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Tuesday 4/14/20

I got up early, yet again… drank iced coffee and then had an early morning meal of beef patty with sauteed onions, bacon and 1 lg egg - sunny side up.

Diet Coke, chicken soup. (2nd meal)

i’m probably going to take an early nap, today… probably going to work on paintings.
i’ll probably put some color on my hair, this week.

i’ve finally reeled in the crazy eating to “support the community.” I did my part. I was supportive. now, I’m back to being healthy.
the sun is up. the air is warm and muggy. perhaps i can get up the energy to ride my bicycle. I’m in need of some new gardenias… all the ones I got last week are wilted and limp…
my love affair with eggs is back. I’m so glad. I really like eggs, but when I fall out of love with them, I can’t stand them… and that can go for months on end… right now, I am enjoying soft boiled eggs & fried eggs. no scrambled… no frittatas… just simple eggs. cooked in bacon or lamb fat.

going to finish this glass of iced coffee and will decide whether to pull out the paints or slide under the covers and go back to sleep for a few hours.

Pulled out cooked chicken leg quarters and some leftover chicken stock from the freezer.
Thinking of boning the chicken leg quarters, adding to the chicken stock and MAYBE add egg… and lemon… “egg drop” soup with chicken and lemon… just an idea…


What a beautiful roast! I can feel the texture of the crust and taste that wonderful fat layer! Yum!

(annette) #24

Don’t forget You’ve Got Mail! Loved that one!! :slightly_smiling_face:


That was the one I was watching when I posted that… I loved that movie! Always loved Meg Ryan movies!

Hey Dorri! Hey SG! Hey Judy! Hey peeps!

When I opened my eyes this morning, I was visualizing one of my paintings… Jumped out of bed, made a pot of coffee and was painting by 6am… Worked on 2 paintings.

First meal was luncheon ham and Swiss cheese roll ups with dill pickles… about 4 of those.

Second meal was a small piece of filet mignon & shrimp, grilled…
the sriracha mayonnaise was the dipping sauce.
Glass of red wine

I fell, today… I got up too quickly, got dizzy and fell to the tile floors.
Smacked my lip against my teeth. Lucky for me, I didn’t break any teeth… but I busted open my lip. I have a fat lip, tonight…
I’m not falling frequently, but enough to notice. Maybe I’ll do a teleport doctor visit. I don’t know… now is not the time to be going anywhere for testing.

It’s too hot, here. Too hot to go outside. When I get up around 5ish and take garbage out… that’s when I like to check out the sky and the weather… lately, it takes my breath away, when I open the door and that blast of warm humidity hits me… I never get used to it.

Did I mention that I bought some Rebel ice cream? Peanut butter fudge. First time. The jury is still out on that one… not sure what I think… Doubt I’ll buy it again. Is there another flavor I should try?
This is all I found at Walmart.


You must try it. Very easy and so, so, tasty and delicious, IF you like rye… All I do is roll the roast in kosher salt & caraway seeds. I do pierce it and put slivers of garlic in it… but I season it generously and when I cut it, I slice it into thin slices… each bite has the salty rye taste… so good.

(annette) #27

I love the Rebel ice cream. I think peanut butter fudge is the one I like a lot (and Cookies and Cream)
My Walmart doesn’t sell it but they recently added Keto Pint ice cream which seems similar, though not quite as good.


What day is this… Ok, Thursday 4/16. 87º - feels like 99ºF.
I took a bicycle ride late morning. By the time I got home, I was soaked in sweat.
Got home and showered… after my shower, I cut my hair. I also cut the cats claws. We have to keep preened… it doesn’t stop growing. In fact, I offered to cut Chef’s hair and beard, if he wanted. I can’t get on the beach because of restrictions, but he can come to me.

First meal was: 3 lg soft boiled eggs, Swiss cheese slices, black olives & bacon, with coffee: light & sweet.
2nd meal will be something with ground beef.
Bacon cheeseburger patty with dill pickles, yellow mustard, LS ketchup and a great BIG thick slice of raw purple onion.
Rebel ice cream - peanut butter fudge
Cheese crisps

I’ve started Mrs. America.
I didn’t paint, today.
I can’t remember if I’ve done anything else, today.
I did get outside around 5am, this morning and again, weather was overly warm and overly muggy and no breeze.
It’s too soon for this kind of weather.
Maybe I’ll take the bike out at sunset, well no… that would be the hottest time of the day. It’s nearly no bike weather… unless they open the beach and let us ride on the beach. I’m missing my beach rides.

House looks messy because of all the paint stuff everywhere.
My command post is all cluttered.
I didn’t vacuum this morning. Fur balls get more aggressive if I don’t vacuum everyday.
I think I’m getting a little anxious with this new way of life.
I got a new supply of gardenias, today… I love sitting here inhaling gardenia scent. They’ll be good for about 3-4 days.
The Royal Poinciana trees have begun to blossom. When I rode by on Monday or Tuesday - I didn’t see any flower buds.
Mangoes are starting to look pink/orange.
Someone will steal the two stalks of bananas I watch, soon… they do every year. It’s against the law to go on someone’s property and cut remove fruit. It’s trespassing. One time, I walked upon someone’s yard to pick up an avocado that I heard fall… As soon as I put my hands on it, the owner of the property came out and asked me what I was doing. Learned that lesson, real fast!. Now I walk to the door and knock and ask. Most people usually say yes, except on one street, there’s a house with two large coconut palms in their yard and they have a sign nailed to both trees, “Do not pick coconuts.”


4/17. Trying to remember what I ate, today.

Cabbage & ground beef - all day.
1 honey crisp apple
Coffee: light & sweet

Did my food shopping


Saturday 4/18 - I made a large pot of pork curry.
1 glass of red wine
Can’t remember what I had for breakfast.
Then Son flew in and we spent time together…

Sunday 4/19 I had a ham & cheese sandwich on GF toast with dill pickles, mayonnaise & yellow mustard
then steak with tenderstem broccoli
1 margarita

Monday morning 4/20 - not used to someone in the house… was awakened at 2am by a bathroom break.
decided to stay up. made a pot of coffee… watching internet TV

Sunday - painted all day long… working on two large paintings 3x4 feet canvases…
they are more than halfway done.
moved paintings around on walls… making room for more paintings…

Son leaves Tuesday night. Will drive him to MIA. they cancelled FLL flights.

(Leroy) #31

This is classic. Some of my favorite times are like that…


I had a good visit from Son. It felt good to have someone here with me. We ate simply, he brought his work with him, I painted, we visited, we ate, we napped, and on the last night, I let him pick dinner and he chose Miami Subs. It was the most God awful food I have eaten in a very long while. Really bad. Thankfully, no repercussions, this morning. Heh…

I’ve begun the morning with cleaning up after two people and two cats, to one person and two cats. Drinking iced coffee, have the windows open, low humidity for now.
I’ve been cleaning. I had some breakfast sausage, earlier.
Food: Y’know… I eat simply. It’s just me. The cats don’t eat human food. I have a small variety of food I like and I keep them in a weekly rotation. Once in a blue moon, I’ll venture into something new, only because I can… Last week, I bought 2 Honey Crisp apples at a produce market I checked out. They were the MOST delicious, crisp, crunchy, sweet, tart apple I’ve had since probably last year, maybe more. But all I got was 2 and had one after dinner one night and one in the middle of the afternoon, another day.
I also bought that low carb ice cream - Rebel. I tell you, the apples were better. Much better.
And one of the ways I budget my grocery money is to buy a lot of ground beef. A lot.
I can make so many different things with it so that I don’t get bored of my food.
I also like cabbage. It’s flexible enough that it can imitate a lot of things. Like noodles…
One of my favorite foods growing up was stuffed cabbage. LOVED that stuff… but it was the cabbage, soaked in the beef fat that I liked the most. SO… one of my regular meals is shredded cabbage with ground beef and spices… it’s stuffed cabbage without me rolling. I eat that a lot.
And it’s cheap. And I do cheap when I’m not generating income… I am the High Priestess of frugality! I’ve been taught by the best. And I’m old enough to have put it in practice for longer than many have been alive!
Ground beef is where it’s at, for the Carnivore. The dirty Carnivore. The dirty Ketogenic person… whatever names they have now! dirty person eater.
Another great cheap food is sausage. Sausage & eggs… scrambled, poached, fried…
I get tired of frittatas.
Anyway, you get the picture. Simple. Cheap. Frugal.
It’s going to be hard getting back to a working life. This getting up, having coffee… cleaning. Painting… napping… life of Riley. Going to be hard to go back to the other world. Need to find a gallery that will sell my art. I have a lot of art to sell… I was looking around the house. First things first is to get a tax#, buy frames, cruise galleries. “Gotta spend money to make money.”

The house is pretty clean. Could use a good dusting. I love the windows open. I wish Son lived closer. I really enjoyed hanging with him. Except for his organic noises… I enjoyed being around him. He’s a man, not a kid anymore. He has an opinion. He loves his momma. He’s not neat. He’s conservative. He’s a thinker. He is ambitious. It was nice to see how much he’s matured. Have missed him.
He told me he loved my paintings. It’s the first time he’s ever mentioned my art work.
It’s hard being a parent… especially with distance between family.

Governmental response to Covid-19, Sweden, etc

Our babies continue to grow up. I sometimes have to step back and hit the reset button on my perception of my daughters in order to refocus on the adults they are today instead of the youngsters they once were.


Thank you for that, Dorri. I’m feeling better.

