April Showers of Keto Recipes


Two poached eggs and ribeye. Yummmm

(Robin) #22

Whoa… perfect eggs too!


Yeah that’s my microwave version. I gave up on all the boiling water kinds as it always separates the whites into a stringy mess. Now I just add 1/2C cold water to a ramekin, add 1/2-1tsp apple cider vinegar, break an egg into a mesh strainer to get rid of old portions of the white, then carefully dump the egg into the ramekin. Then mw on high for 60 seconds. Remove with slotted spoon to a paper towel. Then slide onto plate. Easiest method I’ve ever found that actually keeps the white intact.

(Robin) #24

Well dang it, I just read this, made this, and then ate this, without a photo to prove it.
You’re right, best ever and so easy. My new go-to. Thanks!

(Jane) #25

Instant Pot tikka masala with chicken thighs, heavy cream. Was yummy. It makes enough sauce for 2 meals so will freeze half and next time just have to IP the chicken for 10 min and dinner will be ready with only one pot to clean up!

(Jane) #26

Ribeye steak and riced cauliflower with asparagus from my garden, onion, garlic, butter, cream and grated Parmesan

(Robin) #27

I’m guessing you actively enjoy cooking, Janie.
I actively enjoy eating, and your meals are a treat for the eyes. I sometimes think I should get more creative in the kitchen. But honestly, it’s just not in me. However I SO appreciate those who excel at this.


I am a hedonist, I enjoy looking at my garden (not necessarily the work but sometimes that is nice too) and picking vegs/fruits, cooking and eating. And writing about it.

No photos lately but I sadly have hunger and some kind of meat aversion and I didn’t try everything with my air fryer so I have non-carni experiments. It turned out seitan without fat in the airfryer is even closer to bread than normal (with lard in my case. I tried yolks but they didn’t work. the ONLY food that yolks made worse, this far) seitan… They got puffed up and crunchy too :smiley: Fun stuff.
I still have 2, I may shot them but they are shapeless lumps :slight_smile: Quite reddish ones as I didn’t halve the spice amount (mostly paprika) when I halved the gluten… I do that all the time but the result is always edible, I have luck or something. Lots of paprika and normally lard, I make kind of Hungarian seitan now that I think about it… :thinking:

I am a bit torn as I love putting stuff into the air fryer but it dries things out. My leftover pork wasn’t quite fatty enough to come out for the better but it’s still edible though my meat aversion works against that. But some sauce or fatty spread helps. Even butter or cream cheese…


This is my egg salad yesterday for lunch

And this is my reworked Ketofied Pork Chop Rice casserole for dinner last night. My two men in our home eat more carbs than me. However they only eat rice or potatoes that have chilled first for at least 24 hours. This recipe used whole grain brown rice cooked two days prior. I made my own homemade condensed Keto cream of chicken soup including lots of bits of cooked chicken too, poultry seasoning, chicken bone broth, thickened by using HWC, a bit of cream cheese, 1T King Arthur’s Keto flour, and some Glucomannan powder. The crumbly topping on the pork was Rosemary Garlic Almond Flour Crackers from Aldi mixed with about 8 garlic croutons from sourdough bread all crushed together and mixed with orange peel and melted butter then sprinkled with sweet paprika. I don’t know how to measure the carbs in modified starches but I do know their impact is not the same as the same amount of rice freshly cooked and never chilled. For leftovers I won’t touch the rice and will only eat the pork and topping, and for that one serving is 3.5 net carbs.

It was delicious. I only eat the rice about once every 1-2 months myself and only a small serving. But my guys devour this dish like the nonKeto version I used to make years ago.

(Jane) #30

I very much enjoy cooking!

(Jane) #31

“Kitchen sink” frittata. Threw every veggie in my fridge into the skillet LOL. All non-carby we eat in salads.

And lots and lots of cheese. And. Bacon. I cooked the bacon yesterday while making my riced cauliflower so there would be less work today.


Juicy NYstrip steaks

Side salad


My morning egg scramble something or other. Not sure what to call it. I used spinach, red pepper, T of onion, ham, and cheese

I tried something bizarre today. I made chicken fingers for dipping for dinner, and used chicken thighs. I deboned them (making broth right now) and separated all the skin. I took the skin and put seasonings on them, then baked them for about 12 minutes. They. Were. Delicious!!! I think they are called cracklings? I know with pork skin they are called that but probably the same name even with chicken?

Picture does not do them justice. They looked better in person. We had 4x this much but I forgot to get a picture until the very end. Lol

(Jane) #34

I don’t know what chicken skin is called either except DELICIOUS!!!

(KM) #35

Gribenes, if you’re Yiddish. Chicharones are pork cracklings in Spanish, and someone referred to chicken skin as chick-arones, which I thought was clever, that’s what I’m going to call them!


IDK the English terms but I totally call them chicken scratchings/cracklings… But I call fried fatty pork without skin scratchings too because I don’t know a better term and the feeling is about the same for me…
I don’t think I was helpful, oh well.

And it’s never about the looks, it’s about the crunch! And maybe taste but it’s mostly the mildly fatty crunchiness for me… (I put some into an air fryer once. Super dryness… Never again. It was crunchy though.)

Oh thanks, these are useful words :slight_smile: Just like schmalz and I only learned it a few years ago! We just call it chicken fat. But I like calling it schmalz now :slight_smile:

(Jane) #37

Faux spaghetti with shredded cabbage instead of pasta.

Looks a mess but was tasty. Homemade Italian sausage with onion, garlic, mushrooms and Rao sauce. Topped with grated Parmesan.


Cabbage! What a clever idea. I’ll have to try that sometime. I usually use spaghetti squash. Last week I made my meat sauce and it was yummy, but when my guys want it on pasta I use Solved Pasta because it tastes normal. But I usually just eat the meat sauce myself on those nights and let them have the pasta. Gotta try that cabbage idea next time.


My pasta had cabbage as the other part, quite often (or they were sweet. sometimes cheesy. I didn’t eat meat). Very traditional dish here, pasta with cabbage :slight_smile: Oh the caramelized cabbage… No wonder it was among the few green leaves I was willing to eat!
I still could make it with eggs instead of pasta (eggs are the only really important ingredient of pasta anyway if you ask me, egg is tastier than wheat) if I still ate vegs. (Sometimes I do but it’s extremely limited.)

That’s the main thing but I would call the look artistic (artistically messy?). Looks quite good to me!

I don’t eat anything particularly interesting or pretty these days (and I still only have a m macro lens, not easy to fit the whole plate into the picture… I usually put it on a bench outside so I am higher compared to it and it gets sunlight… and I can’t go too far because the cats always find my meaty plates tempting :D) so no photos, again. Maybe tomorrow.


So about once a month I make a Keto dessert of some sort. Today I made Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies. They turned out so good today that our eyes are rolling into the backs of our heads. Not overly sweet, nice strong ginger flavor, chewy and pillowy. They also freeze really well so I freeze half to keep anyone from overeating them and everyone paces themselves. Lol

Each cookie is rather large too. Not like some tiny less than an inch wannabes. They are 3” wide. It made 27 cookies for me too. Could have made 30 if I hadn’t made three extra giant ones 4” wide. Lol. The numbers for a single cookie if 27 of them:

Calories 132
Fat 11.6
Protein 4
Net Carbs 2.3
Total Carbs 13 (from erythritol brown sugar mostly, and one or two each cookie from the T of molasses and 3T of King Arthur Keto Flour, and 3C almond flour)