AUGUST 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #1

Starting a new thread for August fasting support since I started a fast last night.

All IF and EF’s welcome!


IF reboot
(Jane) #2

17 hours in on a 65-hour fast and feeling good so far.

BK: 1.7
BG: 93
GKI: 3.1
Boz: 55

(Jane) #3

25 hours in and ignored my two waves of hunger I always get around my 2 meal times. Tomorrow I will be fasting all day also and usually just feel empty, not hungry on day 2.

BK: 3.4
BG: 83
GKI: 1.4
Boz: 24

KCFO everyone!

(Butter Withaspoon) #4

I’m using a fasting app for the very first time, I’m at 15 minutes to go until I reach the 16 I typed in. I’d like to extend it by a few hours today (to see colour changes :laughing:) and hoping that’s possible without it resetting. It’s the free Zero.

(Jane) #5

The Zero app has a lot more “stages” than the Life app - cool!

(Butter Withaspoon) #6

I’ve made it change to 18 hours now, so I’m still fasting. I can’t believe how fun and motivating it is to have an app. I’m having a sick day at home with a cold so I thought I might as well fast and snooze to make it go away quicker :woman_shrugging:

I think I’ll make a cup of tea now 🫖 with a stain of milk


I had a messy day yesterday but I had plenty near carnivore days in August already, with small eating windows. I even could do OMAD a few times!

But now I do stricter times again! Both with my woe and my IF. I always forget not to eat when I don’t have a valid reason… :flushed: I mean, after some okay days it happens, not all the time. I need to be more careful :slight_smile:

I think I never will use an app, makes no sense to me. I already understand it can help others but I just need not to eat, it’s simple and I won’t complicate it. The less I think about eating and fasting, the better. I did that so, so much in the last decade. I need to do things now! Even more enjoyable things like eating (though that always be a major joy in my life).


Hi folks. During this year (2021) I have done several weeks of alternate day fasting, essentially 3 36-hour fasts on MWF. I also did two extended fasts this year, 120 hours each. It gets easier the more you do it. Currently doing a few OMAD until I get my sheet together.

(Jane) #9

40 hours is and ginning along. Lots of meetings and work to do so will be too busy to think about the faint hunger waves that come and go - will be less than yesterday.

BK: 2.2
BG: 91
GKI: 2.3
Boz: 41


(Jane) #10

For those who try to “chase ketones” you can see ketones and glucose vary a lot even w/o consuming any calories (except negligible in black coffee).

You would think my glucose would be lower and ketones higher on Day 2 than on Day 1 but they are not. Time of day makes a difference. My previous numbers were at the end of the day and the numbers I just posted are morning numbers. I just test out of curiosity - don’t change what I am doing based on the data.

I will test this evening and that will be my last tests. I am breaking at lunch tomorrow so no point in testing in the morning.


(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Thanks for starting this month’s thread.

I am trying to get back in the IFing groove, I did Dr. Westman’s pg.4 the last couple of weeks. I realized how much I really don’t like eating breakfasts often. I will be working on getting back in my 16/8 groove.

(Jane) #12

Almost 48 hours in and had an easy day. Will break tomorrow around lunch time for 65-66 hours.

BK: 3.3
BG: 77 :slight_smile:
GKI: 1.3
Boz: 23

(Butter Withaspoon) #13

Feeling great after 2 days of good Time Restricted Feeding TRF. Been so busy today and my slow cook lamb isn’t ready so I fast on. Looks like it’s kicked my cold too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and that’s a very good thing!
My cute little app tells me we’re at 18.5 hours. I’m not hungry, energy is high, think I’ll hop on my bike and do some more errands.

Janie what is Boz?


I try to have a tiny eating window and I get hungry late. And it’s one things, nothing is wrong with a cute 2MAD IF either except my body feels bad the next morning if I eat late. I never had this just in the last year or so. Not fun. Maybe I should track in time and enforce a big enough meal for OMAD? Sounds not natural at all but maybe I would get used to it quickly and then I can stop?

Why is this that hard… Oh well I go for a later first meal, it was my old idea anyway. I won’t eat early like at 3pm without a very good reason. My well-fasted hunger is nothing compared to my other one, I can wait then. And hope for the best as it still can go awry…

I am so miserable at this now.

So I will wait for a very serious hunger, it’s the way for OMAD and EF alike anyway.

I stopped not black coffees (all coffees, actually as I don’t like black ones) in my allegedly fasting window so my fasts are as clean as possible for me. I still drink tea.

(Jane) #15

It’s a simpler ratio that Dr. Boz promotes - just divide your glucose by your ketones. The GKI you divide your glucose by 18 to get the same units as the ketones and then divide by your ketones. A true ratio since the units are the same. Maybe Dr. Boz thinks us 'Mericans are too dumb to do two divisions LOL.

Here is her table:



Hi everyone. 36 hour fast yesterday, another 36 hour fast tomorrow. Today is a refeed.

(Allie) #17

For the last ten days I’ve been back on IF and it’s a good thing I’m stubborn and can overrule my evening hunger :joy:

Had a bit of a scare a couple of weeks back and was taken to hospital by ambulance with anaphylaxis. They have no idea of the cause and I can’t even get to speak to a doctor to get it followed up on, so just hoping it never happens again. But, it made me realise I’ve been a bit slack recently compared to how I used to be so I’ve made some changes which include a return to IF, a drastic reduction in caffeine.

(Bob M) #18

That’s serious. Do you have any idea what might have caused the anaphylaxis?


About halfway through another 36 hour fast. Feeling great.

(Butter Withaspoon) #20

Good to hear ourtown, you’re on the fast train! Toot toot.

Well I can’t believe it. Finally giving in and downloading an app, after saying repeatedly that I don’t need no technology! I can add up! How can a fasting tracking app be any use when all I’m aiming for is a habit of daily TRF (time restricted feeding) and am healthy so it’s not a worry if I don’t make it some days. Ha! Take that stubbornness! And exclamation use!!!

That little circle :o: with its timer ticking along is all it took to cure me of evening snacking. It was the only thing I still wanted to improve. Yay :smiley:

A few nights ago I ate a treat that the neighbours offered while we watched a movie… then later at home I “had” to have another small meal late in evening. I had a crap restless, bad memories ridden sleep and woke up like a normal person (tired, grumpy and desperate for many shots of caffeine). An excellent experiment that inspired me to get straight back to the routine.

Keep Calm and Fast On dudepersons!