Beef Biltong - Any one try this brand or biltong in general?

(matt ) #1

Looks like something I want to try and maybe even make at some point.

(She had one feck to give and that feck is gone.) #2

My cats once sneaked into the bedroom of my guests from SA, teased open their suitcases, burrowed deep under their clothes, pulled out and ate the homemade springbok biltong they had brought for their adult children living in the UK :flushed: :woman_facepalming:


I tried biltong when I went to SA. It was pretty good and super cheap because of how valuable our currency was. Can’t buy it here for that cheap, unfortunately.


I’m from South Africa, and love my biltong and droëwors (dried sausage). You can buy it in just about any shop, and there are plenty of specialised biltong shops with a great variety of meats and flavours. Also a lot cheaper there, and the meat quality is excellent. Can’t speak for the link that was posted, but I’d encourage anyone to try it.

(Scott Telfer) #5

There’s a biltong/RSA shop in my apartment building and the lady who runs it is fabulous. She tells me exactly whats she’s added and all the ingredients are in premise. She has a ‘fatty’ range and she evens keeps the fattiest bits aside for me!

(Jan) #6

Whoa…they make a peri peri flavor! Was in Zimbabwe nearly 30 years ago, these flavors are something I love. Please, if anyone tries this, let us know how it is.

(Scott Telfer) #7

Was there today! She gave my two nephews a boerwors for free :slight_smile:

(Candy Lind) #8

And you didn’t end up with the world’s first batch of domestic feline biltong? Amazing! :rofl:

(Diana Persson) #9

Mmmm yumm! i regularly make my own Biltong (I’m ex South African living in Canada)… and the best part is now I look for meat with lots of fat. It’s really not hard to make and of course my own opinion is that it’s better than anything I can buy. :slight_smile: I just have to watch my protein intake because with this glorious snack/food it adds up very fast!!

(Diana Persson) #10

In fact I’ve just hung a small batch to dry after teaching a couple of Canadian friends how to make it yesterday.

It should be ready to munch in about a week.

(matt ) #11

Is it just hung up to dry in the fridge?

(Diana Persson) #12

No Matt, not in the fridge. A coolish or room temperature space that has good air circulation. I hang it in the machine room in my basement and keep a fan on low in the room. Once before, I hung it in a closet with the door ajar. Back in SA, the butchers would just hang it in the store (not in direct sun). It can be frozen or refrigerated once it has dried. There’s a bit of a preparation process beforehand - I can give more details if you’re interested.

(Rick) #13

I am interested!!

(Diana Persson) #14

Here are some instructions for the Biltong. A preview pic and a PDF link.
Happy making, and happier eating

(Diana Persson) #15

Biltong Instructions

(Diana Persson) #17

You can leave it out if you like. It serves as a tenderizer (the meat is toughened by the salt). If your concern is the addition of carbs consider that the sugar is such a tiny amount when used in the recipe for over 3 kg of meat. A reasonable portion of Biltong is about 40 g, a good handful (equal to 100 g of undried meat. So there is .8 g of carbs from the sugar in 40 g of Biltong.

(Diana Persson) #19

Sorry Adam, I don’t know. The end product is fairly hard and chewy anyway so the value of the tenderizing is probably negatable. You could choose a more tender cut of beef to begin with so that the sugar won’t be necessary. Personally, if it bothered me I would just leave it out.

(Rick) #20

Thank you!!

(Russell) #22

I have! Its great stuff, first ordered it off amazon but know they have an awesome subscription option on there site. Ive been cooking with it allot!

(Leslie Gardner) #23

I’m a big fan of They have good deals in the mix and match lbs combos plus occasional specials. Plus, they offer GRASS FED in addition to the traditional beef. I got addicted to droewors when i needed a jerky fix abroad and haven’t looked back. I can’t believe how much sugar store bought jerky has.