Beef price fluctuations. Is it annual?

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I have been eating mostly chicken and pork for the last couple of months.

The price of beef has gone up by 25%-50% depending on the store and cut. I noticed this increase last year as well, but thought it was pandemic related. Prices went back down in the early spring.

Has anyone else noticed this annual price increase? Or have any insight into it? It would be nice to be able to plan ahead for this and pick up extra beef prior to the increase.

Note: I live on the west coast of Canada.

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I think it’s more complicated. Weather, disasters, drought; the price of fertilizer and feed; transportation and fuel costs; currency fluctuations that affect imports and exports. And now, many Covid-related factors. Also, milk production and prices can affect beef prices.

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Its still alot of shortages packing plants got hacked added to it and they still not fully staffed

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That’s a good point, could be staffing issues, as it probably was during the last increase. Now that I recall, a bunch of the processing plants had just been shutdown, due to outbreaks, when the price went up last year. Well hopefully the price goes back down soon.

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Yeah, that would definitely be hard to predict. Oh well. At least I can still trhive on ground beef, supplemented with other types of meat. Thanks for the insight.


prices are going up and up and up on ALL stuff…I see it, we all see it and meat counter is no different

our ‘lower sale prices’ we are used to buying’ are going to now be higher ‘sale prices’ like is what happening around me now.

usual is ribeye on sale for $6.99…NOW the best sale is 8.99 so yea, screwed LOL

seafood is almost off the charts on lobster and crab legs that I love. old days, snow crab legs on sale for $4.99/lb and I ate the TON out of them—now they went up another $4 a lb to $15.99 per lb and sale price is not even near what they were, sale price is $14.99 per lb…big whoop…and ‘big sale’ is now $13.99…so from my old days of 5 are now 13 per lb and I am OUT of buying them right now.

So ALL inflation is hitting everywhere thru tons of reasons and this pandemic just SET the future ALL in motion of higher prices point blank on everything.

not fun, but as us carnivores know we hunt the sales!
We ambush the markdowns!
We stalk the stores!
We take every single opportunity for the best kill for our supply of meats.

we carnivores still got this! :sunny: :100::crazy_face::star_struck:

I always end with a rant from the meat counter prices with-----how much is my health and lifestyle worth? yes, I can’t put a dollar amt on it truly cause in the end, my health is first. I would drop SO much before I couldn’t buy that cut of meat ya know and this is super personal to each of us in the end of it all when the wallet screams bloody murder! :thinking:

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Up here, pork and chicken are still reasonably priced, but beef has gone up a bunch. I usually buy cheap cuts, but they are now what the price of the better cuts were a couple of months ago.

I guess its just a budget and principles related thing. Where I don’t want to pay premium prices for lower end cuts. It is still much cheaper to buy any meat, than it is to buy expensive medicine, medical care, supplements, vitamins, and feel like crap every day while eating SAD.


yea I hear you.

I could buy filet mignon for $10.99 a lb but now even crap cuts are damn near 10.99 a lb. and the beef tenderloin is now up to like $19.99 per lb and I am like…OMG!

we all are gonna have to navigate the crazy that inflation is nailing all of us with and it irks me to NO end also :wink: I feel ya on it!!! but like you said, SAD robs more down the line in full truth vs. the darn acceptance of what the prices of our meats/seafood are doing.

I think the world must keep ‘chicken’ as its LOWest priced food to keep people in protein, plus they are small to raise and easiest to handle and transport and process…bigger critters ya go the more money per lb to process so? think terms of what it takes to get to market and inflation and in the end, meat being a truly primary source of life as we know, we are caught point blank.

pork is a smaller processing issue than beef and it has also risen alot in cost around me too…ugh

beef is fluctuating alot but it won’t settle on the ‘low end’ after this BS of the crazy on prices right now…but again, we make it work :slight_smile:

Like I bought 80/20 burger on sale for $3 per lb but I am cooking up 3 burgers and they are WAY smaller when done and I think it ain’t no 80/20, it is acting more like a 73/27 fry ya know, I just got grease to the max on this ‘better burger’ but to me how do we truly know?? we don’t with store buy.

the game’s afoot! ugh

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Amen to that! I think it may fall into the same category as shortage of toilet paper! We are just in a crazy time. A crazy expensive time!


