Back to Basics...Carnivore & Coffee Accountability


Did not weigh in this morning. Took off running when I got out of bed. Its 12:51p here, and just now am sitting down to take a breather. That is not to suggest that I am tired or out of energy— just had to do so many different things- its my mind that needs a bit of a break.

So, I worked last night, 5-930ish , came home and felt hungry. Thought that if I ignored it, the feeling might pass. It didn’t. So after a long, hot jacuzzi - I ended up making a lovely snack- which I thought might be good to share here for anyone else that might be dealing with that sort of thing.

Stew meat that was pressure cooked a couple days ago, then refrigerated in small portions. I nuked it for about 30-40 seconds, salted it, then dipped it in some softened butter. Only had 7-8 little chunks. Quite tasty, and filling. With that, I was able to get to sleep.

Other than being a little frazzeled with a very lengthy to-do list, all is good here. No big cravings to report, so, just gonna stay with the program and see how we go!


Oh! Had a new kind of NSV this morning…saw a couple of my ribs for the first time in DECADES!

Seems like a slightly strange thing to feel celebratory over, but, damn! I haven’t seen those in so long–I was shocked! LOL!

(Susan) #23

Congratulations!! This is really awesome, very very nice =).


It is amazing how fast we can slide. I hope your week is going well. I let myself indulge a little in the last couple days too (hello inexplicable craving for Doritos) and needed to read this to get a kick in the pants. Nothing I eat is going to make me feel as good as I do when I put on those pants that are the smallest size I have ever owned. Got to remember that!

(Daisy) #25

I’m right with you, but instead of coffee, insert bone broth. I haven’t been doing the best all year and am up 15 lbs. I started Monday, so am finishing day 3. Ate too much beef jerky today, but have otherwise stayed on track. Good luck to you, I’ll keep watching your post :smile:


@Ketodaisy … I’m such a Java-junkie, I think I shall never stop drinking coffee! LOL! I make and drink bone broth pretty regularly though. We raise grass fed beef cattle, and are taking 2 down to the butcher next month. I get the soup bones packaged in small portions so I can make smaller batches more often. Actually, am going to make some today!

I think I’m on around day 8 or so. Forgot to weigh in this morning…too busy chasing the puppy and house cleaning. I did go off the carnivore momentarily last night with a bit of asparagus. Hubby brought home fresh trout - which I butter poached. Asparagus sounded like a good side, so I picked some up at the store, steamed it, tossed it in butter and lemon, and YUM! I had 4-5 pieces - nothing huge, but it was still off plan. Not beating myself up though. If I’d had a potato, that would be another story.

I’ve got the day off from the job in town, so working the home business and house cleaning/cooking today. Did not sleep good AT ALL last night, and I fear I will be a dud later on in the day, so planning on getting more done while I am still functional. Toodles!!!


Not sure what day it is since adopting this more focused way of eating, but I feel great. Seems like around 10 days now, give or take a day.

With the exception of salmon the other day, a chicken leg, and a few eggs - the menu is mostly beef. Short ribs. Rirbeye. Ground Beef - all grass fed from our little herd. Coffee intake is 2-3 cups a day - down from my previous 4-6. Also, drinking unsweetened tea and water.

Decided not to weigh in today. Just going to wait and see how I feel, and if there seems to be some shift in weight or measurements. I’m shocked at how loose my jeans are fitting. Got my new Ann Taylor jeans in the mail, and low and behold…they are loose. Not complaining really. I just ran them through the wash on hot, then dried them on the hottest setting. Hoping they tighten up a bit.

Leaving next Wednesday on the trip to gather some of my brother’s belongings. I decided that if the emotions begin to flood me in a bad way, then I will just institute a fast, and not deal with the temptation to emotionally eat. that’s it for now. I’m sure Ill have updates…

(Susan) #28

I am sure that you have an emotional week coming -I wish you the best for this. Hopefully some happy memories can help offset some of the harder feelings. take care =)).


Haven’t posted on this thread in at least 2 weeks, but have been working my way through. Kinda stalled out, so planning a longer fast to get things moving again.
Stuff that’s happened…
Went on a 4 day trip with hubby. Ate a steak with butter at we stopped at. Eggs, butter and salt for brekkie. Cofffee, then water and iced tea all day. Felt freaking amazing.
I think I had mentioned about traveling to pick up some of my brother’s belongings, which we did on this trip, as well. None of my brother’s wife’s family said a word, but they looked me up and down several times, but said nothing. Unfortunately, my brother’s widow has gained quite a bit. I was so hoping his death might have served as more of a wake-up call - but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Now, my nephews on the other hand, are doing great. The older one has slimmed down, and looks way healthier. Could just be that he grew alot taller. IDK. Just glad I got to spend some time with them, and maybe just be an example of better health. No emotional fall out from it, either. I really really thought it was going to be a huge emotional struggle for me, but since coming to terms with his death and accepting it, I just have not experienced issues I had before. So, that was cool.

The last couple of days have been incredibly weird. Not cheating - but having some very weird, massively powerful cravings for real waffles. WTF??? I don’t even like waffles! Yes, they puffy, and act as a rather considerate form of a pancake- holding juicy plops of syrup or butter in the little square indentations, and all. But, its just not my thing. And then cereal. I quit cereal long, long ago. It got tossed out to the chickens, but alas…there is more in the pantry. Guess we’ll see if the doggies or chickens like Golden Grahams or Frosted Flakes.

