SEPT. 2021 Maintenance Check-in


Wow, this year is flying by. So time for another monthly thread.

I hope we get some more newbies soon. I know that the lock downs, etc. have caused some to go off their plans but hopefully more will be back on track and reaching their goals. Also if you are within 15 lbs or so of your goal, you are most welcome here.

Hoping everyone is doing well, and looking forward to learning about your progress or any other concerns.

AUG 2021 Maintenance Check-In
(Central Florida Bob ) #2

Just me again, @collaroygal.

August gave good progress toward getting back to being in maintenance. I decided to try to get down below 200 during April after holding the same weight for a year, I think. It was just an uncomfortable weight. Clothes just a bit too tight, that sort of feeling. It’s a long story and I’m sure I’ve told it before.

Anyway, my last week’s worth of weigh-ins show I’m under 200, and I’m thinking about what sort of margin I need to get to. Maybe 197, or 195. 12 pounds in 17 or 18 weeks isn’t a fast rate of loss. I did a few two week experiments in there that didn’t result in any loss, like doing two weeks of OMAD and two weeks with fewer than three days fasting a week. I really needed to do either my three 40-ish hour fasts or a 65/70 hour fast followed by one 40 hour fast.

I had my semi-annual GP visit and he gave me his usual, “you’re bad for business, get outta here!” summary.

(Bob M) #3

That’s really not that bad. Another 4 months and you’ll be say 188. I’d love to weigh that. (Not near my college years, about 170, but I’d take it.)

I took DEXA scans over a year. In one year, I gained 4 pounds fat free mass and lost 6 pounds fat mass. My scale only showed 2 pounds. In a year. But if I kept that up, that’d be 20 pounds fat free mass in 5 years and 30 pounds fat mass. Not bad.

(Jane) #4

Hanging in there. Have not gotten back to my lowest on keto but less than a 10-lb gain so not complaining.

(Eric) #5

(disclaimer: apologies I mis-read the title and thought it was a monthly check-in and I am not in maintenance yet, oops)
August was decent month for me. Don’t really post much but have been reading for a few months. I completed my 11th week on Keto at the end of August and lost 12.2lbs for the month. So no complaints about that. Definitely feeling the benefits of being fat adapted and find that I have a significant reduction in appetite and go hours without eating, I may feel a little hunger, but I don’t lose my mind from it like I did when eating lots of carbs. When I started Keto on June 12th I was 342.1lbs and and weighed in at 285.3lbs on August 31st. Down 56.8lbs so far. Overall feeling great and happy with my new WOE.

(Bob M) #6

June 12th of this year? And 60 pounds down? Holy guacamole.

(Eric) #7

Yeah June 12th of this year. Actually quite surprised with my progress but I did a lot of planning so I could have the right food options around the house and since I am able to work from home that has helped as well. Still have a ways to go to reach my goal but definitely can’t complain. I have taken some progress photos to remind me of where I started. I will probably post some at some point. I also was able to increase my activity level and exercise has already gotten easier without that extra weight to carry around

(Linda ) #8

I got to goal in April of 135 then 134 by doing keto then more ketovore and finally carnivore I lost 91lb in about 1 year…but my cholesterol was so messed up I was advised by Dr Cywes to add more fat and then cheese…well the result was I found I was gaining weight and always hungry…I’d eat halloumi cheese which is great but I’d gain 2 lbs lol or snack on moon cheese and gain 2lbs …as for cholesterol yep it sure helped I dropped almost 100 points on triglycerides gained on my hdl…
So here I was a couple of weeks ago up 11 lbs lol and I decided no point complaining and not changing anything so the last 15 days I’ve loosely been following Dr Blake Donaldsons diet except I can’t do three meals so I’m doing two and drink more water… result is I’m down almost 5lbs (2 ounces to go) with just over 5 to get back to goal and 6 to get back to my lowest… …


You are doing really well. Keep it up and you will be in maintenance soon.

We really don’t mind anyone dropping in and saying hello.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Welcome @Azi. You’ve done really well.

Interesting about the cheeses.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Love your dr’s. comment.

Always take the losses no matter how quick or slow is my motto.

(Jane) #12

LOL. Love that.

My huband and I (me 62 and him 58) are very boring during our annual physicals. No health issues, no meds, B-O-R-I-N-G. In a good way!

(Trudy) #13

I’m still hovering around but haven’t seen my beautiful maintenance weight of 63kg for months. Some stress, lots of eating (keto) and too much wine. 65.9kg this morning, hate how my clothes feel and not over joyed about how I feel…and yet I write this half a bottle in. I will get back on track, I haven’t given up.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

I am trying to get back to my goal range as well. I have been doing Dr. Westman’s pg. 4 to get stable again. Once I do that, I will start my fasting protocols again. I’m planning a 36 hr. fast after Labor Day.

(Pete A) #15

147.6 this morning, which under the current protocol is fine and expected. It’s been exactly that number for most of this year, so I guess after 4 years I’m " maintaining"…

OCT 2021 Maintenance Check-in
(KCKO, KCFO) #16

I have been going between pg.4 and 36 hr. fasts and am half way to my goal, so I am happy about that.

The eating holidays are just around the corner, hope everyone has a plan for dealing with those. With no children around, Halloween is nothing for us, but Thanksgiving to New Year involve invites, etc. and so I like to have a game plan. Covid did make them easy last year since no one had any parties, but this year there is already talk about parties since everyone is eager to catch up with their friends and family.

(Linda ) #17

I’m up in weight again, Dr Cywes had me stop what I was doing and try his experiment for 6weeks cycling 3 days lean and then fat days as soon as I hit fat days my body said yum and gained 4lbs of the 5 I had lost lol but I was down 1.2 this morning.
My eating pattern is also changing I was eating two meals a day but yesterday and today it was one, but for my lean days I got to have at least two… I know alot of the gain was water. My rings were tight…I am looking forward to see what this does for my blood work.
So for the next few weeks weight loss is got to take a back seat in priority yet again…if it happens though I’ll be happy…


Hi maintainers, I guess I am now technically in ‘maintenance’ as I am in the middle of a healthy BMI range and just a kilo or two above my ideal weight, a margin I’m happy to carry for the sake of sustainability and a relaxed WOE. My problem has never been obesity but rather weight cycling continually, losing and gaining the same 10-15pounds repeatedly every 6 months or so, and the extreme bingeing/restricting behaviour that goes around that. I am not tracking at the moment but guess I average about 50net carbs a day. Lowering carbs and increasing fat and protein has had wonderful effects on my satiety, digestion, appetite, mental health, and my general enjoyment of food and eating. I have dropped a few pounds fairly painlessly and hope i can stay at a stable weight and maintain what currently feels like a very ‘normal’ attitude to food and a welcome relief from sugar/carb cravings and constant hunger. I don’t have the telltale signs of ketosis or fat adaptation (as I have experienced those previously on stricter keto regimes) but I have let go of that goal for now, as what I am doing seems to be working for me. I am open to adjusting and being stricter with carbs, if it stops working for me at any point.

Good luck everyone on your maintenance journeys.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Welcome @Camellia

It sounds like you have found a way to eat that works for you. The scale isn’t always the best judge of where we should be weightwise, especially for women, IMHO. As long as you feel good, clothes fit right, the actually number on a scale, who cares?

(Butter Withaspoon) #20

That lean and fat cycling sounds interesting- I’d like to hear more but maybe on the October maintenance thread when it turns up…

… or maybe I could figure out how to start a thread