Back- after 5 months of hell

(Monique) #1

I don’t know if anyone will remember me, I was super active and passionate on here the second half of last year. Lost 17kg/37.5lbs and gained so much health- and wisdom. My fiancé and I were both totally committed to this WOE and for us, it was a lifelong thing.

You know there’s a but coming- But. We unknowingly adopted a super sick little kitten (we don’t have children, our cats are our family) who had health crisis after health crisis for two months. January and February were a blur of two hourly feeds around the clock, specialist visits, legal appointments, and trying to look after our existing day to day life. I was shattered- physically emotionally and mentally on the brink. Zero resilience. Certainly no mental reserves to continue my keto way of life.

It became easy to reach for cheap and filling carbs. I did ok eating that way for much longer than I would have thought, but inevitably the weight/lethargy/depression/illnesses all came back with a vengeance and then I had a whole heap of guilt and self recrimination on top of everything else.

I tried to get back on the wagon in March, but the keto flu was more than I could take at the time. So I quietly slipped away, unfollowed all my keto groups and stopped visiting the forum. It added to my guilt too much to stay connected, as I knew I wasn’t yet strong enough to start again.

But- a good but this time, a week ago I finally felt strong enough to start again. And I have. This is day 6 keto, I have passed the induction phase, I am feeling about a zillion times better- and I can lift my head a bit higher now knowing I’m doing the right thing by myself in returning to this WOE.

I have started an Instagram account to keep myself accountable, connected and inspired, and I’m posting recipes and little updates on there, as well as trying to help people get started on this WOE.

And this is our little guy, who never would have made it if we hadn’t done everything we could to save his life. He is worth it all.

(Doug) #2

Quite a story, Mon. :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome back.

(Monique) #3

Thank you Doug, it’s good to be back :blush:


Cutie patootie!!!
We’ve had a “show us your dogs” thread. We definitely need a “show us your kitties” thread!

And welcome back! Good to see you again!

(Terence Dean) #5

Well at least you got back on your wagon, and that’s the main thing.

(Monique) #6

Thanks @Virginia! If someone starts that thread I’ve got four ridiculously cute cats to share :hugs:

(Bacon is the new bacon) #7

I’m glad you’re back. I’m glad you feel the kitten is worth it—he sure is a cutie-pie!

(Monique) #8

Thanks @PaulL I have missed being a part of this community very much!

(Monique) #9

Almost 3 weeks in and I am feeling great.

It’s almost as if my body remembers being fat adapted, as I :

  • have quickly conquered the keto flu
  • am experiencing much improved mental clarity
  • am sleeping better
  • am already fine with a 16:8 eating pattern
  • only need to eat twice a day
  • on the one occasion I couldn’t avoid carbs (Thai food dinner last night- they put sugar in and on everything even plain stir fried chicken and veg with sauce on the side!!!) I was solidly back in ketosis by 2pm the next day, so I’m probably reasonably fat adapted.

I hope this is encouraging to read for anyone who has fallen off the wagon and worries it’ll be as hard to get back on the second time. For me it’s been a breeze.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #10

Glad to know you’re doing okay. Congrats!

P.S.—How’s the kitty doing?

(Monique) #11

Thanks for asking @PaulL! He got a clean bill of health a week ago, almost 8 months old and now considered ‘normal’ :tada:
Now he’s just a regular weird little Tonk :joy:

(Alec) #12

I can hear him saying “thanks Mum” through the picture! Inspiring story.

Well done for clambering back on the wagon. Welcome back!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #13

Cutest kitty I’ve ever seen! Great pose.

(Monique) #14

Another proud ‘mummy’ post :heart_eyes_cat:

He’s Keto too! :joy_cat:

(Bob - another over 65 road cyclist ) #15

He’s adorable! I’ve never seen a Siamese (partially?) cat with green eyes before. I’ve had six - so far.

(Monique) #16

Thank you! He’s a Tonkinese, coat colour pattern ‘chocolate mink’ but his eye colour is still developing- eventually they should be more aqua than green.

Siamese are wonderful cats! Tonks are half Siamese/half Burmese :blush:

(Bob - another over 65 road cyclist ) #17

Oh! I’ve heard of them, but never met one.

We’ve had three lynx points, a chocolate point, a seal point, and a cat that was half Siamese, but black. It’s probably best to say, “don’t get me started”. :joy:

(Ethan) #19

Your mini-lion thanks you for your love! Welcome back.

(Monique) #20

Thank you :blush:

1 yr on from when I first posted this, my little mini-lion is doing better than ever, and still loves to sit in weird positions :heart_eyes_cat:

(Ethan) #21

Too cute! Glad to hear it. Kinda looks like a kanagaroo here.