AUGUST 2018 Weight Maintenance Check-In Thread


The maintenance threads are a good place for anyone within 15 lbs. or so of goal. The challenges are many and you need a headstart if you can get one. :rofl:

I like your attitude about using things besides the scale to measure your success. And living this way for 50 yrs. Wish I had found keto/lchf WOE about 30 yrs. ago.


Maintaining is definitely challenging for me at the moment! We had a holiday for 5 days, back home for an evening then away for another 3 days- we went self catering so could mainly stick to keto, but I did slip with a few holiday treats- fish & chips on the beach is a must on a UK seaside holiday! Have definitely eaten way less than I would normally do on holiday though… but scales are showing 3lbs up, so I did a 46hr fast, ate last night & then back to fasting again today. Life a little stressful with 2 teenage boys at the moment, they’re hard workers, but both have some big life decisions to make at the moment… We have 10 days now before we’re away for a couple of days again, I need to be really strict for that time. & I need to get back to planning my food better- at the moment I have lots of cheese, salad & seed crackers because it’s easy…
@collaroygal- you sound so disciplined & congrats on the 2 year anniversary!

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jules4, thanks but I struggle a lot too. I am just determined to not continue my pattern of losing weight only to regain + more. After over 35 yrs of that, I am just relieved I have found a WOE that has enjoyable foods that I love at the heart of the plan :avocado::hot_pepper::broccoli::bacon::cut_of_meat::egg::green_salad::cucumber: it is the only reason I have been successful. And educating myself about fasting, autophagy, and electolytes helped too. Anyone could do this. I learned I can have a few more than 20g of carbs and still be in a range I want to be in. I still can have some wine each week, just not daily anymore, and I am fine with that.

At my age I really don’t want to be at the bottom of the normal range for my height. It is better for the over 60 crowd to not be there. So no need to look like a teenager again. I am happy to walk into a store and buy things sized 6 and under.


Yes, love the foods on keto, & mostly I enjoy the routine of fasting, so I hope that the combination helps me maintain, nearly 30 years of yo-yoing too! Once the next few weeks are passed then life will settle & I can be in more of a routine!


The 2 fasts have helped me lose 2.5lbs this week, I’m chuffed with that, probably having an upset stomach from eating no high carb stuff didn’t hurt either!!


Checking in with fellow maintenance crew. :grinning:

I’m holding at 161; and continuing to be “relaxed” about meals and checking bloods. I even forgot to weigh in a couple days.

My wife started Keto and is liking it- and is now cooking more keto-friendly meals for our family. A major plus! :grinning:

Keep it up- wish you all the best!!

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Life is so much easier if you partner is onboard.

Congats on holding the line.


I’m envious of you both doing keto, got hubby to watch the magic pill documentary & hoped he might give it a go, apart from one recipe for a quiche with almond flour pastry which he liked, he isn’t up for it, so meals are quite difficult in our house, which is why I’m relying on cheese, salad & crackers a lot for myself!
Well done holding & forgetting to weigh!

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I am using a new ketoaide recipe, it is on with Dr. Kenneth Berry. I use sparkling water not the mineral water and it is very refreshing on these hot days. I am not using the nu salt, I have bulk potassium citirate and magnesium citirate that I use instead.


Just interested how many grams of carbs others on maintenance have? If you still count… I know we’re all different, but I seem to be okay one day if I go over the 20g, but definitely feel different if it’s a bit over a few days in a row, even if only 5grams over! I don’t do the monitoring stuff so can only go by how I feel. Unless it’s just because I still fast at least a couple of days a week, & it’s me missing fasting…

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I stay at around 20 gross, maybe a few more or less. 2x in my life I lost weight with Atkins, and when I started adding carbs back in wound up back to overdoing it.

I don’t plan on changing that up for the foreseeable future. 1. it works 2. I don’t crave them 3. it’s easy!


Hi Jules-

I’m Keto just over a year, maintenance for about 8 months. Was prediabetic. Started Atkins style for 2 months but noticed better results and feeling better on Keto- less than 20gms carbs per day. I went through a period when i wouldnt even eat vegetables bc they had carbs in them. Now that my prediabetes has corrected and i have confidence in the diet I’ve relaxed some and don’t worry about carbs from veggies. The way i eat though they still prob come out less than 20gm/day. Non veggie carbs for me are otherwise incidental- i feel like they would be contrary to my goals- so i don’t even think about it- and it really has gotten easier- i do hope it lasts.
Interestingly- my wife on the other hand can probably eat a good 75gm of carbs and stay in ketosis- and she can eat the bad stuff like a roll or small peice of cake- so there is got to be variability with the individual and also with respect to your goals.
I don’t know much about fasting- so I’m not sure what to think about how that plays into how you’re feeling.
Sorry to be long-winded; but i like to hear other people’s experiences. So that’s mine. :wink:


It is weird how everyone is different! I don’t crave the sweet stuff like I used to, but it’s nice to have something occasionally! I do try to get the majority of carbs from veggies, but as I’m vegetarian I have nuts regularly too & the carbs can stack up a bit!

