Anyone make Carrie Brown's ice creams?


I have been making mega easy ice cream without any of the fancy weird stuff. I find the churning helps it not go rock solid in the freezer. Yes, it is a bit hard when it comes out but softens pretty quickly enough to scoop anyway. I will not risk having xylitol in the house because of my dogs so use erythritol. My basic mix is 400ml heavy whipping cream (simply because that is the size of the bottle from Lidl!), 3 egg yolks, 1T sweetener, a capful of vanilla extract. I have made green tea which was same with 2 tsp matcha powder. Today I made black sesame which was the same basic with a couple of spoons of black tahini. I just blitz the ingredients and dump in the ice cream machine - boom!

(James storie) #23

This great and simple! I’m going to have to give it a try!

(James storie) #24

Do you heat the ingredients like a custard then cool before churning?

(Sophie) #25

I’m curious too. I won’t bring Xylitol in my house for the same reasons. So, do you heat your mixture or just go with the raw egg yolks? And I can’t wait until Lidl gets here. Aldi’s needs the competition!


Nope! I was playing around with all that malarky last year and can’t be arsed! I must make a vanilla this way and the custard way soon and test them next to each other. I imagine most of it will be texture and maybe a richer flavour with the custard? This method though is easy and tastes great. I will report back when I run a side by side taste test! But will use the same ingredients so we can compare like for like.


Lidl completely destroys Aldi, but it still sucks honestly. The plus is their 10x the size of Aldi but most of the stuff is just shady IMO. I’m in the supermarket capital of the planet (really gets called that) and it’s redic how many supermarket chains we have. Being a cheapskate I try them all. I always go back to buying as much as I can at Walmart and my fancy stuff comes from Wegmans and Whole Paycheck which is thankfully getting slightly cheaper.

(Candy Lind) #28

As I was reading, I wondered if a mix of sweeteners would do anything to mitigate the ice cream either being too soft or too hard. Also, has anyone tried using allulose (mentioned in This thread in a recipe from Will & @Jennifer_Kleiman)? I’m tempted to buy some - anyone in Central Texas want to split a 3-lb bag? :innocent:

(Jennifer Kleiman) #29

I tried it & highly recommend it :slight_smile: Allulose lowers the freezing point nicely so it stays soft enough in the freezer. It’s only 70% of the sweetness of sugar though so we’ve been spiking the sweetness up with monk fruit rather than use extra allulose.

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I’ve also seen recipes that use a tiny bit of vodka in their recipes to help with keeping the ice cream from being too hard. As I don’t drink, I don’t have any in the house and haven’t bought any to try it. I’ve been tempted, though…

(Karen Mayrand) #31

I’m not sure where you are in Canada, but I buy sour cherries regularly (fresh and frozen) from Cherry Lane. They are near Niagara. They ship their syrup which you could use too (I’m sure it is high carb, but a small quantity goes a long way).

The strange gummy texture is definitely from the guar gum. It keeps the ice cream from getting icy. You can try reducing or eliminating it. I hate ice creams with gums in them. None of the super premium ice creams like Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s use them.

(Annette) #32

Those of you who had the nasty slimy results, do you know what brand of guar gum you used?

When I read your posts, I thought to myself, “Couldn’t be.” Carrie’s recipes always turn out beautifully for me. Yesterday I made a batch each of Mind Blowing Blackberry and Peaches and Cream. Eeewww! I had the same mucous results that you did.

The difference was that the guar gum brand was Frontier. Carrie uses Bob’s Red Mill and that’s what I had used previously. I guess all guar gums are not all alike. Lesson learned.

(Nathanael Schulte) #33

I was thinking the same thing - just started making her stuff this week and it’s turned out fabulous. I also used Bob’s Red Mill guar gum and now I know to stick with it :slight_smile:

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I recently made her Peanut butter ice cream (recipe free on her website). Quite good but way too sweet for my taste. A commenter to her blog said the same thing; she replied that reducing the amount of xylitol might affect the quality and scoop-ability. I would try that myself but I think the peanut butter flavor is more than I care for so soon. I’d like to try her coffee ice cream but don’t think I want to purchase the book.

(Mary) #36

I’ve been avoiding all sweeteners so thought I’d find out how successful ice cream made entirely without sweeteners could be.
You might like it, @Buttonwillow. It’s freezes pretty hard, even with a few tbsp of alcohol, and cannot be described as “sweet” but it’s pretty good. And since there’s nothing in it to spike BS, it’s a lot less guilt-inducing (for me).
And yeah, coffee ice cream is da bomb!

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What machine did you replace the Cuisinart with?

(Anne Db) #38

I bought the book and made the vanilla icecream exactly as set out. The consistency was good but the taste was terrible, totally overwhelmed by the sweetener. It had a faint taste of sick. Very disappointed. Hesitant to try another recipe.

(Diane) #39

I made the blueberry cheesecake. It was lovely! Maybe the blueberry compote was slightly salty but it worked well with the cheesecake ice cream. It’s THE best Keto ice cream I’ve had in 18 months. Rebel Creamery’s is the next best.

I read a bunch of comments before I made my first batch, people who didn’t use the Bob’s Red Mill guar gum had issues with the texture. It appears to make a difference.

I recommend reading the ingredients section of the cookbook and on her website. Use the exact brands she uses if at all possible. If baking is science (and it really, really is), making ice cream is rocket science. The more exactly you can replicate what Carrie uses, the better you’re ice cream will be.

(Retta Stephenson) #40

@AdrianaG, with an expensive one. :laughing:
A once in a blue moon type splurge, but I’m extremely happy with it. Rarely have a failure now, except when a particular recipe I’m experimenting with gets a bit too hard in the freezer. But it’s been a fun investment, keeping us from buying ready made “no sugar added” ones that are full of chemicals and too many carbs.

(Adriana Gutierrez) #41

Ohhhhhhh! You did splurge!