Anyone have a recipe for duck stock or soup?

(Germaine M Schweibinz) #1

I spachcoked 3 ducks and have the back bones and wings freezing now. Any recipes for duck stock or bone broth?

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #2

Simmer the bones on low heat for 24 hours. Strain. Eat.

(Bob M) #3

Better yet, use the oven (usually has better temperature control), put in, figure out a temperature that causes small amounts of bubbles on the surface, leave in for as long as you want, overnight, 24 hours.

Stock is usually 1:1:1 onion, carrot, celery, plus maybe some peppercorns, bay leaf or leaves. “Bone broth” typically has some vinegar, usually apple cider, but I’m not convinced that does anything.

We’re about to make turkey stock, and I’m thinking overnight or 24 hours in the oven. Just have to watch the liquid level.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #4

It’s probably recommended for the purpose of dissolving some of the calcium out of the bones. Whether it does or not, is a different matter. I’ve never used it when simmering my own bone broth, and it seems that the bone starts to break down just fine, after a while.

(Bob M) #5

I agree. If I use enough bones and slowly simmer long enough, the result is basically jello after chilling. To me, this means I’m getting whatever the bones give me.

We do make stock without onions and the like, and give this to our puppy.

I’ve never made duck stock. I wonder how it is?

We made the mistake of making chicken or turkey stock (I forget which) using bones where I had smoked the chicken/turkey. That was a mistake. Stock is not supposed to be smokey. :wink: I think I thought that the smoke wouldn’t be in the bones, but it was.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #6

Now, that’s interesting. I’d never have expected that! :thinking: