April 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In


Wow, I forgot to setup a March chat. So sorry, I was pretty out of it with my sinus issues.

Now that I have rejoined the human race, I need to catch up with the Maintenance Crew.

I hope everyone is doing well during these trying days of COVID-19 issues. Personally I had almost a week of either no foods or OMAD, and very small one at that. Not exactly a fast, I wasn’t in control of anything especially my coughing, nose dripping and runny, itchy red eyes. I have been self isolated for a month now. We have got the food delivery down pat, and we have made DYI face masks that work great, no eye glass fogging, yea.

How is every one else fairing?

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(Trudy) #2

I hope you are well. I’ve been floating a couple of kg over my maintenance weight which wouldn’t normally worry me too much but I’m overeating and drinking alcohol most days, I’m out of control and reverting to old behaviours. I’m not exercising and am an essential worker, rewarding myself for getting through the day. Please take care :heart:

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I’ve had to catch myself on some bad habits too.

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According to my scale, I’m up 6 or 7 lbs, really for the past three months. But my waistline took more time to catch up, which it finally did. I’ve been experimenting with carnivore for just over a week, and the waistline is back in acceptable parameters, even though the weight is not down. But as long as the waistline is healthy, I can be patient.


Thanks for being there in these difficult times. It must be hard to leave home everyday in these trying times.

Can you have keto items available when you are tempted to eat something? Take a few deep breaths and drinking a glass of water before eating anything, so maybe you won’t eat as much? Always remember what you eat has little effect on the outcome of all this. You have to keep yourself in good shape in case you or someone you love gets this terrible disease. Stay strong.

I have been bouncing but all are under my original goal weight. Mid March, I was sick with a sinus infection not eating very much and went pretty low, 7 lbs. below it. Once I was feeling better, I started to go back up, but have not reached the ogw yet. I also have not been doing any extended fasting, just my regular IF of 16/18 or 18/6. I am holding off attempting longer fasting til Zornfast next week. No motivation to even try it so far this month.

Stay healthy everyone

(Jennibc) #6

Thanks for directing me to this chat - does anyone know how I can bookmark this? So that I can check in again next month?

I have been doing okay since I hit goal weight. I have the occasional up tick. I know a lot of people think scale is a dirty word, but once I took the shaming out of stepping on the scale and looked at the number as purely information, it started moving south. People always say “I can tell by how my clothes fit” but when you are really large like I was, it’s like one size for 20 pounds so I could not. The think that is keeping my honest in stepping on the scale first thing every morning. I find it extremely motivating. I don’t sweat a pound or so in either direction, but if I see three or four pound jump it’s a reminder to recommit.


On the messages you want to bookmark go to the three dots next to Reply, they open up and there is a bookmark icon, click that and it is bookmarked for you. Go into your profile when you want to revisit anything bookmarked, they are saved in there.

(Trudy) #8

Thanks for your response, I remain keto but just eating/drinking too much. I am in Australia and our situation to date has been well managed but it’s a very different world. I will stay keto and when all this has blown over will enjoy socialising more than ever before. Grateful for my beautiful family and this forum for support.


Finally got the new thread up. Seeya over there.