Awesomest Chicken Wings EVER!

(Deb) #1

So yummy. I didn’t put anything on them. They were so crispy, I could not stop eating them. I only like the flats, so I used the drummies to make chicken soup. :blush:


Mouth is watering…

(Ernest) #3

Kenji Lopez started that baking powder trick.
Too much time consuming, pull out the refined coconut oil and just fry 'em wings.
There’s very little difference in the end product.

(Carolus Holman) #4

Awesome I am going to try these! Thanks!


Deb!! That looks awesome. I prefer the drummies…lol. Wing-swap?

(Bacon for the Win) #6

haha… thought I was the only one who liked the flats!

(Deb) #7

Sounds good to me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Dave Corbett) #8

From the article…

“Baking powder, not to be mistaken with baking soda…”

You’ll really regret using baking soda.

(Ernest) #9

my bad, should be powder. LOL

(OM) #10

Started doing these a couple of months ago. I did half of them with baking powder, half without. No difference in the end, all of them were crispy. My husband requests them at least one a week :).

(Carolus Holman) #11

OMG the freaking best wings in all of creation. The whole family enjoyed, traditional, fresh garlic parmesan a nd teriyaki (kids). I used the non aluminium based baking powder. Wow!


Someone posted this method on r/keto several months ago. I’ve become soooo addicted to these… I’ve been making about 5-6 lbs of wings every single week since then!

(Mike W.) #13

Smoke 'em


Yum!whats Yalls Favorite Hot sauce?

(Mike W.) #15

I use Sweet Baby Rays hot sauce mixed with a stick of salted butter and garlic.

(Jill Carpenter) #16

I realize this is an old post, but yeah, did the baking powder thing last night and I think that is my new favorite method.

(Rebecca) #17

Wow, interesting! I do chicken wings, thighs or legs in the slow cooker for 7-8hrs on low just with salt and pepper, single layer, skin side up - they’re lovely and crispy and the bones are delicious too! But I’ll try this next time I don’t want to wait 7-8hrs for my chicken - yum!

(Lara) #18

I never thought about doing this! So you do not add any liquid? I’m guessing the juices from the chicken are enough to keep them from burning? Thx for the great tip!

(Rebecca) #19

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?! But that’s right, no liquid. I grind salt and pepper into the bottom of the pot, turn the chicken pieces over in the seasoning, then arrange them skin-side up. Lid on, switch onto ‘low’, leave 7-8 hours.

If I’m not wanting to eat them hot, and instead make chicken salad or coronation chicken out of them, for instance, I actually do them overnight, on a plug-in household time-switch, so it switches off in time for the chicken to be cool enough to handle when I’m in food-prep mode first thing in the morning!

Voila: roast chicken, gorgeous golden skin and all! It doesn’t burn, I promise!


(Rebecca) #20

@cb2manor I cooked these last night - 7 and a bit hours.