Back to Basics...Carnivore & Coffee Accountability

(Mame) #41

Yes I think carnivore can have astounding effects on mental health and mood.

My wife is carnivore for that reason, to manage depression and anxiety.

(Katie) #42

Of course there is hope! Not only that there is confidence You were there for 6 months already, you will get there again.

As for the cravings: Fat. Salt. Meat. Repeat. :slight_smile:


Another 9+ hour shift, and it happened again. Seriously. 90 minutes into a shift, and needing a breaK? Coke and candy for a snack, then wonders why an hour or so later, she feels SO tired and cranky. DUH. [insert facepalm]

Realized last evening that I was craving more salt. Made up some of Dr. Berry’s Keto-ade when I got home, and doubled the salt/no-salt. Strangely, it didn’t taste that salty! So, I must have just slacked off and not salted the meat at dinner nearly enough. Drinking more Keto-ade, and feeling fabulous this morning!

Didn’t end up doing backstraps the other night. We’re letting it hang for a few days before we start cutting. And, as great as the backstraps are, there is another more prime cut located right in front of the hip- I call them loins, but others refer to it as the sweet meat. There’s not much sinew on them at all, so its quick prep. That will likely be the first cut we go for. Got plenty of butter, rosemary, thyme and shallots on hand, so I’m ready!

The cattle are at the butcher now- resting. (They need to rest for a good 4-5 days before butchering, otherwise the adrenaline they produce from a 3 hour trailer ride will ruin the meat.) I am SO looking forward to beef bacon and a massive rib roast!!! Nommy, nom, nom, nom.

This is random, but this morning - for some reason, my doggies are being very clingy. The older lab won’t leave my side. She keeps tucking her head under my arm while I’m trying to type. And the puppy is either pouncing on me, or chewing my toes. They’ve followed me EVERYWHERE around the house, practically tripping me while I’ve got coffee in my hand. At this rate, they will be a complete wreck when I go to work this afternoon! All I can figure is, I’m working too many hours and they miss their mama. :upside_down_face:

Well…time to get to work at the home job, get cleaned up, and go to work at the other job this afternoon. Bonus: I finally remembered to enroll in the 401K!!! I’ll be able to retire someday and eat copious amounts of grass fed beef, butter, and delicious coffee. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Life is AWESOME!!!


I love your posts SecondB!

So upbeat.

hubby is a hunter and waiting on him getting his first deer now for the freezer. he is waiting for that ‘first great’ one, lol, he let some slacks go by and told him to make sure he gets one soon before season ends cause that freezer needs venison.

Boy can we take cues off others and how sad it is so many just don’t see it. How eating ruins our lives on this horrible food choices out there.

but when healing one sees it so well.

(Katie) #45

@SecondBreakfast do you feed your dogs a keto carnivore diet, or just regular kibble?


The big doggie gets a grain free kibble. Sometimes I mix in raw meat. She has an issue with her pancreas and fat intake, according to the vet. She spent 8 days in the doggie I c u, so we’ve been very careful about how we feed her.
The puppy get raw meat mixed w her grain free puppy kibble but she had some potty issues that required adding rice in her diet. She went carb addict on me, and wants rice mixed with ground meat now. What’s a puppy mama to do???:smile::smile::smile:

(Katie) #47

Dang, interesting how carbohydrates are an addiction for different species.

Are you interested in links to resources about transitioning your dog(s) to carnivore?


I am, Katie. Hoping to get a new puppy before too long and I’d like to be ready with the right food. :+1:

(Katie) #49

For the first link, you do not have to purchase their feed, but they explain how to transition your pets and what to feed them. This resource was recommended to me by friends whose three dogs are now thriving and have improved cognitive, physical, and behavior conditions!

This second link has information as well, including a keto pet macronutrient calculator.


Had a flippin’ busy day yesterday. Getting ready for my oldest daughter’s 21st birthday party today. Tried to do some housecleaning before I left for work at 1pm. Got so in to it, I forgot to look at the clock, and ended up only having 10 mins to go from jammies to work clothes/hair/makeup! Went to DQ on my lunch break to get her ice cream cake. Tossed that in the freezer at work. Worked my tail off until 10pm, then went grocery shopping at two more stores, came home, changed clothes and made HOMEMADE sauce and assembled two trays of lasagna. Went to bed at 2am, and here we are…630am…ready to go to work for 4 hours, then come home and make a birthday party happen for 15 people, complete with decorations, lasagna, breadsticks, salad, individual lava cakes, and DQ. (I set aside some of the meat for me, prior to adding the rest of it into the sauce.)

The old, pre-keto version of me wouldn’t have even attempted all that. The new and keto-improved version of me devised this plan, and said to my old self…“hold my beer”. Yes, that has inadvertently become my new motto. Things I’d never attempt before, I do without even blinking now. Tight schedules, insane workloads, physical demands. But not only that, doing everything while maintaining a great mood, and completing tasks with laser focus and competence has always been something I’d strive for, and now I’m here.

Folks, I know carnivore is not for everyone. Fasting may not be for everyone. And, I’m not trying to shove the concept down anyone’s throat by posting here. I am just so freaking amazed at how I feel, the mental clarity and energy is really like night and day. Just had to share. :joy: Absolutely giddy. Have a great day, all!!!

