August ZornFast 2019


Day one nearly completed. Few rumblings but nothing I can’t handle :blush:

(Cindy) #22

I started a 42-hour fast on Tuesday afternoon. I’m at 48.5 hours now, so I blew through the 42-hour mark. Not hungry and feel fantastic, so why not extend for a few more days. What the heck. I’m in! :star_struck:

(Trish) #23

About 22 hours in and I’m freaking ravenous. :persevere: I know it gets better though.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #24

I’m thinking of starting tonight, after dinner/dessert. Or maybe tomorrow… I am l looking for some autophagy!

(Tom Seest) #25

I’m at 27 hours now, and will probably head to bed within 4 hours, so in theory; I’m good. I like sleeping the 2nd night, as I have trouble sleeping much after that due to all the excess energy.

(Amanda Jones) #26

I am 5 hours in and hoping to make it a full 72 hours. I’ve only done a 3 day fast one other time, so I’m hoping I don’t cave! :grimacing:

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(Mike Glasbrener) #29

~24 in and the occasional calf cramp. Upping potassium, magnesium and oink salt… No biggie although family is having ahi salad.:slightly_frowning_face:. I can totally ignore but it would have been good.

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

I’m in, finished up dinner around 6 PM will go till whatever on Sunday. I just got back from the mountains and was really hungry tonight so I had a feast that should tide me over til Sunday.

Welcome to all the newbies to fasting. Jump in and tell us how you are doing and ask any questions you might have.

Big welcome back to all the experienced Zornfasters.

Tom, good to see you in here. What is a dexcom G6?
A special kind of blood glucose monitor or something else?

@Brenda how long are you planning to fast, since you are well into a good extended one already?

KCFO everyone.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #31

It’s a type of continuous glucose monitor. I split the CGM posts into their own thread, link above, if you want to follow that conversation.

(Trish) #32

48 hours in and feeling well. I must really love my hunnie as he calls me while I was out and asks me to stop at rhe grocer to pick up x y and z. Of course I go. Lol. The weekend should be fun. I work all weekend…in a bakery. Lmao. I’m a sucker for punishment.


I bailed last night at 48 hours. Had done two exhausting 12.5 shifts and empty, not in a good way. Will aim for a longer fast next time. Good luck to those still going strong :blush:

(Trish) #34

60 hours and ready for work. Lost a couple of pounds. Wonder if working will increase weight loss or stall it. Will see tomorrow morning I guess. Have a good day all.

(Tom Seest) #35

I’m back to 22 hours and watching the CGM. I’m trying to establish data patterns for my CGM.

(KCKO, KCFO) #36

Broke at 26 hrs. did a good refeed meal. I am going to use this as an excuse to try out OMAD for a while, so will keep this pattern through next Thursday.

There is no bad fasting, it is all good. Remember to just do you, the rewards will come.

KCFO everyone.

(Mike Glasbrener) #37

Broke at about 50hrs. I always seem to struggle with refeed. Sigh. Going back to OMAD. It’ll be interesting to see how omad/weight has changed.

(Karen) #38

@Brenda hi watching this fast. The longest I have ever made is 42 hours. Still slowly building up the fasting muscle. I have been trying to do alternate day fasting on Monday and Wednesday and Friday ( usually ave 36-42 hours). I find I have to stop as start getting snappy with my kids. So not fair on them.
Also my other issue is the day after the fast I feel,pretty drained and tired. Any idea why? As I would like to try & extend my fasts to over 44-50 hours but end up snappy and drained and constipated.

I have been doing if 16:8 or 18:6 for about 4 months and eat low carb / Keto. I did start slowly once a week adding in a 24 hr fast. My main goal is to loose about 10 pounds but wasn’t loosing with if daily & Keto.
Any suggestions?

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #39

I’m at 13hrs. Last night’s GKI was about 2.0 before I went to bed. It’s up this morning, 4.0. Hoping to see it go down over the course of the day. I’m going to take measurements every 4-6 hours while I fast.


49 hours in and feeling good. (As usual)

Heading for 72 this time.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #41

I’m about 26 hours in.
At 24 hours:
BG 76
BK 1.1
GKI 3.8

My 20hr numbers were better.

@ 27hr
BG 71
BK 1.6
GKI 2.5