Awesome August #Boringketo Concoctions


I managed to make a plate that I liked… I mean aesthetically. The colors and patterns or IDK but I like it.

This is a nice start of a lunch for me. (More than a start, actually.)
I planned OMAD but nope, I just got satiated too early for that. Oh well.

It is a cheesy fluff in the middle. Whipped egg white with cheese and almost nothing else. My SO loves it so I make 12 pieces for him nearly every week, it uses 8 whites. And I may eat 1 or 2. It’s edible but everything lacking yolk (and not being some good meat) is inferior in my eyes…

(Jane) #22

Peruvian chicken with green sauce (cilantro, jalapeño and mayo).

It is on a salad plate but still huge.

(Robin) #23

Gorgeous as always!

(Geoffrey) #24

I do. While I can eat mutton (mature sheep) it has too strong a taste for most Americans.
I butcher my lambs at around 11 months and they are so much better tasting. I’ve made quite a few converts who said that they didn’t like lamb until after tasting mine who were butchered properly.


I have read in a very old book that even most Hungarians considered mutton too strong and bad tasting… With our history! We had so many sheep in the past! Well okay, surely not everyone ate that… And people can change quickly, a generation may have drastically different tastes than the previous one…
I love mutton. I don’t think I ever had lamb, that’s too special, where could I get that? :smiley: Mutton is GREAT. I want it again…

I know there must be differences between mutton and mutton. I barely ate any but that was so good I want it again. I only remember one, Racka (a beautiful kind of sheep with huge twisted horns, I have a skull! :D) from the beef farm (I could choose the skulls from many as they butchered a lot). Superb.

Now I don’t even have meat, I run out and didn’t notice in time but no problem, I can eat something else, we had non-keto plans anyway (well my SO did but it’s a great dish we almost never make). It’s not zero meat, I don’t do that but I have only a little smoked pork, tiny leftover fried pork, tinned fish… Nothing proper. Not even chicken liver because the place I visited today hadn’t even that… My village is tiny but its supermarket has it, it’s virtually everywhere…

So I have egg-heavy days now. I need something proper left, after all.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #26

Nice and spicy Mutton Curry with Panir Cheese and Spinach

(Mike W.) #28

Stop it. That looks amazing!!

(Family, Honor, Freedom) #29

Two cauliflower crust, beef-bacon and jalapeno pizzas. One with fresh mozzarella, one with crumbled blue cheese.

Slightly too long under broil but didn’t ruin it - still delicious. Both could have been notched up with fresh basil.

(Robin) #30

Exactly the way I like my crusts.

(Mike W.) #31

Some days lunch is just a plate of smoked brisket.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #32

Cor… Lovely Close up. I could almost reach out and spread some mustard

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #33

Herring for breakfast (1st course) and the roe. Really fresh :grinning:

(Mike W.) #34

How do you prepare that? I wish I could eat like you…

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #35

Awww that’s nice of you :blush:
I just gut it and head off. Now is a great time because you may get the roe (my favourite) then I just salt and grill nice and quick. Or air fry.
Roe just cooked in butter.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #36

No need to elaborate.

(Mike W.) #37

Chicken parts?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #38

Indeed, just the skins. My favourite part.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #39

Not often I buy Ribeye. This one is in Cream, Chilly & Mustard sauce.

(Family, Honor, Freedom) #40

Breakfast of champions. Garlic parmigiano salmon and arugula cream eggs

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #41

Almost the Ying Yang