Back Pain

(Randy) #1

I have had back pain for quite a while. I have been to countless chiropractors, but I still seem to suffer this low back pain, especially in the mornings. i always felt that the pain was somehow diet related and inflammation was the main cause. It seems most back specialists don’t focus too much on diet related back pain. I just recently started keto, and I am hoping to hear some success stories of relief of other people’s chronic pain


Hi Randy, I had terrible lower back pain for years. Spent a fortune on physio appointments to no avail, but in less than a month on Keto the pain started to noticeably fade and by the 2-month mark it had gone completely. Back pain is not fun, so fingers crossed you see similar benefits!

(Francis Lessard) #3

Hi Randy

You might want to look into Calcium/Potassium supplements. We have Cal-K pills here in Canada. This have helped me with back pain (which was in fact muscular) at some point.

(jketoscribe) #4

The low inflammatory effect of a keto diet has dramatically helped all the pain issues I was having. Specifically it took getting grains out of my diet, especially wheat (and when I cheat my back pain comes back overnight!). Most of the time I am pain free, a small miracle!

I still occasionally get back pain in response mostly to stress but it responds very well to self care (gentle yoga, sauna, interferential electrical stimulation) that wouldn’t have touched the pain before keto when I took way too many NSAIDs and did permanent damage to my GI tract.

(Dustin Cade) #5

i feel that i get achy muscles but not like stiff and hurting, but like i worked out type soreness, but I’ve not worked out…


Have you noticed other pain in your body. Like knee or elbows?

For me, if I eat enough carbage, I get pain…knees, spine, feet…everywhere.

(Randy) #7

I don’t have pain anywhere else. I know that the pain is more of a disc problem than muscular. I was told I had a degenerative disc by a few chiropractors. I will feel no pain then if I jolt or move quickly, it will be a real sharp pain right in the middle of my lower back

(Andy Hanson) #8

My back pain completely disappeared after a week or two on keto, as did my joint pain. If your pain is from inflammation keto will take care of it!

(Jason Fletcher) #9

Inflammation does go down on keto so it will help most people. Here is good post by Ripptoe about back pain if you are interested and how to possibly help Back Pain


My back is garbage as well, I go to a Chiro monthly to be decompressed and have my hip straightened but as far as pain in between two things make a huge difference for me. 1 is an inversion table they are WELL worth the money and not even expensive to begin with. 2. As far as Medicating it I’ve used all the narcotics, steroids and muscle relaxers and they BARELY do anything. One day my Chiro goes, I have pain pills here that I sell if you want to try them, I had nothing to loose so I said sure. WORKED! Couldn’t believe it, took a couple days but they helped huge. They were called Nutri-Disc. What was in them was Turmeric, Glucosamine, Chondroiton and Bromelain. After the first bottle I just bought all that stuff at Vitacost and saved myself a fortune and that combo is still my goto when I need it.

(Kasia) #11

I have a physical work and also liked sweets, so it ended many times with back pain, also in shoulders and lower back muscles part. 1 month on keto improved my condition, I stopped having back pain every day - also in the morning when I woke up. I still feel it sometimes (I am at the beginning of my way to real&stable keto) but what I can recommend is dr Eric Berg YT channel - it is full of very valuable information and Orthophyt Body Massage Gel - it is much better than strong and chemical muscle relaxants. It is full natural, warm your muscles and relieve pain.

(Christopher Avery) #12

Randy, I’m sorry to hear about your dilemma. There’s a chance this can help. It cured me 25 years ago.

If the video resonates for you I suggest Healing Back Pain by John Sarno, MD.

(Randy) #13

This sounds interesting. I have never heard of this, but I just ordered his book

(Christopher Avery) #14

Happy reading @RandyNH. DM me if I can be helpful.

(Mary Ann) #15

I’ve used Sarno’s work for other ailments. It really is a revelation.

(Christopher Avery) #16

Agreed @MaryAnn. I too have addressed a variety of “incurable” ills.

I don’t want to veer this thread toward a Sarno discussion. However if others are interested, we could start a thread in the appropriate place and share our stories about Sarno’s diagnosis of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS).

Leave a brief comment if interested.

(Mary Ann) #17

@Christopher Sure thing.

(jketoscribe) #18

Yes, please start a thread. I’m interested in his work.

(Siobhan) #19

I used to have joint pain, and ankle pain when walking even for a mile!
On keto it went away, and now I can walk for 8 miles and feel like I can continue forever.

I also used to get pain in my knee when overly tired which would ironically prevent me from sleeping. That is gone now too.



Interesting thread. I’ve actually developed back pain after starting the keto diet.

Anyone hear of this?

I’ve been on it 2 weeks now and the last week or so my back pain has increased in intensity. Aleve takes the edge off but it doesn’t go away. And I’m talking about significant pain!

Mid-back pain.