Avocard and Olivard

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I eat a lot of fat, including Kalamata olive and avocado oils. Both are expensive. So I determined to find a way to continue using them and reduce the cost without reducing the goodness. What I came up with I call ‘Avocard’ and ‘Olivard’. The oils plus lard. Even the highest quality ‘leaf’ lard, non-hydrogenated, no additives, is less than half the cost of Kalamata olive and avocado oils, or even less if one uses the highest quality oils, which I do.

The way I use my avocard and olivard is to substitute lard for half the weight of oil I would normally use. For example, if I’m using 50 grams of avocado/olive oil, I simply substitute 25 grams of lard.

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Why not just use lard? :slight_smile:

Are you going for the polyphenols and saving $?

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@Karim_Wassef Variety of nutrient sources primarily to cover all the bases.

Further, my understanding is that both oils increase nutrient bioavailability; and, as you mention, are sources of polyphenols. I hadn’t thought of that before, so I looked it up. Thanks.

BTW I don’t cook, none of the fats I eat are ever heated above room temp. so smoke points and heat degradation are not an issue for me.

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Why not blend all 3 and make a super fat?

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What do you eat with no cooking? :cowboy_hat_face:

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As David has asked above, what do you eat with no cooking? (I don’t know how to put his quote in my thread) but that is making me wonder as well.

How do you even use the fats and what foods do you eat? The only thing I could think of would be fat bombs, but I cannot imagine them with those fats… so still confused.

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@David_Stilley @Momof5 I eat mostly raw foods, aside from coffee which I cold brew but drink hot.

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Raw foods are great, but how do you use these fats with them? I just don’t understand how you use the fats is all. When we heat them up and cook with them, adding the food, I get that… but if you are not cooking, how do you use them? I am only curious, not trying to be annnoying. Everyone has their own way of doing things that work for them =).

I just put some organic extra virgin olive oil in a pan, and cook my meats/veggies that way and for extra fats I really am addicted to a couple fat bombs a day (which I make with fats like coconut oil, cream cheese, peanuts only peanut butter, and the other ingredients).

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Susan, peanut oil is vegetable oil from a legume. :wink: That’s why peanuts are out for me. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Oh no, I should stop eating my peanut butter then? I totally thought it was okay -I buy the Kraft one that is called Only peanuts and the ingredients are just that.

I don’t eat it directly since Keto, but I use it to make my Chocolate peanut butter Fat Bombs… but I can give them up, as I have other fat bombs I make and love too.

I don’t want to do anything against the Keto Rules!

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You want to minimize fats from seeds or legumes. I eat peanuts sometimes though.

I have a meat salad, where I use oils. Not sure that’s what the original poster is doing, though, and I use cooked meats.

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Almond butter… mmmmm

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@David_Stilley @Momof5 I was going to post my typical mid-day meal, but discovered I had neither bok choy nor an avocado on hand, so have postponed that meal until later after I go shopping. Instead, I had the following, which does not contain olive oil, avocado oil or lard, but is pretty high fat nonetheless.

100 grams walnut pieces: 66 gr fat, 16 gr protein, 8 gr carbs
  23.1 grams bacon bits: 6.6 gr fat, 9.9 gr protein, 0 carbs

Totals for the meal:
72.6 gr / 653.4 cal fat, 25.9 gr / 103.6 cal protein, 8 gr / 32 cal carbs
Calories: 759
fat::protein grams: 2.80 / fat::protein calories: 6.31
carbs::total grams: 7.51% / carbs::total calories: 4.06%

Note: this is my usual meal when my work shift includes a meal break because it is, obviously, very easy to prepare and transport. However, when I eat this at work I also add either ‘keto milk’ or ‘keto coffee’, both of which add fat and protein but no carbs. I sometimes add one or two sticks of pepperoni which adds fat, protein and 1 gr carb per stick. When I have pepperoni, I reduce the amounts of walnuts and bacon bits to keep total calories around 1000-1100 for the meal. If I get much above that total it means I’ll have to make other meals smaller.

Note2: the 8 grams of carbs from the walnuts are close to half my daily target of 17 grams. Because of the nutritional value I consider it a carb tax worth paying, but it also means I have to be careful with other meals to keep my carbs at or below 17 grams for the day.

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Oh, okay =) thanks for satisfying our curiosity =) and I hope that you can find a solution to your fat dilemma. Good luck with all your Ketoing =).

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Heloise and Abelard is what my mind thinks when I see this thread title; I can’t help it.

Michael, cutting those oils with lard sounds good to me - probably has a nice body at room temperature while not even going into the trans-fat zone.

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? I have no fat dilemma. @David_Stilley @Momof5 Anyway, as requested here’s supper tonight, which is very typical for me.

  85 grams Brunswick Seafood Snack, Lemon/Pepper Herring: 9gr fat, 19 gr protein, 1 gr carbs
  65 grams Sunrise Medium Firm Tofu: 3.06 gr fat, 6.12 gr protein, 0 carbs
  44 grams Avoc ard: 42.15 gr fat, 0 protein, 0 carbs
  15 grams Ruker Ventures Red Palm Oil: 14.84 gr fat, 0 protein, 0 carbs
121 grams Hass Avocado: 18.63 gr fat, 2.37 gr protein, 2.22 gr carbs
200 grams Bok Choy: 0.40 gr fat, 3 gr protein, 2.36 gr carbs
  25 grams Great Value Yellow Mustard: 0 fat, 1.0 gr protein, 0 carbs
  10 grams Bill Bob’s Hot Sauce: 0 gr fat, 0 gr protein, 0 gr carbs
    4 grams my electrolyte mix: 0 gr fat, 0 gr protein, 0 gr carbs

Totals for the meal:
88.07 gr / 792.85 cal fat, 31.49 gr / 125.95 cal protein, 5.58 gr / 22.34 cal carbs
Calories: 919.46
fat::protein grams: 2.80 / fat::protein calories: 6.30
carbs::total grams: 4.46% / carbs::total calories: 2.37%

Note: This is single bowl meal.

Note2: This meal + my previous meals for the day total 16 grams carbs, so I’m still under my target 17 grams. :slightly_smiling_face: