Beef price fluctuations. Is it annual?

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I was on an aircraft carrier, and we went to sea for 6-9 months at a time. I can’t imagine not being able to get off the ship. Or getting a month off and having to spend 2 weeks in quarantine. And I was single. If you had a family, it would be punishing.


Yeah, much as I like taking the Wife out to Texas Road House, which is usually around $29.99 for the 24oz. Porter House, and 3 sides of Mushrooms… each. (If that hasn’t gone up now?) … Though I’m not a penny pincher at all when it comes to money, it’s not hard to see that the better deal would be picking up a 15-18lb. Top Sirloin, for pretty much twice that, and get maybe 14-15 steaks from it? Since all in at TRH, it usually cost me around $85-$90 for the visit for the two of us. And yep, we get what? Two very nice steaks, tasty Mushrooms and… Music? Maybe even noise from some customers who bring kids & simply don’t watch or control them? :crazy_face: … But it is nice most of the time, but harder to see the advantage in these times though.

Yeah, it is quite unbelievable indeed. I’ve been chatting with him some more this morning, and when I asked, he said they’ve been that high now for the past 2-1/2, 3 or maybe 4 months now & mentioned that was with the very small fee he tacks on for my purchases per case. So biggest thing that sucks, is that he still only makes a couple bucks off the sale from me. (One of the reasons I will usually pick up 2 to 4 cases at a time from him.) But at present, with those prices, that’s around $22 a lb. for the Dungeness, and $22.5 for Snow. When I usually get them for $10 & $11 per lb. respectively. … And since you usually only get 2 claw sets (Depending on their size) per pound, give or take, that’s not a lot for the money. Would almost want to just stop by & hand him the overage and see how he’ been. :slight_smile:

@ctviggen … Thanks Bob, agree, good… but very sad read indeed. TBH, I couldn’t imagine going through what some of those folks are. This whole thing has really done, and still is, doing damage to a lot of folks, and we can only hope that it gets better soon. But it doesn’t appear that this is likely in the very near future. Hopefully getting through the winter months, maybe next Spring/Summer may provide some better news and possibly on the down-swing of this craziness. :+ :crossed_fingers:

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Good point. The supply chain issues could be part of it. We are definitely feeling it in Canada on many products.

I just found it interesting that it is only beef, not pork, chicken, or seafood. I do only purchase Canadian beef, but most of it is grown in Alberta and I live in BC. Could be that the trucking prices are part, or all, of the increase. Most of our pork, poultry, and seafood comes from within the province, so the transportation cost is significantly reduced compared to beef.


yes and that is what nailed me fast…old days we could do $50 for the 2 of us and that wasn’t all that long ago LOL and now it is easily, with tip, $100 to eat out IF YOU want to eat decent on that restaurant trip and who doesn’t wanna do just that?

I find for me I am balancing the almighty buck against food is not entertainment to me anymore, I would rather eat at home and save the bucks to travel more and do things like ‘coupons’ from and enjoy my travel experience and save money on the food. I find that site to truly help me eat at new places but I can save big bucks at the same time trying a new joint, which might be ok or not so ok LOL

thing is food was what life was about before, it was that ‘go out’ and eat life but being carnivore now it isn’t about food anymore and that is hard to balance against my hubby who ‘eats it all’ and still sees food as entertainment and I am so not there anymore…so yea balance it all out as we can :slight_smile:


Well, I have heard of Restaurant dot com before of course, but honestly never have tried using it. … I will certainly share it with the Wife, (Probably already knows of it though) who will then share everything she finds on there with me! :smile: Since she does like her coupons. - Anytime I’m ordering anything, I get the ‘hey, wait!’… let me see if I can find a coupon for that somewhere on line. :smile: I know I tease her about it from time to time, but she does indeed save a few bucks here and there though.

But as to TRH, (where we mostly go) or going out in general. I know that she likes going there and it is a nice time for us most times. But pretty much stopped going out altogether when the pandemic first hit, and have since maybe picked up curbside from TRH ‘twice’ in this second crazy year? And the only real reason that we did was because we received some gift cards from a few folks that knew we went there from time to time. … Also one of my pet-peeves I have. - Giving someone a Gift-Card that is tied to only ONE place. Would much rather give someone a Visa/MasterCard they could use wherever they like.