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I no longer track them, but I am eating so similar to what I was losing on, I know I don’t go over 50 grams. From veggies so there is fiber in there, so net is well under 50g. I rarely go this high tho’. This would be a day with some crackers and cheese and wine. I usually fast the day after having those.

I think my sweet spot is around 30 grams. I do eat a lot of keto friendly salads with protein. Those meals are rarely high in carbs.

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Thank you for this. I’m entering the maintenance phase as well but I’m afraid of gaining weight back. I’m happy where I am (except I need to exercise more) and I am trying to be less strict on myself. For example, I will eat a few tomatoes and onions on my salad. I have gained 3 pounds back and it is making me nervous. In maintenance, am I still supposed to be in ketosis? I’m not clear on the rules here… I don’t want to screw up too much. Thanks!


I’m at the point where I’m losing very slowly, maybe a pound or two a month. I’m about 5-10 pounds over my goal of 120ish, since I’m also over 60(closer to 70!) and happy enough to have size 8s fitting comfortably. Because it’s summer, I’ve had corn on the cob a few times, and custard twice, both times in a dish without the cone, and leaving about half of it. I’ve also had a few tomatoes out of my own backyard, because they’re delicious!

I’ve gone on quite a few “vacations”, including one with my son and DIL. My DIL is death on red meat and butter after my 45 year old son had a double bypass last year. He had a completely blocked “widowmaker” despite being no more than 20 pounds overweight, following an on and off Paleo diet and exercising pretty regularly. Out of respect for her views(she does love my son, after all!), I tried to stay keto without being obnoxious. Did the same when I went to Disney with them in March.

Outside of the above mentioned few planned carb intakes, I haven’t really changed my diet at all. I’ll be happy to keep losing a very small amount of weight each month or maintaining.

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I know what you mean about gaining weight back. I was also terrified, but decided that if my body wants to live at 15 lbs heavier than my goal, then so be it. There’s no such thing as a healthy weight, so I’m trying to let go of that concept. Things that other people do, that I’m also starting to do, is if I eat a little higher carbs one day, then I IF and/or go lower on carbs the next couple of days. Keep in mind that eating some carbs will cause water retention, so it may not be fat you’re seeing on the scale, but water weight.

As for staying in ketosis in maintenance, I think that’s up to you. It’s not a ‘supposed to’, but if it works for you and you’re comfortable there, then do that. I view this as a lifelong way of eating. Realistically, I won’t stay in ketosis for the rest of my life. I accept it and know that I will cycle in and out, because I do want to eat keto desserts on occasion, my homemade pie once a year, and have fruit once a week, and eat nuts. I also don’t want to be food-obsessed and agonize over everything I put in my mouth. I find it easier to stick to general rules and protocols then to worry if I eat a tomato, will I gain weight.

I also need to exercise more, and that will probably help. I do like walking, and try to do a few minutes each evening, and 3 or so miles on the weekend. I need to incorporate strength training, but I’m totally procrastinating. I just have to do it a few times to get into a routine and then it’ll become easier. The first step really is the hardest.

Good luck to you, and congrats on reaching maintenance! Remember, make this work for you so you do stick to it for the rest of your life and be in good health!

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When I cook, most things are naturally low carb. It’s usually the side dishes (potatoes, rice, noodles, bread) that are the killers. Most of the time I just cook meals without out those sides and the family either doesn’t notice or doesn’t complain because the foods are so good with added fat, salt and other seasonings. I just started excluding carbs and didn’t make a big deal about it. After a year in, they obviously know, and will ask for a side, like roasted potatoes, which I’ll do for them and I don’t eat that part. Some of my favorite things to cook that satisfy all of us are crock pot pot roast, roast chicken, and baked salmon. I also use a sous vide and will do a roast in there, which is tasty and easy clean up. My husband cooks one night a week, and I usually don’t eat dinner on that night, so he’s free to make a carby meal, but now he’s on board with the concept of low carb being healthy, and cooks almost the same way I do. I also do a taco or burrito bar where I lay out all the things, including beans and tortillas, so they can have those if they want, but I just make a taco salad. Same with salads, omelets (yes, for dinner!) and pretty much anything else that can be a ‘assemble your own’ dinner.


There’s a couple of meals we all eat where I can just add the potatoes for them, but I’m mainly vegetarian & hubby isn’t, so that makes it more complicated! I have started eating some fish as it fits in well for the keto & with hubby, that makes it easier. My eldest son has had a vegan spell, so found a few dishes he likes which fits in with keto for me, but often I end up doing 4 different meals- both my lads work long hours & late in the evenings at times, so cook for them when they’re home, too late for me & hubby to eat! Good job I enjoy cooking…

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