Back to Basics...Carnivore & Coffee Accountability


I am amazed at how sensitive my body is now - even to seemingly okay veggies. If I were noshing on some pastry or Christmas cookies - I’d expect some issues, sure. But lasagna filling and salad? To clean up the eats and go back to meat-salt-water/coffee - shocked my body. Yesterday, for instance, I felt like a human incinerator. Body temp went way up, burning its clean fuel. Energy level and mental clarity - much better. I feel great today. So good, I may go strap on those new skis!
Might be a good time to institute a water fast, too - and start out the new year.

Happy New Year!!!


So, my older daughter took on the task of teaching me to cross country ski today. It was going fine, though we were on a plowed area, not deep snow. Things went pretty smoothly, all things considered. I grooved along, well over 100 feet…

Then, hit a patch of ice.

I got back up ( a little dazed and confused), and tried it with only one ski - to get more used to the glide. We’re going to do two things different on our next adventure on Sunday.

  1. Start in the deep, powdery snow at the farm.
  2. Buy me a helmet.

(Susan) #83

Well, you are laughing in the pic, so I hope that means that you are okay and didn’t get hurt? A helmet is a good idea though, just in case =).


Hahaha! I started laughing, she took the pic, then I realized I hit my head, and was like “Oh Shitake! That hurts!” Then she says, “Mom. We need to get you a helmet.” So, I got back up, popped off one ski, and tried moving with only one so I could get more used to the groove. It really was too icy where we were.
She’s a ski and snowboard instructor, but cross country or Nordic skiing is different. But she tried it anyways, and decided I did a pretty darn good job considering how icy the ground was. She made her way into the deeper, ungroomed snow and remarked at how much better that was.

We’re going to give it another whirl on Sunday down at the farm. The land is pretty flat, and if I can evade all the snow-covered fencing, it should be perfect. We can’t use the Tech trails because either the US or World Championship Nordic Ski competition is going on for a few more days. So, the farm it is.

Now the thing I found remarkable about this whole thing was…other than a thunk on the back of the head…nothing hurts. My back, my legs, nothing. 50 pounds ago, I’d not have even tried skiing. And, if I did try, I’m fairly sure I’d have wound up in a full body cast. So, progress is being made.

(Susan) #85

That is terrific. I totally know what you mean about doing better after some weight off you. I fell on our ceramic kitchen floor on Christmas Day and I was actually able to get up myself (which would have been a lot more difficult 57 pounds ago for sure). I did hurt myself -but not seriously at all, I was walking funny for a few days, and my knee was really sore, but all good now =).

You look quite slim already btw, how far away are you from your goal weight now?


Aww, thanks! I didn’t really set a goal weight, per se. More like a range. Somewhere around 35-45 pounds left to shed, then add some muscle back on. No clue what sort of weight of I’ll end up at though.

Glad you didn’t get hurt too too bad! Take care of that knee, though!


Skiing went much better today. We had a about 4 inches of snow while we were at church. So, after lunch, I did a couple of errands, came home, and strapped on those bad boys. This time, though, I had poles, goggles, a nice squishy hat, puffy coat (CUSHION), and puffy hood (just in case.) I didn’t need it though… Went all over the yard, slid a couple times because Rufus kept pouncing on me, but made a good trek with no falls. YAY!

My sense of balance seems still off a bit. I feel like maybe I’m a bit too heavy or something, and I lean too much on one side or the other. The strategy is, at this point, to try the skis a few times a week- even if its just for 10 or 20 minutes. But, I have to do my plank routine at least once if not more. Its only 5 minutes of planking, but its helped me regain much balance and strength that has been lost over the years.

Eats today were fantastic. Coffee. chicken thighs, crispy skin, and butter. I made 10-12 thighs, and introduced that delicacy to my hubby. He ate 2, I ate 2. I left the rest on the plate to eat later. Forgot my son was here sleeping (after working a midnight shift). When I left to do errands, I never imagined he’d wake up. But he did. When I got home, all the chicken was gone. The only forensic evidence was the ketchup swiped across the plate, and the boy had some smudged on the side of his cheek. Grrrr. There are worse things he could eat, so I guess, that’s better than Mc D’s. I’ve got backup meat in the fridge, so its not like I’m gonna die. And, if I ran out of food, well, I’d just fast. No biggy.

Its so nice not to be tied to food and meals. Just eating when I intuitively feel like eating. Not having to stuff my face full of carbs to feel full, only to think I’m hungry again half an hour later. My soggy puppy is trying to jump on me now…so typing time is over!


