Beef Shank

(KM) #1

I went to a local state park that has a working “antique” farm yesterday, and purchased some beef shank. It’s 2" slices - of leg, I assume, with the femur in the middle. I’ve never had this cut of beef before. I’m assuming it’s not really appropriate for a steak, although they did refer to it as shank steak. How would you cook this?


I just know that the lower leg is good for stew… I can’t imagine this cut wouldn’t be good for it.

(Bob M) #3

If you have a sous vide system, you could do that.

They recommend very long cooking times, so this must be a tougher piece of meat.

NOTE: I’ve found some of these long cooking times aren’t good for the meat. I’ve backed off the really long times.

(KM) #4

Thanks. I don’t have a sous vide setup, but I can crockpot it. I had a feeling it might be tougher.

(Bob M) #5

It’s probably good for any low and slow cooking method, such as a stew.

(Geoffrey) #6

In a thinner cut it would be a round steak. Good for chicken fried steak but we no longer eat that way and with it being thick like that I would first season it generously with salt and white pepper. Sear it in a lightly oiled, hot skillet to get a nice crust on both sides.
Place it in a baking dish with enough bone broth to come about halfway up the steak. Place several dollops of butter all over the steak. Depending on your style of eating, carni or keto, you could place some fresh rosemary sprigs on top and some sliced onions and garlic as well. Cover with aluminum foil and seal it well.
Cook in a preheated oven at 300° for 1 1/2 hours.
After it’s taken out of the oven let it rest for ten minutes before cutting into the meat. The rich broth makes for a good sauce to put over the meat.


I will remember this, sounds quite nice!

(Michael) #8

I always remove the marrow before cooking as it will melt otherwise. 45 min in a instapot here

I tried to eat one raw once, I pulled a jaw muscle, always slow or pressure cook since.

(Bob M) #9

I’ll have to try these, as I found a few pounds of the stuff in my freezer. I got a sampler box from a local farm, and I guess this is one of the samples.

(KM) #10

Hmmm. Well yes, it made a really delicious sauce. :rofl:

These pasture raised beefs are in very fit shape! The meat basically curled itself up into something the size and shape of a baseball. It was … unique. I could actually eat every last bit of it, the bone and the plate were both clean when I was done. And it sure wasn’t dry. The ? sinew? was unusual, not impossible to eat but definitely chewy, sort of gelatinous. I’m not sure if i cooked it too long or not long enough, but next time I think I’ll just cook it all day and make the most awesome broth ever.

(Brian) #11

My wife does beef shank in a crockpot, I’m not sure how long. I had been expecting very tough meat when she made it the first time but whatever she did, it was fall-apart tender and super flavorful. Probably not a more popular cut of meat but dang, that’s some good eatin’!

(KM) #12

I actually found it sort of bland, but the other item on my plate was a lightly smoked salmon, so that’s not really fair. I have had melt in your mouth beef stew, this most certainly didn’t qualify! I really think it may be the combination of being grass finished - so roaming around on pasture and not being fattened up the entire time - and perhaps not enough cook time. “Fortunately” for me I have two more pieces in the freezer, so I can try again.