Are vitamins necessary on carnivore?

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Doesnt at all. Some people need to come to terms with how parameters can be a good thing. Its quite sad actually


I do this too.

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I like the olive idea. I did try avocado when I ended my strict trial and I believe it made my joints achy. That is one of the reasons I have gone back to almost complete carnivore, my joints aches came back a few months after I ended my trial.

@IvyKCKO, ???


I am almost a lady, I use my sponge cake muffins to get everything out of the pan… Or a leaner part of my meat.
That is elegant enough… Right? I am almost a hermit and barely saw living humans in the last 1.5 years but it wasn’t a huge change in my life.

(No one needs to see how I get out mascarpone or sour cream from a little bowl, though. Fingers are the best.)

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I have parameters to figure out. I was just saying congrats on finding one that works for you! Alot of people here dont accept that people can grow, which is all that happens with paramters. Like mixing 2 ingredients would hurt somebody!



you are fine VE cause one thing I know point blank about you is your fair and committed trial to carnivore and it was long term and you SAW things about you…and your body won’t be mine and mine won’t be yours, but I point a ton of faith, thru your time on plan and your true N-1 experiences that you will find what works best for you :slight_smile:

I think with your experience you have alot to say to others, who tho also committed the time and effort into themselves ya know…newbies are so clueless but so wanting to change big and fast but that info has to be told to them to do XYZ so much more for us longer term carnivores than against it ya know. We have to show them how to get to next step levels and time on plan on carnivore gives some just that like you achieved.

I loved your post truly. I think you know you and your commitment to know you better and what you personally require is just wonderful for you doing for you! So yea, I am sending clapping applause to your post :sunny:

@Azi, great post. Time on this plan longer term is a whole new ballgame to many of us, but sadly that commit time can be so darn rough for alot and they can’t get thru it and then ‘trash the plan’ when experiences never were even experienced…wonderful chat for sure.

So agree with this! Learning you!

@Shatz, if you see me eat you would be shocked, well know cause you are carnivore now…eating out, lately I still use my hands, fork? eating a steak to get to the bone, no fork is gonna help me there HA and before, I worried on it a bit, now, I couldn’t give a flying furball about what anyone on this planet thinks about how I handle my food LOL Yea, carnivore clarity comes and we see the light :wink:

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Chemical formula for bicarbonate of soda: NaHCO3

Chemical formula for common salt: NaCl.

If I’m not mistaken, olives are cured in a solution containing both.

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Anything I don’t grill, I make in my cast iron skillet with ghee. After I take the meat out, I “deglaze” the hot pan with water (be careful because it spits bad!), and some bacon grease and reduce until just the right consistency. Makes the best sauce!!!


ohhh yea you got my attention! best bits isn’t it!!


Copper is a common deficiency in carnivores unless you cook with copper pans or drink tap water that runs through copper pipes. I’m pretty sure they talked about copper in the podcast.


I so love this :smiley:

Even though I use knife and fork for my roasts sometimes. It’s the most logical thing to do at that moment. I ate my soup meat with my hands. Whatever suits me best. I always was a selfish one with okay logic…


fingers and slurp the broth…cool
I guess Miss Manners of this day and age said we are doing wrong maybe?

who cares, I don’t

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I have to admit, I don’t agree with this. I believe I mentioned in another post, probably all of us long-timers on the forum do not keto the same way we did when we started this way of eating.

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Very good point. My ketosis eating has really evolved over the years. Constantly figuring out what foods make me feel best.

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My n=1 is no extra vitamins required while eating carnivore. Including vitamin C. Just some occasional supplements.

I removed all plants from my diet in November of 2019, and eat a higher fat carnivore, as that is how I feel best. I measured and tracked at first, to see what nutrients were being consumed, but once I figured out that I felt great, I just continued to eat fatty meats without tracking.

For supplements: I occasionally put a bit of pink salt on my meat before it is cooked, if I crave salt. I occasionally take a bit of iodine if my feet feel cold. I occasionally take magnesium if my foot or leg cramps. Figure the body knows what it needs, now that I have really healed it up.