That is hysterical. Forensic evidence :slight_smile: :slight_smile: too funny and I so enjoyed reading that! Smart kid, he went for the meats!!

and that’s what its all about! I so agree. For me the food focus is so low now that I find there are actually other things in life than a ‘diet focus from hell’ in my days :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

great post!!


Well…Hubby has completed day 2 of carnivore with me. 28 days to go! He’s doing fine… I’m keeping him fed with seared chicken thighs, burgers, and beef bacon! All is good!


I’m staying with the program just fine…weight is so-so- bobbing up and down here and there. Hubby on the other hand dropped 9 pounds in his first 2 days on carnivore. He is finding it more challenging to stay on the plan than I am, most likely because he has not experienced how good it makes one feel. There is a good chance he will experience an oxalate dump next week. I attempted to warn him, but he doesn’t think its a real thing. We’ll see.

Finding him some munchies to snack on for now…came across some beef bacon in the Halal section of our local grocer. Haven’t had any time to cure and cut the beef plates from our freezer, so this was a neat find. Cooked it all up last night, and after two pieces, he was totally satisfied. It is extremely rich and satisfying. He never eats breakfast, and asked for bacon and eggs today, before I left for work. He isn’t used to doing the intermittent fasting, so I just feed him when he asks (if I’m around).

I had to take one of my kids to the doctor yesterday, and after figuring out how to fix the kid’s muscle issue- decided to ask the doc her opinion about eating carnivore. I should mention that she is a holistic medical doctor. Her mantra is “Fat is good. Sugar is bad.” She is a fan of Dr. Fung, and likes the Ketogenic diet- but had not yet researched the carnivore diet. She got a huge grin on her face and said, “You’re the second patient in 3 days who’s asked me about this! I love it!” So, she’s going to listen to some podcasts, do a little research, and try it herself. That was cool, though. I feel so blessed to have a doctor that is totally open and enthusiastic about this!

We’ve entered some bitter cold temps, got dumped on with a foot of snow last night, and my joints should be aching like crazy…but…wait!!! The pain is gone! Energy level is ridiculous, too. I totally do not feel 52! 22 or 32 maybe, but no where near 50! LOL!

Me and Rufus are going to chill out and relax for a bit, then do some laundry. Y’all have a good one! KCKO.

(Susan) #91

That is awesome about your doctor, having one that loves Dr. Fung like us is very cool.


So, caught hubby backsliding a little. He broke down while I was working late, and my 14 yo old caught him cooking a pizza! As he took it out of the oven, it slipped on the floor. LOL! He was only able to salvage a little bit, and my kid took most of that. So, he didn’t sabotage himself TOO much.

Tonight though, saw him with a coffee cup…filled with WINE. I scolded him. This carnivore thing works if you stick to it…I have to keep explaining to him that you can’t consume copious amounts of sugar and at the same time get the benefits of not having sugar. DUH! (FacePalm.)

I’m handling the work schedule pretty well, coupled with MIL duty- taking her to and from the hospital, grocery shopping for her, putting her eye drops in, cooking, etc. I leave for work around 815a most days, and don’t get home until 730-8pm. Other days, I leave at 730a; Saturday, I switch to afternoons though. So…the schedule is going to get funky. My kids are taking turns sleeping over at Grandma’s- just so someone is there in case she falls, or needs help. We are just waiting for Gramps to heal from his fall, but broken pelvis and fractured hip sockets don’t heal all that quickly after age 80…so, we’ll be at this awhile.

It is a blessing though. I get to spend some quality time with Mom, my kids get to hang out with Grandma. My oldest daughter started work at the same hospital system Gramps is at - so she goes upstairs and has lunch with him almost every day. That cheers him up tremendously. Even in the midst of the worries and work associated with this sort of thing, there are tons of blessings woven in.

On another note, I learned late last night that my uncle- my Dad’s youngest brother - died peacefully a few days ago. He passed away just shy of his 94th birthday. I’m sad, but also relieved that he isn’t suffering anymore. But, I know the heartache all too well - of losing one’s parents…so tomorrow I’ll have a difficult phone call to make to my cousins. Just pray that the emotional end of things won’t send me into an eating binge! I’m hopeful that that phase of my life is over.

Hugs and loves to you all!


oh so sorry for that loss in your family, sending prayers.
My mom is going on 92 soon and in great health but no matter that age, darn it, it will always be hard for life to walk over us!

