So July is over, and boy did that month go fast for me, did it for you guys?

August is a new month to concentrate on our zero carb ways. We carnivores must devour our meat and seafood for great health and we are doing just that.

One small goal for this month for each of us? Mine is simple. Hold more toward beef again cause I do so well on that plus I want to drop my little 1-2 lbs. this month again.

Join in everyone. Chat up your zc questions, tell us what you are eating, let us know how you are doing on plan and if life is throwing any struggles at you :slight_smile: We got each other’s backs in the zero carb world here!!

edited to say I had a few slices of bacon the kid didn’t finish…didn’t finish? omg but to my happiness LOL

later is a bunch of small beef tenderloin steaks for big brunch meal later and then having a few big old cheeseburger patties for dinner.

eatin’ good in the neighborhood! :slight_smile:

(Polly) #2

Happy August at last.

I have been running in zero carb again for a couple of weeks now and I am feeling pretty good. Meals consist of beef, pork, bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, yogourt and still having black coffee first thing in the morning.

(Troy) #3

Not necessarily ZC

Over the last 2 weeks
My cravings and hunger have been increasing
Pushing 3000 each day
Previous 2000-2300ish
No weight gain

For me
All good :+1:


Feeling amazing today. Breakfast: 4 FRESH eggs. 2T butter, 6 slices turkey bacon cooked in coconut oil (I ran out of tallow.)

Lunch…beef sticks and cheese.

Dinner…ground beef w melted cheese



that is great with increased kcals you are not gaining and doing well. zc means we eat alot and don’t gain…but 14 carbs is a bit high cause I assume? you are trying to walk into zero carb now? just wondering on it :slight_smile:

Seems like you are in a good spot and your food listed seems like it is treating you great!

You said it SB! Yum. We eat fine on zc.

Why turkey bacon? I never liked it but thing is you use tallow or in a pinch add oil to make it more fatty, don’t ya like regular old fatty bacon? or have ya tried pork belly…that is a yum for sure, just curious.

my food ended up like I thought today:
10 oz beef tenderloin
those few slices of bacon I got from the kiddo
2 cheeseburger patties
and I ate something else, hmm, waiting here and thinking…
ohhh, a tin of sardines. Sardines were calling to me :slight_smile: I give them a yum…good snack.

(Troy) #6

I mix it up
Go for how my body feels
Fatigue…is my useful trigger
Recently added back in dairy…good so far
I play on that as a good indicator…fatigue or blah feeling
Went from OMAD
better on TMAD

It was the chicken moz sausages at 4g each…12g total today :man_shrugging:t2:
Oh well
Normally I hover around 3-6g each day on carbs At the highest
Closer to 3😄


Shinita coined it “ZC and chill”

Last month I lost an inch off my waist line. Didn’t even know until I measured.


thanks for a great explanation. Yea the man made products usually carry that little load of carbs for us but it never is a too bad of a thing if we mix it up a bit like that!

I am like you. 2 meals per day is my thing, I did OMAD for a little bit as I changed thru zc, but 1 meal per day just wasn’t enough for me…I settled into 2 very easily and do best on it like you.

WOW and another WOW for ya FB! That is wonderful. ZC gives in so many ways and this is one of those great perks for sure. LC and any good lc eating plan leans us up a good bit, ditching those nasty carbs, but with heading into carnivore we ‘really’ get those benefits of no carbs, our zc eating plan definitely takes us into the leaner and meaner body.
Happy you are doing so darn well!!

---------Day 2 and our zc group is doing fab. I am cruising along easily on plan. Woke up very not hungry. Will just grab a ribeye steak to defrost for later first meal and will be just eating up a few chicken breasts for second food. Might throw in something like bacon or shrimp with my chicken meal if wanted.

Rock on with carnivore!!


I didn’t want to come until it’s Monday considering I am way more… more than relaxed in this weekend, for reasons… But I used my desperate measures so bought some meat in a supermarket (I think it’s between super and hyper but that’s not the point) and it’s a big enough thing for me to share. I still did my best, the whole tiny chicken is allegedly was kept better, I can’t do much about the chicken liver (I like liver and enjoy the variety it offers and I just can’t buy any from the nearby farm that has no fresh meat since ages anyway. and it’s my main, very nearly only source for proper meat. why they stopped sell offal, I can’t imagine. they always did it in the past but when I started to buy things, first they were out then they never sold it. I will ask them next time) and I just had to try bacon again…
This one is a tasty bacon. And insanely fatty… Definitely too fatty for me, I always get a bit surprised when I (ME!!!) find something too fatty but even I have my limits. The scrambled egg was still good… 1 egg, 60g bacon, no idea how others do it, I would use 10g or less very rich, dry, red sausage but that’s special :slight_smile: More needed from bacon. I was hungry after a single trout and a lot of other food, we arrived home at 16:15pm and I was already hungry (I ate 3 bites of cheese a bit earlier in the car, my fav, Masdaam :slight_smile: warm and soft, it’s fun. Alvaro ate it with cucumber and very good buns, that supermarket is good with buns, it’s the single bread type item I still gladly ate from a shop… I stopped buying bread, like, 20-25 years ago and learned to bake myself. I was a tiny hero but not a big one, had to taste a morsel. seriously, like a pea :slight_smile: I almost spit it out, too much wheat or bran to my tastebuds. yay. a tad odd as I can eat the bread I bake. it’s not good, at least Alvaro’s but if I mix in some eggs, that’s nice. and it has way, way more bran in it. whatever, it’s always good to say goodbye to some old fav from a shop that I don’t want to eat because isn’t good to me. using willpower isn’t my thing though I actually listen to reason sometimes. more and more, actually).
The bun thing is totally relevant, I actually use my carni days to get farther from my old ways on off days, useful side effect. I can handle off days just fine but a carby off day is problematic. And less temptation, less off days too!

The bacon I bought is only 86% fat calorie wise, I don’t know why I felt it that fatty… It’s much but it’s not like I never ate pork ribs with even more fat sometimes. Probably sometimes is the key word, I decide when to add some more… And I just went a tad over my preferences. And I ate it right after my fish.

I might have overdone my heavy cream consumption but it’s hard for me when I have an aversion to eggs. But I will behave in the near future.
So, I had 5 okay days (except the very tiny amount of meat, it was the worst ever except when I totally run out in the very beginning. the result was the same: I dislike eggs for quite some days. good as the hens lay less than usual and we almost always use our “we buy whatever you have left” policy at both the houses). I call this “my summer carnivore-ish” now. Just like carnivore-ish but the tiny plant matter contains fruit (and not just a tad lemon juice as that is my condiment, flavoring, whatever so a few drops are allowed in my normal carnivore-ish). Sweeteners and oily seeds are still banned and the other rules still stand as well. It wouldn’t be a good idea to allow just about anything in tiny amounts, that wouldn’t end well :slight_smile: The non-important things are banned, the impossible to avoid things are allowed sometimes and in tiny amounts, I always did that as it works well for me. Being super strict is easiest as long as I can do that. Not in summer or when I can’t get enough proper meat for sure, I have both now, and my health-consiousness and hedonism so I am pretty determined not to stray away too much or too long. And this thread helps too a tiny bit and I just am at a place where a tiny bit matters.

I don’t desire my own fruits now, I just need to taste them sometimes. But no real season now, only blackberries and I am not into them (and tasted them already anyway). Williams pears are kind of here though. Lovely and way too sugary things. Just like my grapes. No real danger until next June (unless my love for apples flares up but my body dislike them since years so I don’t think it would cause much problems) and I will be a different one then, not eating more than what feels nice. Stupid compulsions. So I focus on my carnivore-ish again, the summer part won’t be used often.
And when I will have enough meat and winter, I plan to be super strict for long! I am curious.

IF wise… I am all over the place if the circumstances are like that but TMAD is my normal. I can’t eat big very low-carb OMAD meals so multiple OMAD days are unrealistic. I had that with keto too. TMAD was too much on keto but often works well if my carbs are very low. Sometimes I have snacks but those aren’t really snacks for joy just “I will eat a bit later so shut up” bites (like a hard-boiled egg). Good for cases when I am not really hungry yet but well, antsy :smiley: Want to eat but not really. A proper meal can’t work.

At least my weekend carbs boosted my calories, I needed them. Still no overeating. Maybe because I ate after 6pm and about as much meat on Saturday than in the previous 5 days together… Fish is strange, I feel I could eat a lot in no time. Never could try out how much would satiate me (with something fatty with it).
So I had a high protein day but nothing extreme as it was fatty too and due to my egg aversion, that wasn’t present in big amounts (it’s borderline impossible not to eat eggs if someone is me, much meat and disliking eggs notwithstanding).

I feel pretty okay now, definitely more energetic but my sleep and the weather may play a role too. But it’s nice to have meat in my fridge again, I am sure there are that mental/emotional part too. And not even fish… I feel I ate more fish in the last month than in the last year and that was close to the last decade… I never was into fish. Nice variety but problematic as a major source of protein. And I still think tuna is borderline inedible unless mixed with some good, fatty stuff… Even so, I eat 10-40g a day (if I don’t have anything better at that point). Maybe I come up with some nice recipes later.


[quote=“Shinita, post:9, topic:102976”]
so I am pretty determined not to stray away too much or too long. And this thread helps too a tiny bit and I just am at a place where a tiny bit matters. [/quote]

This is great for you…you are working on what fits your lifestyle as you need and you are finding your own personal sweet spot to make a good healthy living lifestyle! We all have to walk this path :wink: and I feel you are doing very well at knowing what is working well and what is up in the air thru some experimenting a bit on what suits you best.

I feel you on fish. Fish while fatty is not a dense meat at all. No comparison to land animals at all, all seafood falls into this category mostly for each of us. ZC people need to truly rely on heavy hitters in their day, pork/chicken/duck/beef/lamb/and more. Seafood to me personally is more of a ‘side dish’ to the heavy dense proteins or if seafood/fish…we need to eat a heck of alot of it :wink:

It is very emotional and can be a mental stress situation when WE KNOW we want and require high quality protein in our day to ‘make our day’ and feel great and not hungry and our fridge is getting more bare. I know, I been there on that and it stinks! I wish that farm of yours would sell what you need…any chance to google who in your area might offer more options? I know when I am out ‘hunting’ meat I go crazy til I find what I require LOL I hope things pan out better for you.

S you are doing great. You are finding you in all this. Finding those meals that work, the ones that are iffy, finding ways to get the food choices you do best on and just truly ‘finding what suits’ you best. That is the most admirable and best walked path any of us can do on our health journey! I walked it and it is darn hard sometimes while doing it, but in the end when we put what we know our bodies want and we know where in our eating we feel our best and energized…if we listen, we win thru all this journey!

I had alot of chats about what foods work for me and against me and how I put them into my day and how my eating pattern and food choices change and more, and they can be unsettling, thinking we are ‘not doing just right’ when in fact this is exactly what we need to be doing :slight_smile: We need to learn us again and you are right in there and doing that and finding your new path forward!! :smile:

Great post S!


@Fangs Beef tenderloin sounds DELISH!!! Slathered in butter. MMMMmmmmm!
Oh, turkey bacon…that’s been my thing for years. I don’t eat pork. Multiple reasons I won’t go into here. But, hubby found an uncured turkey one at Aldi’s that is AMAZING. I also stumbled about beef bacon - which is a real thing, and, its better than any bacon I’ve ever had. There is a flavor about it that I have never encountered with any other cut of beef, or any other meat. I know you know your beef cuts, so you’ll get this. If you find the brisket, there is the short plate right behind it, before the flank. The plate is where the beef bacon comes from. I literally had to draw this out for our last butcher because they were clueless. But, I did manage to get two lovely plates. So, I just have to take the time to do some cutting.

I have a short shift at work this afternoon, which hopefully will help me get some of my normal assignments done. We are a little shorthanded currently, and with all of the tourists and snowbirds back up - it has been crazy busy. Some of the younger students who work for us are getting ready to leave for college, a couple are getting married pretty soon, some had scheduled vacations. So, yeah. Its rainy and yucky out today, so, maybe not so much foot traffic in the store. I hope. I’m on for another 6 day work week.

I forgot…yesterday, after our breakfast, hubby and I each had different jobs to get done around here and the farm, but afterwards, we went to the beach for a few hours. Took Rufus for a swim. Lake Superior was the warmest we ever experienced! It was very unusual - but great for a swim.

Little by little, I am re-learning how to do push ups properly. Every day, I work at it - either from the wall, counter top, couch base …just building that upper body strength. Found some great daily stretches to do from Redefining Strength on Youtube. Good stuff. Well, going to get at it. Have a lovely Sunday, all!!!


Very cool explanation on your turkey bacon extravaganza and I get it :slight_smile: and I had beef bacon long ago but I can’t find a store around here that sells it ever. I, probably like you, live in a very country area with ‘not much civilized or fancy stuff around’ being a farmer community LOL When we did an Angus back in the day I ‘forced our slaughterhouse’ friend to make me some but he doesn’t normally do that extra work. He is like big cuts and done…but man was it good! So I hear you on what works for you!!

So happy you had a great day at the water with your pooch and hubby!

And I like the upper body strength move you are making to improve. I threw 70 lb bales of hay on wagons, I do all things farming which is move and lift and more and yet I am not a good upper body strength person…and I never understood why 2 and 2 didn’t make 4 for me cause hubby is like massive strong and I am like no upper body strength for ALL the darn work I did around here and still kinda do shutting down/cleaning out/dealing with…our barns and more around here now that we have shut’er all down.

I so enjoy your posts SB!


Back then I tried to find more options nearby but I didn’t find much :frowning: The pig farm sells live piglets, I get only smoked pork from them (it’s great just not a staple), people raises animals to sell (mostly chicken, ducks and rabbits), that’s nice but not a staple again as it’s too little, the animals are too small, too much work. Great now and then but that’s it. I know some options way farther so when we happen to go there, we may bring back a substantial amount of meat, I keep that in mind.
It’s not a very very big problem, I couldn’t eat really much meat at this point of my life, I guess (never could try) and I always have SOME options. And I trust this situation is temporal.
But indeed, I need to try to find other sources. Tough. I tried to find emu meat nearby last week :smiley: There was a shop and it just closed lately… But when we go to the usual cemetery+aunt visit in October (as both are in the eastern part of the country while I live in the west. my targets are still far apart but it’s very nice to visit my aunt at least once a year), we can go to an emu farm… Lean but pretty red meat, EMU LIVER, that’s not even expensive but I am always excited to try some liver :smiley: Every little help is something and we are all for new experiences anyway. I want to try the liver of various animals. Meat too but I too rarely get to eat more than a tiny liver and I usually like it.
Hungary has this with these big birds lately. Maybe 1-2 decades ago there were zillions of ostrich farms (but I didn’t know that or wasn’t interested so I still never tried ostrich meat and egg), now emu is the popular one.
So we do what we can and I try to balance things until the farm starts butchering animals to sell again. They have kid camps now but they had them in the last summers as well without problems… No idea what is with this summer. But the farm is there, being popular, I guess things will go back to how they were soon. I want my half mutton then. They only have mutton since this January but it was a hit, with reason. So they have zero reason to stop, I guess :slight_smile:
But it was so long already. And I can’t go back or even anywhere close to my old woe, my body and mind gleefully burned that bridge, only moderate, short visits are realistic. So, I keep kicking :slight_smile:


August challenge is starting off well for me.
Holding tight zero carb.

yesterday was
8 link sausage
6 bacon slices
1 tin of sardines
12 oz ribeye steak
1 lb. of jumbo shrimp

I am flipping a bit. Usually I do big heavy meat first meal of the day, but being more busy doing some stuff around here I find I am ‘carnivore snacking’ like with bacon, sardines and link sausage. These don’t hold me well at all but do the trick to get me to my bigger second meal in the day.

Going to make a bigger effort to keep my bigger meal first in the day. I find I do best that way. So just something for me to watch about me.

Defrosted a beef tenderloin steak and a chicken breast for first brunch time meal later today. Tonight I got some burger patties to finish up the day.

I feel so great. Tons of energy. No slug ways about me unless I want a personal lazy day :wink: So different on this way of life vs. the old carby way of life. Such a difference like Shinita said above, you can’t go back at all to our old way of eating. From the great benefits we have obtained, one can’t give them up now :sunny: I was just thinking it over last night a bit as family was hounding down some cake and I thought, my gosh I will never eat that crap again in my life and I was happy as a clam with doing just that! My desire for junk is so low now. Took alot of time over the years to ‘deprogram’ myself from the crap but it can be done for each of us if we hold our plans tightly and always be grateful for our wonderful benefits we receive for our bodies and just feeling darn good!

(Elizabeth ) #15

Yesterday was about a pound of tri-tip cooked in butter, had a snack of six chicken wings in the middle of the day and an 11 oz prime rib plus four slices of bacon and a few pats of butter for dinner. I don’t normally eat three meals a day but visiting with family I’m doing it for the social aspect. I also had dinner with Amber O’Hearn and Siobhan Huggins and that was amazing :slight_smile:


@Fangs … I love it! “Deprogram” Ain’t that the truth?!

The best I can describe the way my body feels on carnivore- is like finding the fountain of youth, only the fountain is no fountain - its a side of beef! :rofl: (Or a chicken. Or a big lake trout! )

So this morning, I put a big scoop of beef collagen in my coffee to start the day off right. Went a bit further with the push up-practice. Last night, I did 20 in the shower from a standing/leaning position. This morning, I discovered a more challenging angle in between the kitchen island and the counter peninsula. Because the counter comes out a few inches, I was able to actually touch my chest to the countertop, rather than just my head. I felt the burn in my arms/shoulders, but managed 12 reps. So, that felt pretty good.

I have a long shift (over 8 hours) today at work, so, that was a great way to energize and get my body ready to work. I’m going to hard boil a few eggs to take, along with some soft butter for lunch.

Hubby is going to start cutting the last of the hay fields this afternoon. And, it is a MONSTER. The grass is so high, he is hidden even while riding on the tractor, standing up. There are some deep, deep woods that surround the back section - and we joke there is a T Rex back there. We’ve had an entire bale tipped over and torn to shreds before. Probably a bear or moose. But, still, kinda eerie. We only need another 50 round bales to take us through the winter, so, anything above that is just a bit more security in case of a more brutal winter.

In a way, I’m glad we don’t do square bales anymore. Standing in the top of the barn in 100F heat with bees and hornets, tossing and stacking the bales as they come off the hay elevator…I don’t miss. Stacking them on the trailor off the field…I kinda miss- because that was my upper body workout for many years. Hay scratch I don’t miss, along with the sting as water hits it in the shower…certainly don’t miss that. But, the workout I miss. The highest I ever got the stack was 9. How we got that one down the road and into the barn with no casualties, I do not know. But, hubby was out of town, an unexpected rainstorm was moving in, and me and the kids managed to do it.

We typically do not get second cuts up here, because the season is so short, but if ever there was year to give it a try, it is this year. Fields that have a typical yield of say, 7 bales are producing 15. The 20-bale field gave us 53. So, probably could re-cut a few of our early fields. Time will tell. (These are the large round bales I’m referring to, btw.)

Bought some more canning jars last night, too. Those seem to be in short supply, so whenever I see some, I grab 1 or 2 cases. Been doing canning since I was knee high to a grasshopper - so its just second nature now. In addition to the pressure-canning of meats and veggies, I do dry canning quite a bit. (Though I don’t eat that sort of stuff, except for maybe the beans.) I absolutely hate doing much shopping during the winter months up here. So for the time we’ve lived here, I’ve tended to stock up during the non-snow months so I don’t have to haul stuff in the winter snow. I was experimenting the other day, and discovered that one can actually dry-can cereal. Had some in the pantry that the kids hadn’t finished, and I didn’t want it to expire, so I dumped it into a couple jars, stuck it in the oven for 90 min, wiped the rim, put the lids on, and voila! The latent heat seals the lids right on, and pop! Next, I’ll do some powdered milk, and they will be all set! LOL!

Well…enough of my rambling. I need to throw together my eggs and butter and get ready for work. Gotta run Miss RufusDoodles outside too. She’s knawing away at one of my work shoes - which means she is antsy and wants to go play.

Carnivore Cheers to all!!!


I am so so so so so so jealous!!! Cool post E! Super happy you are having a great time!!

(Edith) #18

Mind if I join in even though I do eat a handful of berries almost every day?

(Elizabeth ) #19

Actually I think this is a strict August month so people that are eating fruits and / orvegetables would have no reason to join this challenge…???

(Kellyn ) #20

I’ve been eating mostly steaks and hamburgers, but decided to buy a roast Saturday and it was a refreshing change. Tonight is chicken wings as my husband and I go to our weekly Monday date night at a wings place. I’m down 1 lb this week and measure tomorrow. I’m on my third week zero carb and what I have noticed is that my carpal tunnel is completely gone and my eczema is almost gone. I am seeing changes in my body, but other people are not. I wish I would have taken pictures but I know my measurements have gone down along with the scale. I’m looking forward to the upcoming days and seeing more changes. The best part about all this is that I have zero cravings.