April Showers of Keto Recipes


Sounds good.


I made dessert too but it’s not photogenic and we had not much light today (I NEED sunlight for a semi-decent shot). Just a gelatin fluff, the original recipe was marshmallow, well mine definitely isn’t that but it’s carnivore and I like it…

Next time I may show my coffee cookies. But they aren’t photogenic either, just dark brown, even blackish if I take my pursue of crunchiness really seriously… (They never get perfectly crunchy but at least they are very low-carb.)

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“Pursuit.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Making me hungry for “dessert”, shame on you!


Oh, darn. One thing I am proud of is good spelling (I wrote smelling first…) :frowning: Well it is the spelling of another word so it’s more like misusing words. Still, I am not so bad at that either. Sigh.
Oh and THANK YOU! I like when I get correction, I aim to get better! This time it was just pointing out the flaw, I actually know the difference if I think about it but I need repetition for automatic correct usage… So still useful and I am grateful.
Many people dislike correction and I mostly stopped it when I lost a penpal probably due to it… I was a mostly friendless kid with little social skills and knowledge about what people normally like and dislike.

Oh. Sorry. As long as you are somewhat hungry too, do what many carnivores do and use some pretty good food as dessert :smiley: Almost anything can be dessert!
I am too traditional so savory things are never desserts to me and meat definitely is in the normal food category (or snack but never dessert).

I really bring some food pic next time, promise! Even if it won’t be spectacular (and probably brown, maybe yellow). Maybe I put my first radishes next to it? They are a bit small at this point but I have several!!! :smiley:

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I thought you might not mind. :grin:

You were really close. Same word, basically. Pursue is the verb. Pursuit is the noun.

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Dry-cured a slab of pork belly for bacon for 10 days. Smoked it today with hickory chips at 180 F for 3 hrs. Best bacon I’ve made so far.

Made chorizo and eggs for dinner to work down our egg inventory (getting a dozen every 2 days for 2 people who don’t bake anymore!)

Should have cooked more bacon :laughing:

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My meat slicer works great but it is small so I have to cut down the size of the strips of bacon. The smaller footprint of my meat slicer suits me and my pantry space :grin:.

I sliced enough for dinner and then threw the rest into the freezer for an hour. Firmer meats are way easier to slice!

I will slice it all so I only have to clean the slicer once and vacuum seal into smaller portions.

I order the rolls but also the generic pre-made quart-sized vacuum bags (8” x 12”) that come 100 to a pack. We go through one pack a year. Buy large packs of boneless chicken thighs and re-seal in meal-sized portions.

Buy a huge pork shoulder and grind up my own Italian sausage w/o sugar or fake ingredients to use in faux spaghetti and pizzas on low carb tortillas.

Buy large packs of hamburger and split it up.

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Fajitas on low carb street taco wraps. I only ate one wrap myself. Grilled onions, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa.


Veal Scallopini With Lemon and Capers
Julienned zucchini onions and carrots in sherry sauce


I love Lox and Cream Cheese. I have a yummy Keto bagel I make from bigmansworld, but when I went to make them this time I accidentally pulled out wrong recipe. They both use a fathead dough but this one used coconut flour not almond flour. It was really good and did not interfere with the flavors of my lox at all nor add a competing taste.

The only thing is that half the shredded mozzarella I used I had to hand shred because I ran out of the other. I have never had a problem like this before, but the dough didn’t come together well and I couldn’t roll it. It’s like the mozzarella cooked a bit from the melting stage and then the egg cooked a bit from the melted cheese. Wide wispy sheets of dry stuff kept the dough from coming together. Luckily I have a donut-bagel pan so I just formed the bagels by pressing it all in there. I was really surprised how yummy they were anyway, and they slice in half nicely, even though they look like the ugly stepsister of the ones I usually make. I actually prefer the taste of these coconut flour kind to the others, so I’ll have to figure out how to get a more pliable dough.

Anyway, these lox were the tastiest I’ve had since before Keto. One of my favorite things to eat.


Man I never seem to capture a photo in time right before I eat. Maybe a couple meals a week at most. Usually I have hungrily dove in and after the third or fourth “oh muh gosh this is soooo good” thrown out by one of us I finally think to click a photo, IF there is enough left to even see. :joy:

Below was the BEST ribeye I’ve ever grilled to date. It was 1.6 lbs and 1-1/2” thick before cooking. We rub Worcestershire sauce on both sides then rub it with a Tuscan Olive Oil dry seasoning (which we love) mixed with powdered horseradish. Then lotsa salt after cooked. We served a side salad of leafy greens, yellow pepper, and pepitas with avocado oil, salt & pepper

This is only half of it because I had already eaten what I could before thinking to snap a pic. It was much more beautiful before my first bite.

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I am very impressed at the produce you are growing at home! Especially the asparagus

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Where I am, you can sell those for $6/dozen.


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Not here where nearly everyone has backyard chickens. I think my teenage neighbor girl gets $3/dozen for hers at her church. I am happy to give them away to my neighbors because I can depend on them if I need manual labor/help/whatever at my place,

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