Are vitamins necessary on carnivore?


So hear you. A healthy normal body goal weight times vs. the ‘starve your azz down the scale’ and be unhealthy doing it :slight_smile: I did the unhealthy version and while ‘skinny’ I was sickly and craving and more…not sustainable…but carnivore or even ‘extreme keto like max 10g total carbs per day’ is what the body wants, and it shows that to us IF WE commit time to see it. Natural body reset. Natural life the body desires and if we give it time, darn we get there!! When one heals more thru carnivore, one can 'decide if ‘‘going back’’ a tad can be handled without health issues to wreck us…again that ultimate elimination menu and when you add back, YOU know real fast if it works or doesn’t :slight_smile: again, a very personal level for each of us.

back at ya on loving the smart people on this forum…this truly IS A great forum with the chat that happens here!!

you are seeing it and tasting it and are getting it :100: when OFF all whatever sugar we SEE but if we maintain that little extra we kinda just can’t SEE thru it…more power to you on finding you and what works and knowing changes! You are rocking this GM!!

@FrankoBear— Sugar in balsamic vinegar–38g-
About 9 and ½ teaspoons of sugar

So this again is keeping the sugar in your life…IF IT IS a factor one wants/desires/requires/needs thru addiction face it man LOL but if one does SO well on it, then cool ya know.

Now if one is ingesting ‘some sugar content’ in the balsamic vinegar IS ONE truly effecting their morning BS or is it something we manipulate to make it worse? a change we manipulate and not ‘really needed’ if we went all carnivore? or ?? Do any of us know truths on this per individual?

drop the crap and drink water LOL carnivore rule included is eat beef, drink water and go from there :slight_smile:

or are ‘triggered physically by something’ is my problem.

as much as I love my meat I eat BIG and enjoy and am SO darn happy…but I can get satiated and happy with that…give me ‘plant carbs loaded with sugar’ as all other crap food is…I want more and more and more and taste of ol’ time favs growing up means eat more and more and more and I can…just like you are saying.

I am a super salter. I require massive salt in my life. I tried cutting back, eliminating, changing it all but in the end my life is a friggin’ salt lick and I am thriving on carnivore…I believe I have a massive salt issue I require, cause I can not just ‘quit’…addiction in taste or real body need? No clue but I function best on salt point blank so right now, as it ‘seems an issue for me personally’ on how I wanna roll forward? in my 4 yrs carnivore my salt hasn’t ‘hurt me’ in any way that I see, I do best…so change or not…and big fence hurdle for me moving forward but if I do best and happy and just a darn happy camper and physical well being is SO super high on big salt…why change? I don’t know but that is me on this issue :sunny:

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In New England, we call it “tonic,” and if you want tonic water, you have to ask for “quinine.”

And down South, I remember being asked once what kind of Coke I wanted: Sprite or 7-Up? :rofl::rofl:


too funny LOL
US Southerns are wrecked belive me HA on food…it is scary here down South…sweet tea which is ‘more normal sweet’ in other areas is SO super sweet sugar loaded down here will make your head spin on the first sip :clown_face: Just say put me in the grave a many years earlier than what other populations handle on sugar intake thru a drink :flushed:


Aw, c’mon Fangsy. It’s much more salty than sweet. It is a source of sodium or potassium (electrolytes) as well.

38g? That would be a whole bottle? It’s about 15g carbs as sugar per 100ml. And I’m talking about adding drops to water. 4 drops would be about 0.2 ml. That would be 0.03g of sugar per large glass of sparkling water. (It is an insignificant amount when keeping under 20g of carbs per day for a keto person). Even with 8 glasses of water, as recommended by the government, it is less than a quarter of a gram of carbs as sugar.

I still reckon it’s a much better substitute than diet soda pop for people dealing with that addiction and wanting a ‘cola’ flavoured fizzy drink. It’s not as hedonic as diet soda, but may be enough to move away from it. It’s a step toward plain sparkling water, and then toward plain water. Saying just drink plain water cold turkey is misunderstanding addiction.


