Back to Basics...Carnivore & Coffee Accountability

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Is that what you do for your job as well? Or just this side business that you do? That is amazing that you have done so well on Keto, it must be so tempting to eat the chocolate, wow, you are amazing.


That’s some willpower there. Good job.


Thanks @Momof5 and @barefootbob !! I’ve been doing this so long, eating it doesn’t lure me like it used to. I just enjoy the application and balance of art and science. And, since doing it professionally for a couple of shops, I’ve developed a large customer base. Thanks to my kids, the Instagram following is growing too! So, this was my primary business for years. After my brother died, I just found that it was too much quiet time being home. Sad thoughts bouncing around in my head, and all. I went back to work for my former boss at another store just to get out and stay busy.

I am developing some SF options. The challenge has been trying to source out high quality, good tasting types. Invested a bit in some SF Felchlin, but haven’t decided what to pair them with. Coffee and mint are at the top of my list. Just need some time for R&D!


Worked my very sore a$$ off on Thanksgiving, Friday after work, and managed to get in 75 whole minutes of sleep prior to working a 9 hour shift Saturday. My daughter and I started setting up the tables at the craft show around 730am. I worked 830-6ish Saturday, came home and slept for 12 hours. The kid and one of her besties sold out by 1130 am. $1300. Then, managed to write up over 1K in orders due on the 12-14th. I already had $1500 in orders due the 14th, but, what the heck?! Go big or go home, right?! LOL!

So, I worked Sunday 1-930. T0day, 845-515. Its a pretty aggressive schedule and workload, but, like I said before…thank you, Keto. No way could I handle this otherwise. I have Tuesday off work, but, that is also the day that all our beef customers come over and are expecting their orders to be packaged, weighed and calculated out. So…there goes Tuesday! And then I work another long stretch until the 11th when I begin the orders for the 14th.

The 800lbs of lovely, grassfed beef should be arriving within the next couple of hours. My sweet hubby, in his efforts to clear out the freezers, found a massive salmon fillet and freaking butter poached it for me!!! for dinner when I got home from work last night!!! HE IS AMAZING!!! Now, I did not think it was possible to OD on butter poached anything…but apparently, scarfing down 1.5-2.0 pounds of salmon in one sitting will create an OD sort of effect. I ate 5 rolaids in the middle of the night, just to manage. LOL!!! It was so good, I couldn’t stop eating it!!! So, two things I learned. 1) Hubby can cook like a pro chef. Watch out, Gordon Ramsey! 2) One can OD on butter poached salmon.

I am going to shower, and probably nod off for the night. Pushing myself to the limits is fine, but a break is needed. Have a great night, all!!!


@SecondBreakfast Hubbies like that get big hugs. Mine is still learning how to fry eggs, lol, but he’s doing carnivore with me so all is good. Enjoy a well-earned night’s sleep, hon.


I snagged a beef chuck roast out of one of the boxes. Thawing it right now for dinner. Check out the glorious fat!!! MMMmm. MMmmmm. Good. =)


That looks good with all that healthy fat. :smile:


Its in the pressure cooker right now. I’m dyin’! Cannot wait for the 3.01 pounds of delciousness!!! Nummy nom nom nom. :joy:

I was digging through the cases of beef last night, and OMG. There is a brisket in there the size of Vermont. And the rib roast for Christmas? TWO OF THEM!!! They vacuum-packed the entire order, so, excellent for keeping in the freezer. I am a VERY happy woman right now!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!! =)


Feeling preeettty dang good. The beef is fantastic. The ground beef and stew meat is a staple for when I have to take a meal to work. I couldn’t finish a ribeye the other night, so I cut it into cubes, added a pat of butter, then nuked it at work for lunch. Its fast and no mess. Work has been fast paced, and I’ve been able to stay on top of things. No digestive issues, no knee pain. This is truly amazing.

The ONLY issue I find annoying is my right arm. When I took that little tumble on the concrete, I smacked the right shoulder. Since then, its not been painful so much as the arm and hand keep going numb. I think a nerve got pinched or something. What seems to help is stretching my head/neck to the left, then tugging my right arm downward and out to the right. Just bothersome, since often times the numbness strikes during the night.