Today, I got on my bike and ran an errand. It was close to 90º and windy. I enjoyed it. The hot sun felt good.
Then tonight, I took a walk to the garbage and the temperature is absolutely that perfect temp. Warm & breezy. A very comfortable warm. I love this weather.

First meal was a plate of breakfast sausage links and 2 large eggs, cooked in bacon fat.
Second meal was 1/2 sweet bell pepper and bleu cheese dressing.
2 large boiled eggs
Iced coffee

It’s still April.


Friday 4/24.
Another day in a strange world. It’s been a weird kind of life this past week. Not having to work, hustle, make a living… instead, I’m napping, painting, riding my bike, watching sunrise and sunset… a weird life that many of us have always dreamed of, and now that we’re living it, it’s too strange… imagine living like this the rest of your life and getting paid to stay home… wow.

It’s cloudy, windy, humid, warm… another day in a misplaced week.
The world is sitting/isolated/locked down… all of us. What a weird life.

I don’t plan to eat a whole lot, today… I didn’t thaw anything out. I plan to eat ham & cheese. I have been looking around for a good steak. The last steaks I purchased were tough… I have to find a good steak source.

Today, I’ll shower and hopefully get in a good bike ride. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to be… I’ll just ride, exercise, listen to my IPod, and just exist…


Just made a coleslaw with what was in the fridge:
Purple cabbage, green cabbage, fresh ginger, purple onion, fresh lime juice,
Mayonnaise, sour cream, salt & Sucralose. Going to let it sit all day and get soft…
Found a hunk of filet mignon in the freezer. That will be second m-meal, today.
1st meal: ham & cheese sandwich on GF toast with dill pickles, mayonnaise & yellow mustard. Iced coffee; light & sweet, lemonade
2nd meal: steak & homemade coleslaw, homemade pesto sauce.


This canvas is a really large canvas. It’s 3 x 5 ft and I found it on the floor of a thrift store. It was up against 2 other canvases and they were a triptik off someone’s walls… and they were large. I negotiated the price down to a decent price for the 3 of them. Put them in my little convertible and drove home… the largest was 3 by 7 feet…
Got them upstairs and painted them white and put them up on the wall and stared at them for months. And the neat thing about them was the fact that they were professionally built with 2 x 4 lumber so that they would be sturdy and last… The painting on them when I found them was metallic color paint in an abstract design.
This canvas is the smallest. 3 x 5 ft. I have been using it as a “Therapy” canvas… painting something different whenever I felt the need to destress. Stop whirling. Just something to paint and stop thinking. Well, after months of painting and staring and staring…
I finally finished this one… And I signed it. It’s been over a year until I could finish it.
I didn’t copy this from any of my photographs. This came strictly out of my head.

****. I put this one on a face mask… being sold at Fine Art America.


This one was taken from a photograph someone was kind enough to share with me. It had real simple lines and I had all those colors in the drawers… And this was a canvas that has been sitting blank on the wall for about a month… waiting for an idea. And I no longer have a long attention span like I did when I was younger. My attention is that of a gnat. That’s it.
And this particular photo/painting had a limited pallet and Im good at palm trees. This worked perfectly for my attention span.
This is 30 x 40”
I will finish off the base of the tree. Somehow the trunk got lost in the frond shadows.

lockdown has been good for me in that I can keep busy and not get bored.
Eating has been real good.



This wasn’t bad. I am avoiding goin go the store often and just making due with what I have and trying to be a little creative since I have the time.
Today, i cooked up ground beef with: fresh chopped: ginger/onion/garlic/purple cabbage/green cabbage.
1 can of Rotel roasted tomatoes with green chilis.
Sriracha sauce
Jerk seasoning
Cumin powder
I think that’s it. And I let it cook until the cabbage was soft.
Then I fried up a large egg and placed it on top of the mixture.
It was good.
I don’t see myself making that again, but for now, it was different, it was decent, it was filling, it was healthy… and I used the ingredients at hand.


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I found this chili powder at my Intl market.
It would be in the Indian section.
If you like hot/spicy… this is soooo good.
Ive had this bag about 16 months… Im running out and I will be on the hunt again. I used it in everything.


Been working on my art website… adding new paintings to it.
Then I joined Fine Art America where they take my photos and place on coffee mugs, face masks, shower curtains… I don’t really make any money on it, but it’s a nice way to get my art out there.
I do sell prints, but I’ve never sold a tote or coffee mug.

that dish I made yesterday was not fit to serve company… it wasn’t pretty, it was quite ordinary.
this morning, I just cooked up pork chops and fried eggs. coffee: light & sweet and now lemonade.

I am doing webinars all day long in my real estate field…
I finished updating my art website.
I do not have a real estate website.

I will be in front of the computer all day long… RE is teaching us how we’re going to be doing our job without being with humans… a whole new world, out there.

feel good.
windows open. temperatures will be cool, today…
between webinars and cleaning the house… i should have a very busy Monday.