I was joshing about the vinegar stuff a bit on that :clown_face: but truths are one doesn’t need it of course.

just telling everyone to drink plain old fresh great water is the best advice on the planet actually :crazy_face:

Sad world when one has to go ‘cold turkey’ to drink a glass of water :scream_cat:


I get the zero carb flavored sparkling waters and recently have been adding some liquid Stevia (stevia plus water). Since I have been cycling more I do find myself craving some sweetness but so far the Stevia just makes me maybe crave more Stevia - I haven’t gone off the rails eating chocolate cake for example.

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I feel like a good mineral water would always be a good addition to the carnivore diet. Especially if your local water supply is soft and lacking in minerals.

Other than that, magnesium is an option if you’re exercising regularly.

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I avoid mayo because of seed oils, so I add a tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt as a substitute.


A source of bicarbonate might be a good supplement on carnivore.

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After listening to that podcase, I started adding some bicarbonate to my drinking water each day: only about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon over the coarse of the day. This sounds strange, but my bowel movements have improved since the addition.

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I believe you can get the same effect from salt. My bowel movements are different, depending on whether I ate too little, enough, or too much salt the day before.


That’s cool VE…interesting you are getting effects that help.

bowel movements. Beginning of carnivore I got me 1 time every morning, like clockwork, in and out of the bathroom in a flash with a ghost wipe and done deal…carnivore gave me the best darn bathroom issues for my life that I truly love and of course, too much info here, but darn, I tell ya bathroom issues are a biggie for many on this planet!

Only issues in nearing on 5 yrs carnivore now is only when I had tiptoe’d away like eating sirloin tips in gravy (omg gravy LOL, run form that crap) or being forced on some meds for a med issue which might nail the guts a bit… thru my carnivore food only…it has truly point blank fixed my guts.

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Another one of those TMI posts, but pure carnivore give me total liquid diarrhea. Maybe it makes me a little too acidic digestively speaking? Maybe the bicarbonate is tempering it somewhat? :woman_shrugging:


well also you could be one who needs to eat more meat…lean meat…and watch that fat intake cause it could ‘be something’ that needs more heal time or it is ‘YOU’ and you might be one who just should up their food meat intake, but keep it leaner so? Again that is a find you in it all but for me, carnivore freakin’ fixed my azz… :rofl: joke meant on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

for me I found me real fast in carnivore as in I know I can drizzle chicken fat all over my meat, lick the pan clean of all grease and brown bits and be fine…you give me a tad of some canned chicken gravy from the store over all that chicken meat and skin and I have to hit the bathroom in a flash…so for me I found out what works fast and what could nail my butt to the wall…but other than some mushy butt from eating carbs etc. I never ‘had any real gut med issues’ ever so?


i heard that the only vitamin carnivores actually need to take vitamins for is Vitamin C…have any carnivores here that never took vitamin C over the past several years have any issues with deficiencies in it?


you need no C
C is provided by fresh meat
all the body requires

thing is ‘more C is required’ if one is eating crap food that robs the body and lowers you immune system and the C recommended today is all about a carb eating society, so when one goes carnivore your C levels and immune system improve to that level of balanced.

So no C is required ever on carnivore if one is eating correctly.

NOW there could be that one person thru medical issues and testing and under a Drs care where this could come into play of course…but when I started carnivore near on 5 yrs ago now I took a multi vit even tho I knew all zero carbers said don’t do it…what it did was upset my tummy even more so I dumped it fast along with all the useless ‘do this and that crap dieting’ info out there.

Being carnivore you are not on whatever studies and recommendations of ‘taking this or that’ thru a standard crappier diet. Fresh meat supplies all the C you need for total survival when Vit C is chatted about.

almost 5 yrs no C and doing fab BUT taking some C ain’t gonna kill ya either kinda LOL What your body doesn’t want is sent out in urine anyway so…

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This is going to be a longish post.

I did a seven month carnivore trial last year. I was very strict. I believe I had a lot of oxalate dumping during that time. Oxalate dumping is stressful on the body and can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly with Mg and Ca because it binds with those minerals and then they don’t get absorbed.

Towards the end of my trial, I was having terrible problems eating beef. It would give me heart palpitations, upset stomach, cramping, and explosive you-know-what within an hour or so of eating it.
I do have a mild histamine intolerance. It flares up especially when I eat too much processed meat or seafood. I believe my histamine intolerance got worse towards the end of my trial. Beef is higher in histamine than other meats such as chicken, pork, or lamb. I did not have this problem with beef before my trial.

Histamine intolerance is frequently caused by a deficiency in DAO, diamine oxidase, an enzyme we produce that breaks down the histamine. We need vitamin C, vitamin B6 (if I recall correctly), and Mg to produce DAO. So, I started taking vitamin C and some B vitamins. Within a few days my reaction to beef had lessened, although it was not gone.

After I stopped my trial, I kept up with the C and B supplements and my problems with beef went away completely. What’s interesting is that after a few months of the C supplements, my body stopped tolerating it. I was taking 500 Mg a day, but now my body no longer wants it. I may not have had scurvy, but I think my histamine troubles were because I wasn’t getting enough vitamin C. Now, was it because I was oxalate dumping and the dumping upped my needs? I think so. But, now I no longer need to supplement it.

Some carnivores are very anti-supplement, but I think when we are first transitioning and maybe for some time beyond, our bodies may need some extra help in the healing from the damage that was done in the many years prior to the dietary change to carnivore.

This is just my experience. In our little group, I really seem to be the only one who ran into a lot if issues on carnivore. I also still NEED to take Mg, I take a Ca supplement because I don’t eat dairy, and I NEED to supplement with salt.

Right now, I am really close to carnivore (Shhh, don’t tell @Fangs, lol), but I am eating about one serving of fruit a day, usually with dinner, usually some type of berry. That one little bit, makes my body much happier.

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Dr Cywes would tell you dump the fruit and instead eat a bit of advocado or olives lol he thinks sugar from berries still does damage…

As for bathroom issues I was prob 7 or 7 .5 months in when i stopped having bathroom problems before that even if I got slightly normal changing meat type would send be back to explosive visits now not matter what meat i eat im good…somone who coaches carnivore said when that happens you’ve finally really Adapted is that true I don’t know…


I never ever figured out how such things can be informative… I haven’t the foggiest idea what it means.
It’s probably more than what I eat when I eat as much of the 6 fruits I have I want but I don’t want much on a kind of well-behaved “summer carnivore-ish” day :smiley:

I meet people talking about portions and bags and whatnots and I am totally lost.

It’s probably some part of a cup for you (not like cup isn’t another thing I can’t handle as it’s not a proper amount) and as berries (probably not actual berries. banana is a berry and strawberry and raspberry and similar ones isn’t), it must be quite low-carb. And that’s what matters to MY body and you surely know yours after all those ordeals, poor you. I never had any problem and I doubt real long term carnivore would be different. My body is stubborn and pretty much handles everything I throw at it unless I seriously abuse it but it give me hints about how to behave.

Whatever floats our boats :smiley:

I never have serious bathroom problems but if something is mildly off (never a real annoyance but not ideal), I ate something I shouldn’t in the previous days (carbs are involved. I have any problem that possibly related to eating? I blame carbs and I am typically right). But it’s rare and I appreciate that my body gives me proper, clear hints instead of silently suffering inside without me noticing. I need all the motivation I can get, I am very undisciplined. But I want this body to stay quite healthy for many more decades. So I must eat right. Not 100% but 99, maybe? I already did it so unwell for decades. It could have been WAY worse, I ate lots of nutritious food but the problem isn’t what I didn’t eat but what I did eat. So now I want to do my best, almost. On most days.