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4/10 TGIF

Here it is Friday. Sunrises have been beautiful, lately. Shame we can’t get to the beach for photos.

I thawed out a pork roast for today’s food… Will roll it in caraway seeds and kosher salt, pierce it and shove slivered garlic inside… cook in the air fryer for less than 20 minutes… will come out moist and the outside will be crispy… and leftovers… that’s the best part of this roast… it’s like eating pork and eggs on rye toast… the caraway seeds kicks the pork up 3 notches!

I’ve been riding my bike in the mornings. Today temperatures are supposed to hit 95º, so it will be a warm one… i was even thinking of taking the bike out at sunset… i might catch a nice sunset.
Anything to break up the day…

Sitting here looking at 3 paintings that I should finish, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation.
And watching the news is not healthy… much better to have music flowing in my world.

Ok- pork roast. Coffee. Maybe a sauce for dipping. Not sure, yet.
But I have reeled in the bad eating and back to my normal. WOE… bloat is gone. Cravings are gone. I’m back to my game…
(For my information - started this journal, after I discovered the journaling thread that came up after so many posts I made… So, this journal is a little discombobulated from the beginning.
After today, this should straighten out… but finding the journal thread later —- really screwed this up.)
Food today: 1) roast pork with caraway seeds and kosher salt.
Coffee: light & sweet.


Thursday 4/9. who would have thought that time/day/week goes by unnoticed? What a trip!
I actually have to check to see what day it is… often!

I boiled up a bunch of eggs the other day, and I’m already blowing through them… they are so good.
A little of that “Everything but the bagel” spice really kicks it up a notch.

I’ve thawed out ground beef. I couldn’t get through yesterday on one meal. I have to get back into ketosis before the hunger blood sugars settle down… then it should be easier for me to slide into a fast.
So ---- my plan is to make ground beef & cabbage saute with my favorite African spices… and I’ll eat on that all day. Some people call this dish “Crack Slaw,” but I don’t. I don’t like the connotation and I don’t put sweetener in my recipe.

Temperatures are soaring into the 90’s… Riding my bike isn’t a problem… I ride for an hour, singing to my IPod and just enjoy being outside.

*** for those of you that are women: I’ve been giving this suggestion to my gal pals… Use a washcloth for #1 and use toilet paper for #2… You won’t blow through your TP as quickly… Wash your cloths in laundry soap and baking soda. either in a washer or in a bowl… They clean, they come out soft and clean and you can use them over and over again… I’ve been able to make a roll of TP last a good month, this way.

The sun is up… I don’t see any leaves moving… going to be ultra warm and muggy… but that’s ok. it feels good to just ride and sing… and take photos of all the flowering trees. I may need to replenish my gardenia inventory…

  1. coffee: light & sweet (stevia & .5n.5) (I added a 1/2 stick of cinnamon, this morning)
    large, large portion of cabbage & ground beef, lemonade
    *** ate the cabbage and ground beef dish, all day long.


Meals 4/8
1). Meat & spices with horseradish & sour cream dipping sauce
Coffee: light & sweet
SF lemonade
1 margarita
2) chicken breast with sriracha mayonnaise
3) 2 soft boiled eggs after midnight

*** took a bicycle ride around the neighborhood for an hour. Smiled at the neighbors sitting outside. More people were in their yards, this morning… we’re all going stir-crazy. But it was a good ride and I got plenty of vitamin D.


A little about me.
Mother, grandmother, single with 2 cats, living in a condo in FL.
I listen to a lot of Dr. Kruse, I enjoy interviews Joe Rogan has with people I follow. When internet came into my life, reading books stopped. All my reading is now done on this medium. Attention span has reduced to the size of a squirrel. Shiny things are my biggest deterrent.
I work 3 jobs and right now, like the rest of the world, I am idle.
My new world consists of chores in the morning, when my energy level is the highest, lots of TV, sometimes I spend the day painting a picture on canvas, ride my bicycle, nap, and then happy hour.
It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing, but the idea of no income coming in is giving me anxiety. So, it’s time to reel it in, drop some impending bad habits and move forward. Hoping I can get back to generating income, soon.

