AUGUST 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #21

My “like” was for you getting back to an IF routine, not your health issue. Hope it was a one-off!

(Allie) #22

No I don’t, and the hospital were no help at all as they just told me to take an antihistamine for a few days in case whatever caused it was still in my system. I’ve been trying to book a doctors appt. since but that’s proving impossible so I’m taking an antihistamine tablet each morning and using a nasal spray each evening and hoping for the best.


Today is a refeed. Tomorrow is another 36 hour fast. It’s kind of monotonous, isn’t it? Maybe I will just post some results when I get a few weeks under my belt.

(Central Florida Bob ) #24

I think this might be the only group who could understand what I’m about to say.

Since May, I’ve been increasing my fasting to get to what I want to reset my weight to. Since the middle of July, I’ve been fasting three or four days a week, either three ADFs or a 72 hour fast followed by a 35 or 40 hour fast after one re-feed day.

This week, I told myself not to fast because I’m getting my annual blood work. Last year, I forgot and had my blood drawn at about hour 38 of an ADF. It messed up the results, so this year I said, I’ll just eat like normal for the week before the test.

Now fasting feels normal and eating every day since last Friday is the weird part! I don’t think most of the world would understand that.

I just fasted overnight had my stick a couple of hours ago. I’ll continue my fast until mid-day tomorrow.

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

Had you had any thing different than what you normally eat? This is some serious stuff, my husband had a horrid experience with anaphylaxis shock. I hope you are all better now. Epi pens are expensive but they can save your life. So worth it to have one around.

(KCKO, KCFO) #26

I get this totally. I am so used to not eating breakfast as a bare minimum, that the one week I tried eating 3 meals according to the page 4 protocol by Dr. Westman, it drove me nuts eating first thing, I stopped because I just can not do that daily. Big change from my past life.

(Allie) #27

This is why I’ve been trying to get a doctors appt but they’re being unbelievably difficult :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve ordered allergy testing privately as I have to do something…


I hated breakfast all my life, even as a kid. When I eat 3-6 meals, my first meal is still at 1-3pm…

I never got used to fasting days but I can easily imagine eating every day feels odd for someone :slight_smile:


Wife joined me in a 36 hour fast yesterday. I will do another tomorrow, she is thinking about it.