pass up. The problem is that all of this junk has been manufactured. There is nothing natural or nutritional about it, except what they add to it chemically. Still, most of it tastes wonderful in the moment and is hard to stay away from.

I’m glad you have decided to embrace a different way of eating and take care of yourself. You have armed yourself with all the information you need to know that this is what will restore your body and how to do it.

I look forward to following your journey.


Sean, you will beat this mate.

You have it in you.

It’ll take about 6 months to a year- then you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and lirterrally go ‘WTF?’.
Then you’ll thank yourself if you held unto the leaner waist jeans,

Best of luck mucker,

(Megan) #6

Hey Sean, welcome back and good on you for getting back on the horse. I’m with Gingersmommy, nothing loser about you and the standard fare people call food today is far too easy to eat and keep eating. 39 pounds is awesome, and an outward indicator of even more awesome things happening inside your body. You may even inspire members of your crew to take a hard look at what they are calling food.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.


No carbs friend.

That’s all mate.

(Robin) #8

So many of us have the same story… just different details.
Glad you are having a reckoning and are ready to dig back in. Hang out with us and stay connected. You can do this.

(Wendy) #9

That is great!! It’s never too late!! I fell off the wagon for about a year! Dr Berry’s podcast helped me back on. But this time. Went keto then ketovore, now Carnivore. Have cut BP meds in half, and Omeprazole! If you want more inspiration. Ck out Dr Anthony Chaffee,Dr Ben Bikman,and Dr. Shawn Baker. I watch one of them every day. Just for a good reminder.
Keep up the good work!!


Cool, you are finding your way back.
easy for life to get in all of our journey, but you are correcting it and enough is enough and taking control again. More power to you!!