Eats of late include stew meat cooked in the crock pot. Its nice and fatty, has some connective tissue, fat, can be tough. Cooked long enough—its wonderful. I slathered it in butter, and ate a bowl for brekkie. I feel completely satisfied, not craving anything currently. I just found it weird that all of a sudden I such a powerful urge to eat carbs.

I didn’t sleep well at all last night, woke up to 6 inches of snow, and now I am ready for a short nap. So, ta ta for now -

(Susan) #30

Maybe there was cortisol at work for the carb cravings? I know that you have grieved for your brother already, but maybe just seeing them all triggered more memories and stress? I wish you the best in getting back on track! Hopefully this will be easier now that you are home =).


Could just traveling be considered a stress that would cause this? Even if not normally, when coupled with the grieving process it might be an issue.
Hope you get back to normal soon.

Beef stew meat is a staple for me, it’s so much better than ground beef and super easy. I throw a pound or so in the instant pot with some extra fat trimmings then drain off the excess liquid, add a little good butter and/or some tallow and dig in.


Well, I thought about that too. But, this happened a couple weeks after the trip. So, I was perplexed. Like lots of others who’ve gone carnivore- or mostly carnivore, I have become very calm, and handle stress with astounding ease now. And, in those two weeks since traveling, I’ve had no triggers at all that would send me off in an emotional eating frenzy like that. Its hard to explain, but the intensity of that frenzy was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Then yesterday I got to thinking if maybe…just maybe…in this stage of life called peri-menopause, if maybe it might have been a cyclical thing… Like a ghost of the PMS cravings from years passed. I mean, it fits into that time frame.

So, my strategy is this: Strict carnivore for the next couple of weeks with extra added fat to see if that will quash any other cravings that might pop up. To accomplish the added fat in a rather tasty fashion, I’m going to make a small investment in some Kerrygold butter this afternoon.

For breakfast, I made the Gordon Ramsey-style scrambled eggs, with more than just one “nob” of butter. So, it was a good start to the day. =)

(Sherry Koske) #33

Try MCT powder - I had the same issue and the powder did not upset my stomach :smiley:


Ah! I have been using MCT powder, and have also switched over to MCT capsules. They usually help alot with cravings. (Didn’t have good results with the last round of cravings, but I am hoping that weirdness has passed.) I feel like it boosts energy levels as well.
Thank you for the suggestion, though! I’ve got a tub of the powder here right now!!

(Sherry Koske) #35

:smiley:I have tried several but my favorite is Dr Colberts from Costco online - they have coconut, vanilla and I just ordered the new flavor chocolate - hoping this helps my cravings :smiley: for chocolate - you are doing great!!!


Its been awhile since posting last. Been working at the job in town over 40 hrs/wk. Money is nice, and I enjoy the work. Not complaining at all. Still startled at the massive energy overload I’ve got, but enjoying it immensely. Just finished working an 11 hour day. 20 min. lunch. 15 min break. That’s it. Felt great! The polar opposites are the 22-25 yo snowflakes I work with who think they will die if they don’t get a 15 min break after working for less than 2 hours. After working multiple shifts with these youngsters, I’ve decided to start my own not-so-clinical trial of diet related physical and psychological issues of my co-workers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There is a lot to be said for Dr. Ede’s talk on psychosis and diet. I watched it on youtube last week, then went to work, and watched it play out… multiple times. Its amazing! How can a carnivore diet improve mood, and enhance a person’s physical and cognitive performance - so much so- that the person ends up doing the work of 2 others? The same way that the worst version of the SAD disables other people from performing their duties adequately at all. What’s implied might sound a little harsh, but, it’s not. Its just reality. The youngsters who are taking meds, eating crappy, and drinking sugar are the ones making ridiculous mistakes - and creating more work for the rest of us.

As much as I’d like to teach and encourage the youngsters, and motivate them to change diet and improve their lives, I know from experience whatever I say will be rejected. So, I keep my mouth shut, and try to lead by example. And that seems to make matters worse. They end up resentful of the fact that someone twice their age can outpace them. The ones that are closer to my age are way more receptive now, because they see it and want it. I’m happy to say I’ve had more inquiries about how to get started from the mid-30’s to 50’s crowd.

Yesterday was such a great example of the difference that diet makes in mood, energy level and overall performance, I can only hope that some of it rubs off. I am very glad that one of the effects of carnivore is a very mellowed out, near zero temper. My emotional response to events is very different now than it was before carnivore. Things that would have pissed me off before just render a very nonchalant “Oh well” sort of response. Probably the main reason my BP has dropped some. =)

Life is good on carnivore.

(Susan) #37

Hehe, I love this, Keto on!!

I can definitely relate to this…

I am glad that this is going so well for you =).


Carnivore life is awesome. Hubby just got a 6 point buck. He’s field dressing it now. Butter basted backstraps are on the menu for dinner!!! =)


@SecondBreakfast I’m jealous!! If you have any leftovers send 'em my direction please :smile:

Big congrats on that 6-point!


This is so true. It shocked me one day when I realized how I think and how I process what is going on around me is not the same. How I react to whatever situation.

I thought this can’t be true to just change thinking like this but it is on carnivore. So many 100% Carnivores say this and are surprised by it cause when I dieted any other way, even very low carb, I never changed my thought patterns and reactions the way I did on 100% Carnivore.

I loved it when my new attitude kicked in. How I react, respond, think different in all situations. So clear minded now.

For me it isn’t just some brain fog lifting, it is like a whole new clarity of thinking has emerged. Very hard to explain to others also unless you feel it. I just love this benefit~!

Happy to hear you are doing so well! Rock on and eat the meats LOL