Beef Biltong - Any one try this brand or biltong in general?

(Daniel Maynard Wyzik) #24

I have tried Kalahari Biltong - it’s def my favorite biltong that you can find in stores here in New England - big fan of the peri peri.

(Ken) #25

Anyone ever have Biltong made from Venison? How about the taste? I may decide to make some this Winter when I’m out doing my part to keep the deer herd from overpopulating.


My wife has South African friends through work. The husband is a chef. They make fatty biltong from local ingredients. It is a level up from any of the mass produced packaged stuff. Go out and befriend South Africans and eat their biltong. They will apply their alchemy to most creatures. Kangaroo biltong is quite tasty, but I prefer the beef version. Any home-made biltong that comes my way is always gratefully accepted.