Awesome August #Boringketo Concoctions

(Mike W.) #1

Smoked pork tenderloin with a spicy mustard cream sauce

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

Ooooo my favourite :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mike W.) #3

I usually double or triple recipe


I’m having 2 big slices of beef liver, wrapped in bacon, and probably some buttery zucchini on the side. I am really looking forward to the liver, getting ready to cook now.

(Robin) #5

@velvet Yummo. I’ll skip the liver(never acquired the taste) but will take a double order of that bacon please ma’am.


Try marinating some in heavy cream, the longer the better, and then wrapping it in bacon. Cook on each side until the bacon is still soft and transparent, not stiff. The marinade takes off a lot of the taste you don’t like, and the juicy, juicy bacon permeates every bite and dominates. And the liver is not overcooked this way, overcooked it tastes horrible and dry.

(Robin) #7

Then I can assure you my mother overcooked it!

(Doug) #8

This is a very nice sentence.


Meanwhile I thought about skipping the bacon as I want to focus on the lovely little taste of beef liver :smiley:
(But I am all for some good tasting crunchy sugar free bacon rashers afterwards here and there. That’s hard to find and too expensive to me, I can get more food joy with that money so it’s not my reality.)
I wrapped lean meat into bacon before, that was nice. But it’s better to buy fattier meat if it’s me and my simple tastes when it comes to meat :wink:

That was for the more bitter and very strong tasting chicken liver but I got so very nice results with milk and sour cream too… Cream is probably the best but I don’t always have it.

I don’t know how anyone can overcook liver but people are very different and some are unbelievably bad at cooking. I fry the hell out of things, mostly, it’s me (30-60 minutes are great for tender chicken or pork liver - it depends on the amount and other things) - but beef liver is another thing, it immediately “told” me it needs but a little time so I did that. It was nice, I should go and find some again… I mostly eat chicken liver because that is very easy to get anywhere. And I do like that too.

Yes, that is what I definitely don’t want. I want the liver flavor when I eat liver! The dairy is fine, that’s subtle. I can imagine it’s good with bacon, maybe I would do that if I ate beef liver often enough. (Bacon hardly could dominate the strong chicken liver I eat.)

Sigh. If it’s about topic, liver is like fruit to me. I fail to avoid getting carried away and writing the same things again every time.

No photo from me, I still eat my fried pork every day. Among others but I rarely make something really new. Or if I do, that’s very fruity… It’s summer. But August is where I heroically try and fail to do carnivore (but as I seriously try, I still stay pretty close! good enough to me) so I do my best to contain such inclinations of mine.
Meanwhile my SO makes the pretty (and unnecessarily starchy. well for me, it’s okay for him) puddings full with fruits on top…

(Jane) #10

Everything but the hamburger came out of the garden

Added Rao’s vodka sauce and topped with cheese.

(Robin) #11

Janie, I always cringe when I see you have a post. I just pre-scold myself for being such a slacker in the kitchen.

(Mike W.) #12

Alright we’ll call this Keto Lite :grimacing: because of the nectarines but it was so fresh and delicious! Also more smoked pork tenderloin.


@MiKetoAF: The first photo… It’s wonderful. The colors, the variety, I can’t express myself well but I really love this. Aesthetically. I don’t eat such things and don’t even know what the lil white cubes can be…

We have Williams pear season now and soon we will have our first tomatoes…

And sorry if I promised photos, still nothing, I eat roasted pork, boiled egg and similar things, nothing new or particularly pretty. Even my pudding with fruits on top wasn’t pretty enough on Sunday. Now I do carni again.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #14

Ha. Mine overcooked all vegetables. Sprouts and cabbage couldn’t be cooked long enough lol

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #15

Found some pretty genuine sausages. Though low on fat.

And more bones. Mutton added tomorrow. Do you guys differentiate between lamb and mutton?

(Mike W.) #16

They are goat cheese “pearls”!

(Jane) #17

Smoked half a brisket and came out fork tender (made pastrami out of the flat end)

(Robin) #18

This is what heaven will look (and smell) like.
Man oh man….

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #19

So envious of you guys with this cooking method. That looks amazing. I can dream.
It’s good to have a target lol


Same :smiley: