August 2022 Maintenance


Gosh, life got in the way of my posting for a few days. Sorry for the late posting of this topic.

I have lost 4 of the 10 lbs. I put on over the last couple of years.

I also had my ketoverary, 6th one, can hardly believe I am working on year 7 of the WOE/WOL.

Hope everyone is doing well.

July 2022 Maintenance

Last time I weighed myself (a few days ago?), I was 75kg. As always. I am hopeful for the number to go down at a snail’s speed but it surely won’t go up :wink: Not like that (not gaining any fat, I mean) is a challenge for me but it’s theoretically possible for me to gain (I think I had 76kg a few times in the last years but it went back to 75. I have no idea if that was fat but possibly). I doubt I could force myself to that anymore though… Even my original keto with all its plant sugar was awesome for maintenance for me. Too bad it wasn’t my goal but it could be much worse! And now I have pretty good days galore.



So glad for this thread!

I’m close to maintenance and a bit stuck as I’ve not done any research on maintaining. I feel a bit of a fraud being here as I’m very much a Keto newbie. I love this WOL, the benefits are astonishing!
Hope it’s ok to post here.


Welcome @VictoriaA.

Here is a link to an older thread that is chocked full of maintenance info. Enjoy.


Thank you @collaroygal
I’ve only read the first 4 posts and my all Q’s are answered! Thanks for linking that, I’ll read it through tonight.



Decided it is time to try ADFasting again. I will feast tonight, family coming over for dinner, 1st since the pandemic started. So I’m parting tonight. I’ll also get rid of some of the overflow zukes and tomatoes. A good thing.

Tomorrow I will start the ADFing.

Hope everyone who has a holiday today is enjoying it.