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I just went to pull out some bacon to bake up and it’s GONE! Not “getting low”…but gone GONE! My butcher doesn’t open til Tuesday!!! What am I supposed to do?! I’m definitely not thinking of licking the baking sheet if that’s what you were thinking…

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Be this guy:

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You can probably get by with some run of the mill grocery store bacon.


(Mike W.) #6

Tried that route last week. It was so chewy and not good. Oh well. Time to stock up on the good stuff. What are yous guys paying for a lb of bacon?


$18 per lb. from local farmer, free range pigs.

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I just recently bought a whole pig from a local farmer.

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Bacon is sliced nice and thick, 9 slices to the #


Nice! I should get a freezer and do that!

How many pounds bacon do you get in whole pig?

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I’m not sure But quite a bit, and smoked hams and pork chops and pork shoulder, and pork steak, and roasts. We have an avg size upright and it was stuffed full. We have another freezer full of a side of grass fed beef, and another full of butter, cheese, frozen veggies etc.


@jfricke, Wow…got back up generators in case power goes out? That’s a lot of inventory!

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Oh yea…we live in the boonies…gotta be prepared.

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I got about 40lbs with my half hog, and we got bacon from the whole hog even though we only got half a hog. But it was an extra big hog. That was 40lbs from a 400lb pig–hanging weight.



(Patty W) #16

You know you’re keto when…you have a pork freezer, a beef freezer, & a butter freezer. :yum:

(Dustin Cade) #17

We bought a used freezer for our garage, it’s full of bacon, butter, frozen burgers the boys can make for snacks, frozen veggies… I get our bacon on sale from fresh thyme, 99 cents a lb… it’s not free range uncurred but it works…

(Kathy L) #18

Never had uncured bacon - does it taste the same? Benefits?


I don’t know how but we too ran out of bacon this afternoon :scream:
I don’t know how that possibly happened as I usually have a good 10+lbs stored somewhere. Must have been the multiple times we cooked lb after lb of bacon yesterday.

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Taste: Yes the taste is the same to me. Most “uncured” bacon is cured. If it’s truly uncured it will likely be brown or gray and taste different. The usual “uncured” is injected with a solution from natural sources, frequently celery, sometimes sea salt with high nitrates. Some brands of uncured bacon have higher nitrate levels than regular bacon.
Benefits: depends, you’ll need to research and decide for yourself. I don’t worry about nitrates. Here are a few conversations