April - What did you Keto Today?

(J) #21

Just a NOMelette and some raw milk (does that get me banned?! ;))


(Doug) #22

Wow - this really looks good… :slightly_smiling_face::stuck_out_tongue:

(Jane) #23

“Spaghetti” with shredded cabbage, Rao Ariabatta sauce, my homemade sausage, onion, garlic and topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and grated Parmesan.

(J) #24

Eat more protein.

(Jane) #25

All from my garden except the tomatoes and cheese.

First asparagus and radishes from my garden.


Wow. I only have sorrel and spring onion (some smallish swiss chard leaves too but I don’t consider those edible)! My radishes are still very tiny. My garden mostly have flowers but those in copious amounts :wink:

(Jane) #28

Turnip soup with cream, onions, bacon and kale from my garden.

(Jane) #29

Tri-ti roast sous vide at 138F for 16 hrs then finished on the grill. Salad to go with it (no pics)

(J) #30

Huge surprise, but:


Sorry for overlooking this thread!

Apologies :blush: