Been gone, been bad, but I am back!


Back when things shut down in March, I kept on keto for months, but over time, and with cooking for the family at home much more and losing my job, I fell off. Hard. And since summer I have added weight and one to two sizes (but not even close to my top weight which is about four more sizes up at least). So I am back and on day three and need this forum again for ideas and accountability. Waves

(Jane) #2

Welcome back!

Sorry about the loss of your job.

(Laurie) #3

:wave: Hi, and thank you for telling it like it was. Best wishes.

(Rebecca ) #4

Hi, and welcome back!

(Polly) #5

Welcome back. A real bummer about your job. Good luck with your new endeavours.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #6

Indeed, welcome back! Let us know if we can help with strategies for staying keto in these trying times.


Thank you! One thing that has come to mind as I start reading/searching is that I keep seeing 50 carbs, whereas I had been used to 20 carbs. I assume they don’t mean 50 net carbs and so perhaps that is where the memory fails me?

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #8

Not sure where you are seeing that, but Carl’s and Richard’s official recommendation of a 20 g/day limit remains unchanged. Of course, we say that it’s your choice whether to count total carbs or net carbs.

I do know that the official recommendation Virta Health gives its patients is 50 g/day total carbs, in the hope (as Dr. Phinney said at Ketofest 2019) that their net carbs will be under 20 g. Whatever limit Dr. Westman’s clinic tells their patients, I know that it’s for total intake, as Dr. Westman has said repeatedly. (I just don’t remember if his limit is 50 or 20 g).

If you’re sticking to leafy greens and veggies that grow above-ground, you probably don’t have to worry too much about how much you eat of them. It’s the sugars, grains, and starches that should be avoided completely. If your meals consist of meat and possibly a salad or some broccoli (for example), you should be fine. Avoid processed foods, even if they claim to be “keto-friendly.”

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Thanks. Glad the rules haven’t changed. I saw 50 couple places in my reentry research and started to second guess.

Just stocked up on my old favorites: eggs, chicken, beef, tuna, cheese, Dubliner butter, lettuce, broccoli, guac, pickles, etc.

I hope I can get over the hungry feeling soon. Having the right foods around will help. I had been at omad with a one or couple full-day fasts a week back before all this.

But can’t keep looking in the rear view mirror. Just have to start over and keep moving ahead.

(Laurie) #11

Good attitude!

Yes, things change, our bodies change too. I was doing 40 hour fasts before, but this time I don’t feel like it. However, I’m doing much better at sticking to the plan.

Great that you’ve stocked up on the foods you need.

(Jane) #12

Welcome back…I think a lot of us messed up last year with everything that was happening to us and unable to get the things we needed. It’s a new year and a new start. So far the year isn’t starting out great. I am in AFib and looking to have to have another Cardio Conversion on Thursday…BUT…I am remaining positive…KCKO. I don’t post on here much but this site has helped me tremendously with staying on track and not feeling alone in my pursuit to better health.


Good luck!! New year, new start.

(Susan) #14

Welcome back to the forum and to Keto! I am sorry about you losing your job. I think that a lot of people have had similar things happen with the Pandemic situation.

I hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. Take care and best wishes with getting back on track. Take care.


Thank you!!