Don’t forget the best resource… :deer: Venison. :slight_smile: Our season started a few weeks ago, but due to work and weather, I haven’t gotten out yet, but thinking this weekend might do for a start.

But yep, prices here are staying high for Beef, or getting higher. The place where I pick up most of mine may have gone up a little? - But what we have noticed is they are not running any sales in quite some time like they normally do. Something I would watch for and pick up stuff like Top Sirloin, NY Strip, etc. And the pieces usually average about 15 lbs. give or take, so depending on the sale, could still run $75 to $125 for the whole. Now, with the prices not being occasionally lowered for sales, those same cuts can cost ya twice that, or more. :moneybag:

But similarly to the OP’s mention of it, Chicken has indeed stayed similar in price, at least we are not seeing a high mark-up on them just yet. (But it could still happen?) … So I too have been using it more just because I have so much, and haven’t re-stocked the steak, roast, etc. But will be here soon. But I also still use (and like) Chicken Gizzards and Liver, as well as Beef Liver. I haven’t seen big mark ups on those either, and between me an my pups, we go through quite a bit of those.

So though the past couple years I’ve not done as much hunting as I usually do, I think this year I will be putting in a bit more time to see if I can pick up some nice venison to fill the freezer and work with. :slight_smile:

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Wild game in general is my favorite meat. Unfortunately I’m not licensed for firearms or hunting up here. I need to start that process though. It seems like a good move, based on beef prices.

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Wow, that’s early! Where my cousins live in Pennsylvania, it was always a week or two before Thanksgiving. The first day of buck season used to be a legal holiday, in fact (don’t know if it still is), everything shut down. But nothing like a good haunch of venison, that’s for sure.


Yep, Bow season kicks in here early September, but if it’s too hot, I wait until mid October just so some of the bugs die down some. We get an early Black Powder week in late October, then the time of year I love to hunt. (Late October through the end of November, which is during the rut and BOW ONLY!) Our shotgun season then kicks in on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and runs two weeks and a week later, another two weeks of Black Powder. So yep, once the guns start blasting off, the deer seem to vanish in most places. … But it’s one of the reasons I love to Bow Hunt and I usually only take the BP out to cull the herd some and put some meat in the freezer. But archery is my life blood as for hunting. :bow_and_arrow:

But our season also runs to the end of January, so there’s plenty of opportunities. Over 4 1/2 months.


Wow! :astonished: I mean, holy :poop: … After posting yesterday about the rising prices on meats, I reached out to my friend that owns a Sea Food Store where I usually get my Dungeness and Snow Crabs from, just to see what sort of prices he’s getting on them presently. (He gives them to me for just $25 over his cost by the case, so I usually get great deals on my Crabs. … I usually pay around $300 or so for a 30 lb. box of Snow Crab. And about $275 for a 25 lb. box of Dungeness.) But here’s his text he sent back to me that I didn’t see until just now! :woozy_face:

Haha… Here I’ve been up since 2:15am when my older pup (Shelby) woke me to go out and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had to blink my eyes a few times, just to make sure I was seeing the prices right. I thought they might be high, but damn… more than double! I can usually get a case of each for around $600, or what he is seeing just for the Snow Crab right now! - I personally like Dungeness better myself, but usually get a case of the Snow Crab for the Wife. But I’m not sure I’m wanting to drop $1230 for just two cases right now. I’ve actually picked up 4 cases before at one time, and that cost me around $1100 but may have to think about maybe picking up one case of the Dungeness? Will have to think about it.

Right now I’m going to go cook up some thick Bacon to take along with my Burger I made for lunch.


