Are you STILL doing that keto thing?

(Megan) #21

My housemate tells me I look beautiful until I get close to her weight. Then I’m losing too much weight and looking “skinny” while she’s still “fat”. Sigh. FWIW I’m still in the obese category with miles to go. Thankfully I just don’t listen any longer.


My wife did the same thing, he put her on “his” diet, which wasn’t keto… but damn close! People at her work couldn’t keep thier mouth shut about the weight loss.


It IS restrictive from a certain viewpoint and isn’t for everyone anyway. But at least your friend tries it. I am sure many people would benefit from keto or just low-carb but they don’t even try it just cling to their carbs spouting excuses…

After years, I still consider keto way too restrictive for me all the time. I find it pretty easy and nice most of the time I but never even want to do it each and every day of the year. If most of my days will be carnivore-ish, that will be more than enough for me :wink: We need different things and we reach our goals with a different woe anyway… And our circumstances are different too. And it’s fine.

Some people need lots of time and breaks. Some people benefits from just doing keto now and then and gradually eating less carby food on off times…

(Vic) #24

Perfect example for me it is freeing, I like meat no I love meat, Hamburgers (who needs a bun) sausage chicken wings steak Oh my I am in wonderland

When I went to a restaurant I wanted to know about the main course maybe the appetizers and could skip the desert it did not excite me

My wife just started few days ago and not the same thing, She is the one that when going to the restaurant she just didn’t care what was the main course but wanted to know what desert did they have, She loves her ice cream and things like werthers candy

For her she is giving up a lot

For me I a gained a lot that was off the menu for me for some time as I had been trying to lose weight for over 5 years

Complete opposite outlook on it

My wife the 1st two days was rough like losing a best friend though she is doing great now

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

Then caramel flavored stevia will be her keto friend. I use it in yogurt.
Sweet leaf and Sprouts’ house brand both are good.

(Susan) #26

You look terrific, Jill, and are a great inspiration for all of us still on the losing end of things =).

I can hardly wait for people to be jealous of my body too, hehe --you go girl --looking good =)).


Round these here parts asking a person about the way they eat is as taboo as asking their bank account balance, political or religious views, or how many eggs the chooks are producing per week. These are all sensitive belief based social issues.

If my friends observe me adding cream to coffee they can try to ask if I’m doing that extreme (you are not like us) keto diet. It’s a tribal check in. Are you like us? To remain like us, you must believe like us, eat like us, dress like us … for survival we must have nobody who is different.

I just agree that what they see is that I am eating and drinking myself to death, just like I see them doing to theirselves, so we are the same.

(Vic) #28

Thank You ordered it I might like that in a sunday morning bulletproof coffee myself

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #29

These days, if you know what to look for, even the thinnest young people are covered in a layer of fat. For an idea of what true normal is, look for pictures of shirtless military men during World War II and naked hippies during the 1960’s (more naked women in those photos). You can see an enormous difference from what we consider “normal” on our standard high-carb diet.


It could be way worse. Sweets aren’t necessarily carby while many other items are. I loved my vegetables and missed them even after months (I ate them but only 1 kg or less per day)… And it is probably worse with a passionate grain or potato lover :smiley:
My sweets usually help me with keto as they barely contain carbs and I easily eat them when I don’t want the other options but more food is needed. They may help with eating fat easily in some cases I imagine. So they may be quite useful. I would have been doomed without them most of the time on keto. Enough proper meat is better but it’s not always an option.

Indeed, it’s way easier for one than the other (and it depends on the keto style too. sometimes a stricter style is way easier). Life is like that. I typically want various kinds of food but I am still flexible. Loving something carby is a problem only if we can’t forget about it or being able using tiny amounts. Just because we find something extremely tasty, we don’t need to eat that.