(Susan) #51

I am glad that it is all working out so well for you, that is fantastic. I love how you are not preaching at people that they MUST do carnivore, but merely sharing how it is working well for you. That to me is awesome.

Everyone on the forum can be what works for them --whether it is Keto or Keto-carnivore or even out Vegetarian-Keto people. We are all doing some form of Keto and are all on the same team, even if what we eat might vary. We are all adjusting the WOE to what suits our bodies, and we all should be supporting each other in our individual plans. Giving ideas what is helping or working for us is a lot different then saying you have to do it this way or that. I am glad that this is going so well for you. I hope that your daughter has a very happy birthday =).


Despite having uber mental clarity and all, I managed to wipe out on the concrete walkway this morning. It LOOKED perfectly fine, but there was a thin layer of ice coating the walkway, unbeknownst to me. In a hurry, I walked out the door, took about 4-5 steps and whoosh! Both feet flew out from under me, and I don’t remember what hit first- but I think it went tailbone - head - right shoulder/arm. My husband and the youngest had left about 20 mins earlier, and my oldest daughter was home. Yelling didn’t help because its winter here, and no windows are open. I knew I had a cell phone with me, but didn’t know where it was. I had a sharp pain in my right wrist and arm, but tried feeling in my pocket. Then I remembered I was carrying it on top of my lunch container. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the phone off in the distance - to my left. It took all I had to stretch, and roll slightly on my side to claw the edge and pull it close enough to grab. And dammit. There was my lovely lunch…salted cooked ground beef with butter … splattered all over the place! I called my daughter, and she called her EMS buddy who told her…"Don’t move your Mom. Check her eyes. …etc…Wait until your Dad gets there. So, I literally laid on the icy concrete- and it started to rain. My daughter got a blanket and covered me up. hubby got there, assessed the situation, and decided to slowly help me up.They sprinkled cat litter on the ground so I could get some traction During the wait, I called work and let them know. Really was not sure about going in after all that. This was about 30 mins after falling.
I got in the house, didn’t seem dizzy, but my head hurt. My butt was really sore. I popped a handful of Ibuprofen, chugged some coffee and changed my pants. Decided to go to work, and that I’d just stand all day - since that felt the best. Driving to work was excruciating, but I managed. Thank the Lord for handicap rails in the rest room! LOL! I’m sure it’ll feel worse tomorrow, but oh well.

Had I not lost 50 pounds, this story would have gone much differently.


Ouch. How is the wrist? Might need an X-ray?

Soreness is healing. Pain is an investigation.


When I got to work, I punched in, grabbed a wrist brace and bought it. Popped it on for the whole day. seems okay now. Might have just had a sprain. I’ll wear it the rest of the week too. =)


Wow, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow!!

(Susan) #56

Oh wow =(( I am so sorry. I wouldn’t have gone into work if I was you, I hope that you will be okay. I think you should have got xrays too -you poor dear, that must hurt all over.


Around 2 am, started feeling aches in other places - especially the lower ribs. I can breathe okay though, so, I’m thinking this is all just general aches. The ONLY part that seems worse, is my butt. I started to laugh eariler as I was getting out of bed, thinking, “what a pain in the a$$!” , realizing as I said it, that the exclaimation I’d just made was quite literal. Wrist and shoulder are just a bit sore. Head hurts - but not as bad as yesterday.

I still say it could have been so much worse. Thank you, Keto - for helping me to lose 50 pounds so I didn’t crack the concrete, and my head!


This is SO bad. I bailed on Thanksgiving dinner at my brother-in-law’s!!! I’ve got a ton of work to do for my home business, and this is my first day off in 10 days. 3 months ago, I paid to enter a craft show (which I’ve done for 17 years now), and had to pay $$$. With all the people that quit at work or left town for the holidays, my boss at job #1 couldn’t give me the time off I requested for job #2. So. I got today off, and its the only time I can prep product for the show. I can’t run the table at the show- so my daughter and one of her besties agreed to run it for me. They requested payment to be in the form of chocolate.:rofl::rofl::rofl: Which is fine…because back in the days of Montezuma, I’m pretty sure cacao was a form of tender. So, anyways, I’m working 8-5 Friday and Saturday. I have to get to the university by 7am, help my daughter set up the tables with decor and product, then go to work all day, and hope it all turns out fine. I also have to give up my phone since the Square account is attached to it, and most all sales are via credit card. Not crazy about that, but the kid is awesome- sales and marketing whiz - so I’m sure it will be fine.
But yeah, I totally bailed. I made 4 pies, a massive tray of mashies and another of GB cassarole- and sent it with my kids and hubby. My SIL is totally cool with it - she knows the drill too.
Just had to confess my bads. Back to work now. Time is of the essence.

(Susan) #59

I hope that the event goes well. What are you making for the craft show? Being at home must have helped you stay on track with Keto at least? I hope that you got all of your work done =).


From a dietary standpoint, this is kinda bad, but I am actually a chocolatier. for more than 20 years. So, I am making nearly a thousand pieces - which is par for the course for each show.

Yes, I am staying on track. Just working away while everyone is at dinner. =) Thanks! And have a most blessed day!!