SB I am thoroughly enjoying your posts and love all I read. Your adventures with your hubby are funny as heck and love how you found carnivore food to make him happy :slight_smile:

sneaky cup with wine…yea we can do that later but adaption time clean is best obviously :slight_smile:

and that pizza story, omg too darn funny!!! you had me laughing and like you, I see the kid gets the bulk of that salvaged pizza and hubby gets less…hysterical! I am now thinking of giving the snow crab legs to my kid who loves them as dinner tonight or just eat them up before she gets home from school…yea, problem for me HAHA but I will hold off and let her have the choice to eat them. Kids, we give them the breaks HAHA

Just great posts by you and loving what I read from your experiences!!


Awww, thanks @Fangs!

We have kind of a funny life. Our process of moving from lower MI to da Upper Peninsula very closely resembles the movie Funny Farm (w/ Chevy Chase). Although, my hubby is WAAAAYYY more handsome than Chevy Chase! LOL!

Absolutely hysterical adventures, especially with the farm, the kids, the cows, the chickens and turkeys, the dogs, the flying squirrels, hunting, fishing, skiiing…yep. Never a dull moment, and I mean NEVER. I don’t think I’d know what to do if ever I had longer than 30 minutes of free time!!

I’m going to give up 80% of my garden, so perhaps that will yield more time this coming summer…which is all of 3 months, maybe. But, I’ll likely spend that time raising more meat chickens and turkeys. Time will tell.

Initially, I thought I’d relax and catch up on some reading today- which is my day off. But, I promised my niece a one on one chocolate class for her birthday. Today is a half day of school for her, so I’m going to pick her up in a bit and spend the rest of the day in the shop. No goodies for me though. I already know what it tastes like…all too well! I’ve been cleaning all morning, and prepping, but, there is still much to do. SO…I’d better get back at it.

Have yourself a lovely day, and I’m sure I’ll return tomorrow with some such silliness from this afternoon’s adventure!

(Susan) #95

Condolences on the passing of your uncle. I know that these times are not easy, Hugs.


I think this 30 day carnivore challenge with my husband is slowly killing him… this is last night’s conversation:

Hubby: I see you have some beef over there thawing. Whatcha gonna do with it?
Me: Cook it.
Hubby: How?
Me: In the crock pot.
Hubby: Whatcha gonna cook it with?
Me: Water
Hubby: And?..
Me:…uh, salt
Hubby: And?
Me: … … uh, beef.
Hubby: Beef what?
Me:… (thinking)… Beef…soup?
Hubby: (frustrated)…Okay. Well, what else are you adding to it?
Me:…more beef?
Hubby: (ready to pull his hair out)…No, like…beef stew!!!
Me: No… well…I guess I can chop up some chicken and toss it in, too. You can pretend they’re potatoes.
Hubby: (Facepalm.) … (lets out a frustrating sort of Argh.)…No! I mean like banana peppers, or some veggies!!!
Me: Nope. Veggies are not carnivore. We’ve been over this. Just because you add manure to the soil does not make veggie carnivore. No. No peppers.
Hubby: (defeated)… Can you just get a little jar of them to have on the side? For me? Please???
Me: … (shaking my head)…
Hubby leaves the kitchen, sad, yet hopeful that his precious banana peppers will magically appear in the kitchen the next day.

Poor guy, I think this is killing him. LOL! Should I get him his peppers? If it will him stay the course, I mgiht.


omgosh that was hysterical to read. loved that post! Loved how ya tortured hubby thru that conversation :slight_smile: you bad!

yes I would get him some cause as one transitions into zero carb, if one ‘needs’ some mental reassurance and all, and it is only that little, then allowing some of that taste to him is better than being in full elimination and feeling that total deprivation which can take a person ALL the way off the plan and not look back. Sometimes we need a small crutch while we heal our bodies and that heads us into long term recovery and changes that work good for us.

tell him they are special banana peppers, they live alone. have no friends, no other foods will be coming back along with them HA

or any kind of banana pepper sauces he likes to dip his meat maybe? better in a way to go with a light sauce then a real veg. possibly?
get him thinking zero carb condiments?

a lot of times people want a taste back…not a food. Like if you can just get a taste of the pepper he likes, it might be enough without the real deal veg coming back into his life…just a thought on that.

(Jack Bennett) #98

If he wants it, can’t he just top his “beef stew” with some peppers or vegetables? :grinning:

Crack open a jar of banana peppers or a can of green beans…


He agreed to go on a 30 day strict carnivore trial with me. Thinking this is waaaayyyy easier than fasting, he said “yep!” So, I didn’t want to introduce foods that were off plan.


I got him his peppers. None for me, though.