I noticed cut and packaged for you prices have increased on some like wings went way up around here…but I noticed that a whole chicken stays lower and some thighs etc went up a tiny bit but staying lower.

chicken is peasant food. ‘‘They’’ the powers that be out there have to keep some form of meat cheaper for the masses to eat—while the good nutritious meats like beef etc. will climb alot.

so chicken is it. mass produced fast on a shorter time line and all they can be processed and sent out for all and that price will be kept in a ‘poverty level’ affording for all kinda.

I am happy about that tho, I still use chicken when I want a leaner eating day and I use it as a side dish meat to some beef etc when wanted, so yea, to the universe, keep chicken lower cost LOL

Do not get me started on my beloved crab :frowning: priced me right out…ugh…best I can do on it is find an all you can eat buffet crab joint and hit that a few times a year…it is like $49.99 per person to eat all you can…and believe me when I go…watch out cause I eat a ton of those suckers. I eat NO sides items like others and I make sure I am good and hungry, so yea, they ‘lose’ on me on that cost HAHA but darn, seafood is nasty right now and it is hurting me. I used to buy my snow crab legs for sale of $4.99 per lb…yea remember those days…long gonzo now…ugh


Yeah, you’re right on the wings. The wife loves wings, but they have actually been higher in cost for quite a while now here. (Last couple years? Trust me, I hear this each time we grocery shop. :smile:)

But the packs of boneless Chicken Breast (Which I like most) haven’t been too bad and to me are still quite cheap, especially when on sale. If there were any hike in price, can’t say I’ve noticed. I like cutting it all up to add to other stuff to make up dishes, so them being lean isn’t a problem for me.

And yeah, Maryland is extremely well known for it’s Blue Crabs, but like the Dungeness and Snow, they have also gone WAY up in price, which is of course, is hurting many businesses here. Like a lot of other places. … But because we are so known for Blue Crabs, we also have quite a few places here that do the All-You-Can-Eat buffets and they have gone up quite a bit over the past couple years as well. Sucks because it’s really hurting everyone all around, from the businesses to the recipients of the delicious sea foods we love so much. :slight_smile: … Also haven’t seen too much of a hike in Shrimp yet, but that too could be coming? Hope not, since I do enjoy seafood so much.


me too on the wings cause back when I ate them, they were darn near giving them away til places like ‘buffalo wings’ and other ‘sports bars and joints’ made them into some type of wonder snack…and they are LOL, prices racked after ‘they hit onto the scene’ as a great thing. ugh.

I just bought the boneless chicken breast also this morning. Price holding low so I am fine with that too, it makes a great add to other stuff plus I use them for family for meals so it works out cheaper to use them.

Yea higher prices kill me at restaurants now cause I can’t pay $29 for a steak I can buy for $10 at the store, irks me to death LOL but also the restaurants will survive cause ‘some got money’ still out there to splurge at their beck and call, which is cool, damn I wish I was one LOL

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I always envied your crab pics because all I can get here locally is a lb of pre-cooked Dungeness for $30. I never checked having it shipped here.

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Could be this, in part:

If you can’t get off the ship, sometimes for years, you don’t want to be in shipping.


good read

---------------yea the transportation is what ‘killed us in foods’ and ‘what is killing us now’ in not getting supplies.

Eat local and natural to the area but have pineapples shipped in from other areas to feed us and then we ‘go off a real natural food chain of life’ for humans…and so on.

and NOW we are experiencing the effects of transportation being curtailed and effecting our lives to get ‘even the great foods we desire’ for our health such as seafood off ships from far away into our life.

darn…damned if ya do and darned if ya don’t kinda thing?


and this just sums it up globally: Drivers have faced hundreds of border issues and blockades through the pandemic,

wonder how long? how much longer does the insanity exist and what what costs to all? we all shall see, no one can predict the future but the future is being controlled thru issues we as a person can’t effect in truth so? wait and see where this all goes is all any of us can do!