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I’m with you. Sucks. Journaling is important for success and I can barely get on this forum


It’s nearly impossible to get on this forum on a regular basis. It’s frustrating. I’m losing interest in journaling here because of the difficulty in getting on this forum on a regular basis. I’m going to let the dust accumulate here I have no more interest in keeping this up.

(Judy Finegan Werts) #64

I’ve had issues too!!! Let me know where you end up!

(annette) #65

Feel like I’m going the same route. Patience is not my strong point and I’m not that invested here.

I can keep up with you on FB anyway. :slight_smile:

(Leroy) #66

:: walks into the old room, door hinges and then the floor creaking… ::

Enough dust, and things tend toward monochrome.

“Oh kid, I tell ya - you should have seen this place in its heyday…”