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(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #21

Man, I dunno what the fuck happened this week.
I was so set on that fast, lasted 48 hours then last night my mind just snapped and before I knew it I was ordering prawn rice paper rolls, then I was like you know what, life is all about balance, I’ve not had any ice cream for over 6 months and not 1 potato chip.
So I went and got a small iceblock from the shops and a packet of chips.
I did not enjoy it at all.
Today I’m getting chinese for lunch and then I am going to work out, but my shoulder is still pretty fucked so my exercises will be limited.
Here’s to accountability, and ice cream!

(Queen of Random) #22

I think you might have been fasting too much, which can cause cravings.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #23

I think she’s missing TJ.

(Queen of Random) #24

I’m seriously missing TJ. Other than you, he was the most entertaining poster on the forums.

(Queen of Random) #25

Do you think he will ever be back?

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #26

@Regina I wasn’t having cravings at all, lol, I wasn’t even hungry. I just wanted a treat. And I do miss @Baytowvin :frowning:

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #27

Dunno. I tried emailing him at the email address he hinted at[1] and got no response. But, being the MASSIVE OPTIMIST I SO OBVIOUSLY AM, I’ll keep hoping :slight_smile:

[1] I’m hoping I just got it wrong #becausestupidaussie :slight_smile:

(Queen of Random) #28

Me too! I hope he will come back.

(Queen of Random) #29

I would kill for Chinese!

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #30

I’m going to point anyone who thinks I’m going too far with my car bomb suggestions to the above post.

(Queen of Random) #31

And you are very welcome!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #32

I’ve decided that I am not very mentally equipped right now to handle extended fasting, I am more interested in the health benefits than the weight loss, so I think I will begin that when I am in maintenance, once or twice a month for health reasons.

I’ve been doing a bit of research about exercising during fasting, and judging from my work schedule and family life, I tend to want to enjoy the weekend rather than suffer through it. So alternate day fasting is now the way to go. Which would typically halve my weekly calories.

I’m going to mix my schedule up from today…

Monday - Fasting & Work out
Tuesday - Feasting
Wednesday - Fasting & Work out
Thursday - Feasting
Friday - Fasting & Work out
Saturday - Feast all da way
Sunday - Feast until 2pm latest then fast for approximately 48 hours until Tuesday.

Alternate day fasting with 1 48 hour fast per week.
Yah I can do that.

Btw, the chinese kinda sucked.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #33


(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #34

Ha :smiley:

(The Whatabe Biker) #35


(Chris - @carnivoremuscle) #36

Smart decision imo. You’re in a good spot right now- occasional short fasts are great without losing too much weight, but maintenance is easy. Boring and easy.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #37

Oh man. What a weekend.
I am suffering today, hahah.
But, good to reset my mind frame.
I’m up 4kg, which I am positive is water weight and probably 1kg of fat, oops. But I enjoyed myself and that’s all that matters.
I did a science experiment before I started my new routine, and that was to just enjoy some food over the weekend that I don’t normally eat anymore. Not gonna do that again.
Now i’m fasting until tomorrow lunch time, a good 36 hours, not even going to bother checking ketones, such a waste.

I’ll go by how I feel and right now that is, truly shit :rofl:

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #38

It’s almost like you weren’t the millionth person to report this finding :slight_smile:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #39

Ah well, sometimes you have to experience something for yourself to really believe it, that is the case here, hahah. Ah I knew it would happen, I had a family fun day in the park with work and they had all the carbs, then I had a magnum ego, two of them, oh god. MOVING ON.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #40




Just got in a major argument with a girl regarding extended fasting, apparently I am unhealthy. This girl attacked me, banned me from a group, and then blocked me, and then made this status…

‘if i see one more person recommend fasting diets im going to pull my hair out, not eating for 3 days and surviving off your fat reserves is so friggin unhealthy’


steps away from the computer