I normally eat 2 meals a day - usually animal/sea life. Sometimes I like cauliflower made into something as a filler or into a casserole with protein. Sometimes I like a stir fry with broccoli and a protein and then my all time go to is ground beef & cabbage sauté. Been eating this way a long time and pretty much have just streamlined my food rotation for simplicity. Sometimes I get an itch and want to make a hollandaise sauce or something… and i usually always have chimichurri sauce and some kind of mayonnaise with my proteins for dipping. There aren’t any sweets in the house.
An indulgence might be Greek yogurt with frozen berries and stevia.

Been at this a long time. Have had many physical and mental transformations. But this staying home, being idle, not generating income has been the biggest mind blowing/distressing thing I’ve encountered in my lifetime… “This too shall pass.”


last meal yesterday was a chicken sandwich with a slice of Swiss cheese on GF toast with mayonnaise.

Wednesday morning 4/8
began the morning with coffee: light & sweet.
I pulled meat out and figured I would be eating my first meal before 8am… but as the morning continued, I wanted to fast instead. With all the carbohydrates I ingested these last 10 days, my blood sugars went wacko. As hunger approached, I could feel the hypoglycemia symptoms beginning… low blood sugars and the shakes.
I’ve been more mindful and got my sanity back and began eating the way I normally eat. It was acute insanity eating all that crap.
I am working towards a fast. I’d like to stop eating and just do some internal healing. My best fast so far is 100 hrs. That will be my goal, next attempt.
I thawed out some meat and I have some cooked chicken breast.
I could freeze the chicken for another day, and I can eat the meat for my midday meal today and then stop there… it’s just been so hard to start with the hunger being as bad as the shakes… hate the low blood sugars.
So - today’s attempt will be the meat for OMAD today.
And then start from there into an extended fast.
***. At least, that is the intention.
4/8 Wednesday


My introduction.

It’s not exactly a daily struggle… I pretty much eat 98% Carnivore and 2% other.
My daily food usually consists of animal, seafood, shellfish, dairy and a garnish of vegetable matter.
I don’t eat fruit, even though I live in a tropical climate and fruit grows all over the area, here…
But once in awhile, I will crave something… not often, but sometimes… One of my favorite crave foods is popcorn, cooked in bacon fat… salty crunch. It’s been months since I’ve had popcorn. It’s been months since I’ve really strayed.
With the staying home… I went and filled my freezer with animal and some frozen veggies…
So, it hasn’t been hard to stay the course… But then the community starts begging us to order food for take out to “support our community and the restaurants struggling.”
That’s when I decided to support the community. I got fried chicken from Popeye’s… fried chicken from Publix. I got meatballs and spaghetti with a side of fudge peanut butter cake… I supported my community really well…
But now, I’m back to eating clean.

Margaritas and wine have been abundant during this lockdown.
I even considered hitting the liquor store for some Capt Morgan sweet rum that I could blend with coconut milk… yeah… that was today’s consideration… but instead, I took a nap.

I’ve probably gained about 10 pounds staying home.
I hope to get it back under control. so far, so good.
Today I made meat for breakfast
and soft boiled eggs for lunch
and I have a chicken breast for last meal…

So, here I am. beginning a new journal, on a new site with new people.
I’ll get my feet wet, soon… I’m not very social. And staying home has made me quite the introvert.


Are there any members here from the “Magic Bus” forum days?
There were two dudes that used to do N=1 experiments together.
One was a 30 day challenge where they consumed nothing but animal & dairy and had to ingest 5,000 calories.

One guy was Dean… can’t remember the other one.

