August 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)

(Bob M) #1

Trying for a 36 hour fast, the second week after vacation. Also, this ends the spate of birthdays (1 every week for three weeks, middle of July to first week in August) in the family. Took two weeks off training, got back to it this week. Body weight Monday, 5k Tuesday, off Wednesday, trying a fast today (Thursday).

Anyone else doing a fast?

(Megan) #2

Im getting back to fasting Monday. Kids are back in school and Ill be working in the office twice a week so I can fast easily there. I usually do a 42-48 hour fast weekly but was thinking of jumping into the school season with a 64 hour one. (Sunday evening start, 8pm…fast Monday and Tuesday then feast Wednesday at noon) We shall see!

(Robin) #3

You WILL see! You can do it!

(Bob M) #4

@Sated-Meg I find that school in session makes things a lot easier. Often, I can run around with work and school events that it can mean I can choose a day where I can get home late, as late as 8+ pm. That makes it way easier to fast.

Let us know how the 64 hour fast goes, I wish you well!

I made it around 36 hours. I had a body weight workout this morning for 1 hour. I’m cutting out some exercises to lower the time these take. (This is my “short” day, which was often 1:20 or so, and my “long” day started averaging 1:30 to as high as 1:50. Yikes! Those are too long.)

I often get a really good workout after fasting 32 hours or so, and this one was no exception. I really did well. One would think workouts would suffer, but mine tend to be better.

Next week, I’m not sure whether I’ll be fasting. Our dog training on Thursday from 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm got canceled. That’s the day that’s easiest for me to fast, as I can come home, get the wife and puppy, go to training, be home at 8:30 pm, then basically go to bed.

Our school does not start until the week after, and the dog training restarts then too. So, we’ll see what I can do next week.

Good luck everyone until I check back!

(Megan) #5

Both kids are in pop warner this year and we started practices Aug 2nd…Monday thru Friday from 6pm-8pm. So, I have been trying to feed the kids before practice and during practice I have started walking for about 45 minutes. I can feel my body wanting more so Im going to start jogging a bit too. BUT…having these practices makes fasting SO easy. So I can get kids to school, go to work, pick up kids, shove food in them before practice then work out a bit and home about 830, then its bed. Husband isnt getting home cooked meals lately but he will survive. I need to focus on getting my body healthy.

Puppy training…thats needed in our house. We have a 9 month old, 100lb lab. He is SO destructive!

(Bob M) #6

What I’ve learned about puppies is that they basically have to be kept in very small spaces. We keep ours in a crate in the bedroom, in a crate in the foyer, or in an exercise pen in the living room. She does get a lot of the first floor (living room, kitchen, foyer), but everything else is blocked off. And when she is allowed on the first floor, we constantly watch her. And she still has chewed on the wood trim, rugs, legs of chairs, etc. All of the shoes have to be up somewhere, as with the socks. And if she accidentally gets into a room she shouldn’t be in, she’ll come out with shoes, socks, underwear, anything with our smells on it. Even when I take my shoes from where they are to pop them on me feet to take her outside, I have to immediately put them on, otherwise she’s going to take them and run away.

(Megan) #7

I have a VERY different upbrining than my husband. My dad was a cop and had police dogs, so I deal with dogs much like you explained but my husband feels dogs are part of the family and should have free reign. So I clean up chewed up furniture legs, cheer bows, socks, shoes, garbage…all the things. All doors need to be closed. The cats have a kitty door into their room so ■■■■■■■ cant get to their food or litter presents. My entire life revolves around “What did Steve eat now?” Ugh.

Fasting, well, Im about 16 hours fasted now, going for about 64 hours. I think today will be easy, and Im assuming once Im home from practices on Tuesday I will be able to go to bed without much temptation. So…here we go!

(Robin) #8

Good job!

(Bob M) #9

That is good.

All I could manage was one meal yesterday. I work out today and tomorrow, then one day off, then two more days of working out. I won’t be able to fast > 24 hours until next week.

(Megan) #10

Good morning! Woke up about 60 hours fasted. Walked 2 miles Monday and last night. Surprisingly my sprained ankle didnt hurt on last nights walk. Stomach SUPER bubbly but no real hunger or weird side affects. Longest fast to date!

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(Jane) #12