Avocado & Egg 100 mile challenge?

(Ben Violot) #1

I guess this will be my first post here, so… hi I’m Ben.

I’ve been low-carb and/or keto since 2011, I’m also an avid runner, but I never really went all-out on races. So far my winning nutrition combo has always been homemade apple sauce (with a bit of pea protein, coconut oil, and lemon juice), and sweet patato puree (also with coconut oil + salt).

But here I am, 17 days aways from my first 100 miler, the Istria 100 in Croatia, and I’m seriously considering packing only eggs and avocados, and some electrolytes in my flasks.

So my question isn’t “have I lost my marbles?” because I already know the answer to that one as I’m running it in sandals, but rather: Does anyone here have similar nutrition experiences and tips to share? I’m in uncharted territory and could really use some feedback.

thanks a bunch!

(less is more, more or less) #2

Welcome, Ben!

I get tired driving 100 miles. BUT, are you familiar with Zach Bitter?

He holds the record for the 100 mile for time, most miles run in 12 hours and he’s a low-carb dude, except for race day.

(Ben Violot) #3

Yes, I’m a regular listener of his podcast with Shawn Baker. Last I’ve heard, he hasn’t gone full fat burner on race either, and is still relying on carbs during events.

(Carl Keller) #4

This is bit off topic, but the title reminded me of a silly little run they do every year here in Pittsburgh. The idea of it will make most keto people roll their eyes, but the proceeds do go to a good cause:


(Ben Violot) #5

Indeed Carl, I think that’s quite literally the opposite :wink:

(PSackmann) #6

Hi Ben and welcome!
I’m not currently running and have come nowhere close to a 100 miler, but here’s my two cents worth. Being 17 days out, will you have enough training days to test your performance on eggs and avocado? From what I’ve read, and the training I’ve done, most of your actual mileage training leading up to an event is getting the nutrition right. I wouldn’t suggest switching up fueling strategies without a good deal of testing ahead of time, so you’ll be prepared for how it affects you.
That being said, whatever you decide, let us know how it goes

(Ben Violot) #7

I appreciate the input. Maybe I should have mentioned I train and live this way, all day, everyday. Therefore I’m not concerned about whether its possible or not, as I know it is, but rather I would like to get some feedback from people that have run races with this strategy.

My menu for this long brisk walk will be : avocados, hard boiled eggs, some cured meats (if I find anything good locally), and possibly a few homemade snacks like keto almond/chocolate bars or something similar.

(PSackmann) #8

Sorry, I took your statement to mean this was how you were currently training. If you’re currently training with eggs and avocado during your long runs, then by all means disregard my previous post, as you’ll already know if it’s feasible or not.

(Ben Violot) #9

Yeah, confusion was easy bere. I’ve never done a race without using carbs (marathons and shorter excluded) but I always train low-carb and have been doing so consistently for many years. I just never bridged the gap of going no carb on race day for my ultras.

(Scott) #10

I can see your silly race and raise you one.

To qualify to win, runners must consume 1 Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and 1 Krispy Kreme doughnut at a mid-race pitstop.

(Carl Keller) #11

I not so fondly remember surviving on beer and donuts, once upon a spring break. Of all the food and drink that clash, this pair clashes the most.

(PSackmann) #12

Thanks for clarifying. I’m hoping my foot rehab will go well enough for me to put an ultra back on my long list, right now I’ll be happy to walk a half in December. In the meantime, I enjoy hearing about others and how they do it, and look forward to hearing how it goes for you

(Doug) #13

Amazing to run at that pace for 100 miles. Equivalent to 4:13 per kilometer. The “Fat is smart fuel” guy is proving it.

(Jeremy Wheatley) #14

even though he took in 20 grams of carbs every 30 min during those 12 hours at that intensity he was pretty much burning right through them…