Anyone using keto for Overeaters Anonymous food plan / need more structure



I have been keto on and off for ages (and originally did Atkins in 2007). I have a history of anxiety, depression, PMDD and binge eating. I want to use keto as the basis of my OA food plan, but struggle with the flexibility. I feel I need more structure as I will exploit any loopholes, unfortunately, and end up binging. Lots of OAers weigh and measure / have a certain set meal times etc.

I’d love to hear from anyone who uses keto in a structured way - including built in fasting. Or if anyone knows of any stricter keto plans that could be used this way.

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Would carnivore OMAD work for you?
Only eating animals products once per day. Pretty structured.
I do that in a lax kind of way.

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Please consider listening to at least the first 2 minutes of the video linked below.

Jordan Peterson (a clinical psychologist) is very smart and gives this advice in several of his videos.

Notice that it runs directly counter to how most people to IF - waiting as long as they can during the day before they eat.

If you are not an anxious person, that may be fine - but, the structure provided by the plan outlined here - consistent waking time, consistent starting of the circadian clock, etc. might be exactly what you are looking for.

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I haven’t tried OA yet, but I have known several members over the years and have been wondering essentially the same as you.

My own experience is that satiety doesn’t eliminate sugar/carbohydrate cravings for me, though it does make them easier to manage. I also notice that, the times I have yielded and eaten something sweet, I didn’t end up bingeing on it, the way I used to before keto. This is reassuring on the one hand, but on the other hand means I have to be very careful not to become complacent. Interestingly, I am finding that as my insulin resistance heals, my satiety signaling is growing far stronger.

Dr. Georgia Ede, the psychiatrist, suggests from her clinical experience, that a ketogenic diet has positive mental effects, and is a useful part of treatment for anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Many people on these forums have noted that they no longer need their anti-depressant drugs after time on a ketogenic diet. While this is probably not the case for everyone, given the high rate of individual variability and our still-limited understanding of the causes of mental problems, there nevertheless have been studies showing that a well-formulated ketogenic diet can often help with the regulation of serotonin in the brain. Furthermore, Dr. Chris Palmer, another psychiatrist, has successfully used a ketogenic diet to treat patients with schizophrenia.

So I would say that the odds are high that a well-formulated ketogenic diet might be very helpful to your OA program. If you feel you can risk it, try eating to satiety, instead of to a pre-determined caloric intake. I have no data for this, of course, but it really seems to me that eating disorders were vanishingly rare before the introduction of the dietary guidelines, and not simply because they weren’t being diagnosed, either.

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have you looked at Dr Westman’s page 4? It is a list of foods to stick to on keto. Many people use it without tracking macros. I don’t know a lot about OA so feel free to dismiss this if it doesn’t apply. But if you want to use page 4 along with tracking and structured fasting, perhaps that is what you are looking for?

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I agree with Ruina, have followed “page 4” for nine years (loosely now). But the plan was used in Dr. Westman’s Clinical Trials based on Atkins. So the optional or later add-in foods that can cause cravings are just not allowed. e.g. No nuts in the plan until goal. Fatty proteins are unlimited, but tricky trigger foods are limited. Cream 2T, Mayo 2T, Cheese 4oz. Even vegetables 3 cups max. In some ways the Foods are flexible, but with enough Guardrails you won’t go over the cliff.

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Did you gain weight while doing a ketogenic diet?

One way to do keto that some people find easier for controlling binge eating is by eating the same thing a lot. Overeating looses it’s appeal. And keep food simple, single ingredient cooking. Steak and broccoli, chicken and a salad, stuff like that. Tasty but not too enticing.

As @MarkGossage suggested eating Carnivore is easier to keep binging in check. You can only eat so much beef or meat before you tire of it.

@RobC had a great suggestion in using intermittent fasting and sticking to that if you can follow rules you set for yourself. I have found a TMAD schedule easy to stick with. If I get a hunger pang I just think nope, not my eating window. Do not keep any snack foods like nuts, pork rinds, keto treats or fat bombs in your house.

I don’t cook much large batch stuff and when I cook I make an appropriate amount of food. Not any temptation to “finish that bit of extra off” instead of putting it away for later. I see a lot of people in the food thread who cook a bunch of something with the intent of “tomorrow’s lunch” only to post “but I ate it all!”. When you get the snack urge have a cup of coffee or tea instead, or drink a glass of water.

I realize it’s a food eating disorder that you are dealing with, I have never had that. But these are just some strategies that came to mind and might be helpful. Good luck. :cowboy_hat_face: