Ava_ad0re's arse Accountability Thread


("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #121

That seems fair to me. I’d do the same…

(Chris - @carnivoremuscle) #122

fockin strewth

(Queen of Random) #123

All of the Kmarts around here closed…left with Wal-Mart. Our local Kmart was cleaner and better stocked than Wal-Mart.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #124

KMart in Australia has a cult following, we have so many pages regarding Kmart Hacks and items from there that you can turn into something else.

The kids clothes are SO cheap, tshirts for $1.50 sometimes, they don’t last long but I’d rather buy cheap crap they grow out of quickly rather than an expensive shirt that will last a year.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #125

This is both true and UTTERLY BIZARRE

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #126

I love it ;D

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #127

As if my statement needed supporting!

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #128

K-Mart is all things. I loathe shopping so only go once a year if I can - socks/undies/beachchairs/dvd players/crockery/cat accessories/wine stoppers shaped like pineapples/boys t-shirts (not the stupid girly ones with capped sleeves) - all needs met in about 30mins. If they had a dentist I’d be made.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #129

Hahaha, remember when they had cafe’s?! In Myer too.

(Queen of Random) #130

I loathe it so much I usually shop online.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #131

My grandma loved the cafeteria at Woolworths of all places - said it reminded her of war time London :rofl:

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #132

I pretty much furnished my house online :smile: I can’t fathom people who wander around malls for entertainment - to each their own I guess!

(Mike Glasbrener) #133

OMG. Woolworths cafeteria with grandma! I’m having flashbacks! The good kind from when I was little!

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #134

That was my logic.

(Troy) #135

Great memories for sure
Blast from the past. Wow

Right along the lines w Zodys, Montgomery Wards the Treasury
Fedco and Gemco
Good times😄
Memories…good ones

(Troy) #136

The best part
When you have 2 items ( shorts ) of the same style
( lazy Keto = lazy Wardrobe for me )
Then put on the wrong, larger one
Falls right to the floor :flushed:

An awesome wardrobe malfunction :rofl:


Anti-NSV… my undies won’t stay in place anymore.


I’ve shrunk by 3 sizes for both trousers and shirts so far. I have always kept hold of the big ones ‘just in case’!
BUT NOT THIS TIME. I’ve just taken them all to the charity shop.

Bought some new cheaper clothes, which I’m loving wearing. Still losing quite quickly so I doubt they’ll last me long… … … … … … … … .here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

(The Whatabe Biker) #139

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Okay, full disclosure (pun intended), I’ve had to buy smaller-sized underwear three times now.

Did not realize the necessity of proper-fitting underwear, until they actually didn’t fit anymore. :flushed:

Especially, the OLDER I get! :anguished:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #140

Definitely had a better weekend this weekend than the last one. I think I only did half the damage :joy:

Happy 6th month Ketoversary to me!
I have now lost a total of 40lbs / 18.5kg !

Now to keep it off haha.
I’ll ramp up my strength training when I drop the last few kg of body fat.
I cant extend fast anymore without supplementing with fat. Boo.