Bag tempered chocolate


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I wrote a post a year ago on my blog about how to make low-carb chocolate, This involved complex temperature wrangling and marble tempering surfaces … I found an easier way. It involves using a Sous-vide device and melting the chocolate at 45C, then bringing the temperature down to 27C to set type IV…

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Now perusing the recipes on your blog :heart:!

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It doesn’t get much better than this. This tips the scale on my need for a Sous-vide device!

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I am so going to try this at the end of the month when I finish ZC Jan.

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I just started doing this with the Sous-vide method and I’m having good results so far…thanks for sharing @richard

I’ve got a few questions…

  1. Is there a reason to not go above 45C when melting the ingredients using a sous-vide machine? Seems like a higher temperature would help melt things faster?

  2. I’ve been using " Keto Genie Allulose PLUS Monk Fruit & Stevia" for the sweetener, and it doesn’t seem to completely dissolve…wondering if the higher temp would help with this as well, or if I should just leave it longer during the first stage?

  3. Besides extracts like vanilla, almond, peppermint…and spices like cinnamon, etc…what sorts of things are “safe” to add to the bag? I was wondering if dissolving the sweetener in a little rum or other alcohol would cause issues with the chocolate seizing or setting?

Just curious if you have any favorite additions to the standard recipe?