For thirty days they ate animal and fat, finding that drinking heavy cream was about the only way they could get their calories up that high…

At the end of the 30 days, both of them gained - maybe - 4 lbs?
Leaned out.
Felt great and ready to do it again…

Anyone here from those days? Circa 2006+


Friday morning: 4/10/20

I took a nice boneless pork butt and smothered it in kosher salt & caraway seeds and then air fried it in the air fryer, until juices ran clear…
I will eat off this all day long, today.

(Judy Finegan Werts) #9

Sounds good!!! I want a good steak on the grill today but it’s tooooo cold out😫

Hope you have a great TGIF!!:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Wow, you found me!! Wonderful… I will post daily… Promise!

(Judy Finegan Werts) #11

I should probably start a j in here. Looks like it’s a little easier to maneuver around in here.


I’m learning to navigate around here, and post photos…


image image roast boneless pork butt, covered in kosher salt and caraway seeds
I’ll eat off this for a couple of days and when I’ve had enough, I’ll wrap it up and put it in the freezer for another day…

(Judy Finegan Werts) #14

Looks like it’s a lot easier to post them!


4/10/20. Food eaten

Meal 1) sliced roast pork and coffee: light & sweet.
2) sliced pork & 2 large eggs cooked in bacon fat


Saturday 4/11. We had a full moon, this week. We’re still under a stay at home order. I haven’t gotten on my bicycle in a couple of days. Yesterday, it hit 95º and I had no desire to go outside.
I slept on and off and it completely turned my day around.
Last night, I cooked up a pot of food around 11pm. I wanted something hearty, a one pot meal. I made something pretty extraordinary which I’ve never made before…
It was a ground beef dish with a lot of chopped vegetables in it;
Like: onion, garlic, celery, jalapeños, cabbage and a can of garbanzo beans… not sure why I put them in, but it turned out nice… kind of high carb (16-20) grams of carbs per bowl. I don’t normally do anything high carb, but … i have no clue why i threw the can of beans in, but it works. It’s good, it’s ample, tasty…

I have found Sex In The City on one of the cable channels… Got to watch the last episode they made… which made me cry like a baby… Carrie marries Big in the last episode… when he left her at the alter… that was the hardest episode. Now, I have found a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie… “You’ve Got Mail.” Absolutely loved Meg before she ruined her face.

Napping… have the shades closed… even the cats are napping… it’s quiet here. We eat, sleep, poop, watch TV… brush our teeth… wondering how I’m going to get back into a working routine again, should we get to go back to work.

I’m still not inspired to paint. I started a painting last week… no desire to continue. It happens.
Today, Chef texted me that he is marinating lamb breast in Greek spices… and I can’t go over there to eat… bummed!
I can’t wait for this isolation thing to be lifted so that Chef can resume cooking for me, again… I miss his cooking. I miss anyone cooking for me.

So… in the fridge is a pork roast, which will go in the freezer after next meal. I have this ground beef and veggie mixture… and I have lots of eggs. Plenty of food for foraging… plenty of coffee…
I drank the last of the whiskey, last night.

I feel good. I like to nap all day long when I don’t do anything…
I love to sleep. And my cats love to sleep with me.

Will attempt a store run, next week… i will say this about this home quarantine thing… I’m saving money… The only money being spent is on bills. Can’t remember the last time I filled up the car.

I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together…
Remember City of Angels… that was a great movie, too.
And Sleepless in Seattle? Another goodie.
Today is movie day around here.
Iced coffee and movies!


Sunday 4/12. Food today:

  1. Roast pork with 1 large egg
    Coffee: light & sweet
    SF lemonade

  2. GB patty with 2 sl Swiss cheese, mustard, sauteed onion
    4 oz red wine
    1 lg egg

(Judy Finegan Werts) #18

Happy Easter Lynne!


Monday, 4/13… I used to go to The Taco Shack on Mondays for “MargaritaMonday” and fish tacos…
Today… I think I’m probably going to venture out and do some shopping… Cat food is running low and I will have to find their cat food… I saw some at a Hispanic market but each can was 20 cents more than Walmart.

I made ground beef & cabbage saute, this morning… used the last of the cabbage.
I also made some soft boiled eggs… I use these to stop the hungries when i am a little hungry, but don’t want to eat another meal… they quiet the belly churnings…

I pretty much slept all weekend. I mean, what else is there to do? watch TV?
I have taught myself how to play Hearts, which I find very entertaining and I’ve gotten good.
I play backgammon, spades, solitaire, and hearts on 24/7 games, on the internet, for free.

the sun is rising… the nights and mornings are now warm and very humid. no more window open days… those days are gone. summer is settling in, here… 75, 78º at 6am… and pure humidity.
when I open the door, it nearly takes my breath away at all the muggy humidity.

Chef made lamb breast yesterday and described how he made it… He said he did it the Greek way, yesterday, but said he prefers the Uzbek/Russian recipe more. I do, as well… I like the spice preference of the Uzbek method, rather than just lemon, garlic, rosemary & oregano… I was thinking about maybe looking for a pkg of lamb breast, this morning… I’d love to have some…
Brisket is too expensive.

so, I’m getting ready to eat first meal, this morning… I plan to venture out for more provisions and Hair color!!! cat food!!! and more eggs, for sure.

the house is a mess… I need to vacuum every inch… furballs in every corner.
i could probably do a small load of laundry… but it’s not necessary. I’m glad I bought all those boxers, last year… I’m living in boxers and wife beaters… and flip flops… when I ride my bike, I wear a sundress…
trying to get AS MUCH vitamin D and I possibly can…
and I am so ready to become part of society, again… I want to get out and chat, visit, support my merchants, my neighbors, strangers!!
Eating: At the beginning of staying home, and reading social media constantly, I wanted to do my part in “supporting the community.” Now, for one thing, before this situation, I didn’t eat out anyway. So, when this all happened and industry people and city officials were screaming, “support your community. Order delivery.” And there I was, at the front of the line, getting pizza, fried chicken, spaghetti and meatballs.
Was that temporary insanity? Was that a free fall?
Whatever it was, it’s gone now. I’m back to my way of eating.
But I went there.

  1. first meal: gb & cabbage saute with lots of spices
    coffee: light & sweet

  2. beef patty, sauteed onions, bacon, mayonnaise


4/13 P.M. Monday afternoon/evening.

The new normal. How are you doing with your new normal?
This is something many of us have always dreamed of doing. Retiring, staying home and puttering, doing projects, hobbies, maybe doing something new like a new language, a new profession…
Well, here we are. Here is the time we have always dreamed about.

Today I ventured out. I went to HomeDepot and got a quart of paint the color of the sky… Then I went to Walmart and got cat food and a few things. Both stores, I stood in line outside waiting to go into the store. After entering the store, people were back to normal, sharing the aisles, standing close together, reaching over one another. But we stood 6 feet apart, outside. When we got to the cash registers, there was no 6 ft rule. Even the cashier and myself stood side by side. There were no safety precautions except for the mandatory face mask.
I got home and put bacon on. Opened the paint and painted the sky on two large canvases…
I kind of laughed at myself before I took off, this afternoon. It was almost like I wanted to go back inside and not go any farther. “Barn sour.” It was almost difficult leaving… I haven’t left in so long.
I cooked up one pkg of bacon and ate it all.
Cooking up a 2nd pkg of bacon for bacon-cheeseburgers…
I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied. I’m never bored…
Way too many things to play with.
I have ground beef thawed. I’m cooking up bacon. I have plenty of sliced cheese. Make a bacon-cheeseburger patty with dill pickles.
I can eat a lot of those kind of meals. Add a fried egg on another meal.
I’m going to eat through my freezer. I’ve really conserved toilet paper with the use of wash cloths. I watch my use of paper towels. It’s amazing how my head has changed about the things I use daily. I am truly paranoid about running out of something and then not being able to replenish… talk about new anxiety. Ridiculous anxiety.