Are you STILL doing that keto thing?

(Jill F.) #1

Went to yoga for 1st time yesterday since quarentine and I was approached by a lady who I have been attending yoga with for several years. She started with “oh you look so good still! Are you STILL doing that keto thing?” LOL
I replied “yes it is a lifestyle change and the only way I can keep off my 40 pound weight loss and stay healthy. I have no self control with carbs and I find my keto way of life easy and I don’t stay hungry”.
We talked about struggles with stress during quarentine and I told her I had gained 3 to 5 pounds due to some stress eating and she said “Well you probably needed to regain some.”

The whole thing cracked me up so much. I laughed about it all day. I have managed to lose 40 pounds, keep it off almost an entire year, and jealousy and misunderstanding rears its ugly head from time to time. I thought I would share to see if any of you have experienced similar things. Haters gonna hate man!

(Anne Brodie) #2

Others are quick to tell us what we are doing wrong when they see our success. I like it when the person is gobbling down office donuts and telling me I should change what I’m doing, even though I haven’t mentioned anything about the donuts or eating. You have such a great attitude about your great accomplishment. And you look healthy and happy!

(Manda) #3

Yes I get this a lot because I’m losing in pregnancy. My doctors are behind me in all of it, yet Sharon down the road thinks she knows science better than I do, with a degree in biomed. Keep on killing it :heart:

(Pete A) #4

LEAN BODY MASS gain? :slight_smile: Congrats all around!

(Jane) #5

You look great! I have also gained about 3-5 lbs during the shutdown so hopefully as things move back towards normalcy I can get back to the maintenance weight I have maintained for over a year now.


Yes, I still get “but you can’t live your whole life without fruits and whole grains”. Will plenty of us have learned yes you can and you will live a healthier and lighter life without them. I still get" glad it worked for you, but I could never do that" comments as well.

(Jane) #7

I get that a lot also. I can understand from someone relatively healthy but when it comes from someone injecting themselves with insulin I internally shake my head but keep my mouth shut. Their life, their choice.

(Julie ) #8

Same here up about 3-5 lbs since working at home. Figured it is due to not moving quite as much as at the office. So, true on many people not accepting of other’s chooses. Made this change 3 years ago, and would not go back even if I was payed, to SAD.

(Jill F.) #9

I totally agree! The few times I slip up and eat even a few bites of carbs I feel like trash! Not worth it at all. I am hoping me getting back to work and yoga this week will help me too.


Congrats, you do it right, I soooo wouldn’t care what others do if I even partially reached my goals (not like I ever cared, I am quite stubborn and know what I want and do), I would just be proud of myself if I did what you did :slight_smile:

I’m not social enough to have this (and my family is very accepting. as a family should be, actually)… It happened with vegetarianism, though. Some of my family members just couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that I stuck to it for several years (and almost never ate meat in the next decades). People are often like this, they find it very strange that someone else willingly follow a woe (for long at that) that they themselves find unbearable. Why they don’t see we are different and that maybe the woe they never even tried may offer something really good, I don’t know.
But of course, it’s complicated, some people are simply envious and don’t want us to be fine. Maybe it’s subconscious… In other cases, they are sure it’s wrong, some insane diet… There are so many possibilities.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #11

That’s the truth! You look great and should be proud of your accomplishments! I do still get a lot of negative comments.

“You look sickly” (yes, someone seriously said that to me :woman_facepalming:t4:)

“You need fruit and healthy grains” (no causally, you don’t)

“You can’t eat that way forever” (actually I believe I can, and I fully intend to)

“You should gain some weight back” (no, but thanks for your unsolicited feedback)

(Vic) #12

The funny thing is if you ate processed foods everyday no one says you need to eat fruit

(Jane) #13

Good point!

(Jane) #14

I used to bring doughnuts to the weekly safety meeting. I added fruit and the fruit would go untouched while the doughnuts were wiped out.

No shaming for not eating fruit as they stuffed their faces with pastries.

(Marianne) #15

Ha, ha!!! That’s special.

I hear these a lot, too. Used to get to me, but now I let it roll off my back. You do you, and I’ll do me.

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

I use that a lot. More inside my head than being spoken to others but I have said it to a few people IRL.

(Bob M) #17

Interesting study from Taiwan:

Characteristics that might have led to transmission from the instructors in Cheonan include large class sizes, small spaces, and intensity of the workouts. The moist, warm atmosphere in a sports facility coupled with turbulent air flow generated by intense physical exercise can cause more dense transmission of isolated droplets ( 6 , 7 ). Classes from which secondary COVID-19 cases were identified included 5–22 students in a room ≈60 m2 during 50 minutes of intense exercise. We did not identify cases among classes with <5 participants in the same space. Of note, instructor C taught Pilates and yoga for classes of 7–8 students in the same facility at the same time as instructor B (Figure; Appendix Table 2), but none of her students tested positive for the virus. We hypothesize that the lower intensity of Pilates and yoga did not cause the same transmission effects as those of the more intense fitness dance classes.


You look fantastic! And its great you can laugh about such encounters with nay-sayers and the jealous types.
It’s funny how people are always so amazed at the weight we’ve lost, and they inquire how we “did it”. As soon as the explanation begins, the eye rolling starts - or the snarky comments, or the “oh, I could never do thatI…I like my bread and cookies too much!” (Actually had someone actually say that to me a couple weeks ago.) It’s like they’re looking for a magic pill, or a solution that involves no self control and lifestyle changes. I just reply, “you asked.” At that point, I just do the Madagascar penguin thing…Smile and wave…just smile and wave.

My favorite thing now, is smiling all the way to the clothing stores, (or shopping online), because I know I won’t have the struggle I used to.

(Jill F.) #19

So true! I hear oh I love carbs too much, or I could never! I even have a close friend who tried it for a while and says it is too restrictive for her and she likes to do juice cleanses. I tell her you do you, but then she will do it for like a we eek then start on all the unhealthy binging again. All I know is this works for me!

(Jill F.) #20

Interesting study. I am being super cautious in getting out of the house because I have a special needs son at home. My gym is very small and the class had 5 people in it in a large room and we were super spread out. I bring my own mat and blocks so no using gym equipment.
I am not quite ready to venture out into gym yet or restaurant dining yet. I figure attending yoga is probably safer than the grocery store! Lol