Coffee. Coffee is an amazing nectar, but I just don’t require much anymore. Even with the nightly episodes with the arm numbness, I’m still waking up fine. Sipping on the morning coffee- but not even a whole cup anymore. For the better part of my life, I’ve put decaffeinated coffee in the same category as hairless cats…Both exist, but that doesn’t make it right. So, while I enjoy the tastes of coffee, I am moving over to a half-caf blend and will probably go fully decaf within the next month or so. I am terrified of getting any sort of headaches, after suffering from cluster headaches as a kid, then migraines later on. So, a caffeine headache is on my “to avoid at all costs” list, right along with hairless cats (ewww!).

This week coming up is going to be a doozy. Two long afternoon shifts at work Mon and Tues. 12" of snow- storm beginning around 4am Monday. Hubby out of town until Tues. evening. Off Wed- Sat. to prep for a show, and get $2K in special orders ready. I might get a little worn out, but we shall see!

Hope everyone is doing well!! Fight the good fight, especially against naughty carbs!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m kind of amazed at how easily I quit caffeine after going carnivore. I like very strong French press coffee and was having two cups in the morning just to get going. Then it went to one cup, then to a half a cup, then I just dropped it. No headaches. I still have decaf but I’ve found I can skip that too if I want so for now it’s just my morning treat. Strong, straight black, very hot, but decaf.
This coincided with much better, and more, sleep and a tapering off of desire for alcohol.


That sounds like a neck problem affecting the arm. You will need some nice neck massages. Maybe get it checked out and rule out that you didn’t compress a disc in your neck bones?


Modified my sleeping position, switching up pillows and such, finally, no issues. I think I stretched it just right, in addition to planking- and so far so good.
Took a few days off job #1 in town so I could concentrate on orders with job #2 at home. Had to put on all the gear to airbrush…looks like I’m going into surgery. After an hour or so, it was time to remove it all. So lovely to see a huge elephant kiss from the goggles…which I shall not post.


Might have taken the Socrates thing too far today. Or did I? Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." That thought is constantly in my mind now. And after this morning, I know why.

I woke up with what felt like a blistering migraine. Yes, I had been awake and working for 32+ hours. I felt fine, went to bed, but awoke at 430 feeling like a ballistic missile had penetrated the left front temple of my head. Of course, I’m thinking its got to be a caffeine headache. When the coffee didn’t phase it,the Socrates instinct kicked in and I found myself cooking heavily salted ground beef. Wrapped up like Yoda in my blankie, I sat hunched over at the counter eating a bowl of hot, salty ground beef and guzzling water.

15 minutes later, I felt like new! I’m still wrapped up in the blankie (Its 10F here), cuddling with Rufus and Abigail (the doggies, but I feel great. No headache.


I feel like I need to diary the experiences more, but dang! I’m toooooo busy. Working at the store is simply insane this time of year. And honestly, I hadn’t worked in a retail environment since around 2006 or so - and even then, I was in loss prevention - not sales. In sales, photo and pharmacy, it is simply crazy.

Not sure if this is really a funny story, or just an illustration of how my mindset has changed. But the other day, a lady came up to the register, and unloaded TONS of different kinds of candies on the counter. And she commented about fussy kids, houseguests and having “snacks”…my response…(And I cannot believe I blurted this outloud…) “Oh WOW! Who knew diabetes came in so many different flavors?!!” She actually laughed at that, then got a slightly puzzled look on her face, and shrugged it off. Sometimes words just sort of slip out of my lips, and I can’t really scrape them up and shove them back in. That was one of those times. Oh well.

As for myself, and trying to stay pure carnivore, its like the parking lots up here after a big snow…little bit of slipping and sliding, an occasional 180, and maybe an accidental crash or two. I’ve had no crashes, thankfully. But, did dive into some raw broccoli and ranch at work the other day. The breakroom is FILLED with all kinds of naughty snacks, but given the option, I went for a couple pieces of broccoli. We ran out of Shorty Sausages briefly, so yeah. Broccoli was a decent choice, in a pinch.

Staying away from almonds and tomatoes, plus all the nightshades and pretty much everything else has been simply amazing on my joints. Since I was 15, I’ve undergone 5 knee operations, cortizone shots, and combined - YEARS of PT to restore them. To work nearly 90 hours per week between both jobs, and not have ANY knee pain whatsoever has got to be one of the most alarmingly wonderful feelings ever! I decided to start back at the gym in January. I’d love to start swimming again, but for some reason, running sounds appealing to me now. I was a swimmer through high school and college- because that was the only sport with no impact on the knees. I tried running for a few months after college, and I was quite slim then- but the impact and pain was ridiculous. We shall see. Going to work on the habitrail machines, and the other machines for a few months, and see where that takes me.

After tomorrow, I’ll have worked 10 days straight at the store, and almost every other waking hour in the shop here at home. I’ve got 1 order left to complete here. Whew. I’ll be so glad to shut that down for awhile. Ive been tasked with making a salad and a dessert for Christmas dinner at my inlaws. NO problem. The grandkids are coming on the 26th-29th. I work all those days, too. Ugh. It feels funny talking about grandkids, when I’m 52… especially now that I feel about 20 years younger than that! We’ll see if they can keep up with Grammie now!!! LOL!

I will confess that despite having hundreds of pounds of beef in the freezer downstairs, I’ve been relying a bit too much on deli meat for food lately. I’ve been in such a hurry with working so many hours, I forget to thaw the meat, and I’m too tired to cook stuff when I am home. SO. Before I forget, I’m going to grab some meat out of the freezer and set it to thaw up here. If it thaws in time, I’ll cook it and bring some to work. Worst case scenario- I end up at the Culver’s drive through, getting a double swiss burger, peeling the bun off and scarfing down the meat during my lunch break.

Despite the occasional segue off carnivore, I’ve adhered pretty well. Will continue to dial things in a little tighter over the next month, and continue on this amazing journey.
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE HERE!!! Your support, advice and encouragement is stellar, and absolutely priceless!

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You are wonder woman, working 90 hours a week, and resisting all the foods too, yay, go you!! You should be very proud of yourself.

I love your diabetes comment, too funny =). Sad, but true! I bought tons and tons of the carbage, candy, cookies,etc for my lot here too, though. The fresh produce in my house is almost all gone now, and no shopping until Jan. 10th so if they want any, they will have to walk up to the mall to get some.

I love this forum so much too!!

Ditto from me, thank you so much to all of you! This forum is definitely a significant support for me in my Keto journey as well.

Merry Christmas, and may 2020 be a very successful Keto journey for all of us =).


Been a little while since I posted. I did go off base a bit with Christmas dinner, and a few family meals. However, not badly. My SIL prepared lasagna for the family dinner. I ate the filling portion, but, the tomatoes wreaked havoc. Didn’t expect that.
Lack of time to prepare the right foods for myself is something I have to work harder to correct. That has been an issue in recent days. If I’m at work, I’ll just drive over to Culver’s and grab a burger, peel off the bread, and be happy with the meat for a meal. When I’m at home though…I’m eating too much cheese as a quick snack, rather than beef.
Today…my day off, I’ve pressure cooked several pounds of stew meat with salt, water and added butter after its done. I’ve portioned it out, stuck it in the fridge and I’m good for a few days.

Going to cook some steaks now!

(Susan) #77

That is great, at least you are preparing now =).

I wish you a great 2020 Keto year =).


Thank you! Have a wonderful 2020 too!!

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In the first 2 years since January 2017 give or take it was a slippery slope for me on diet Coke/drinks with sucralose\aspartame but finally broke free 2.5 years in keto. Now looking at carnivore beef and salt,
water, black coffee, green tea and am able to not even jonesing about it. It is tough but hang in there cause it is so worth it. really.

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Gosh, I’ve been keto for 2 years, and somehow missed the whole idea of a “fat fast.” I had to look it up to see what it is! I stayed keto over the holidays, but just ate too much, and I feel really awful! So I’m going to start with a fat fast today, and try following your protocol, Captain Kirk! Thank you for sharing it!