Anyone fasting at the moment?

(icky) #1

I’m hoping to start today and to go for about a week… cos of stupid menopause weight… sigh…


Oh my. Isn’t that a tad long? I would worry about my muscles… No way one doesn’t lose more than minimal amount during a week. Of course, not all of us care to the same extent and many did a week of fast or longer without problems. And there is muscle memory but still…

Apart from this thought, good luck!!! I still can’t do EF but I will go for it soon I suppose! For now, fat fast days seem easier (as I am super satiated, eat my lovely food and ~1000 kcal deficit should be good enough), I can mess even those up if I gets too brave with my items… But the occasional 3 day fasts would be nice.

(jay) #3

I know my sister is bedeviled with “hot flashes” that she bears with remarkable fortitude, but I know they make her miserable. She, is dealing with the same issue and has started an intermittent fasting protocol, with some success. I believe she is using limited time window of eating in addition to a weekly rotating extended intermittent fast…I hope you find your bodies formula, and I wish you luck. Please feel free to share your experiences and details so that others can hopefully learn and build from your experiences.


Going to fast next week for 3 days. Too much going on this week and Monday was a holiday in the USA.

When i went through menopause, soy was my friend, but for others it is horrid. Have you tried soy to see if it helps or hurts you? I didn’t get as anxious/ emotional and had limited hot flashes which I think the soy helped me with, not as bad as some have reported. In fact, my husband thanked me for not being as bad as his mom who had a very hard time with it especially. My sisters had horrid experiences with it, but they don’t pay much attention to diet and exercise.

I lost a bunch of weight, just didn’t get to my goal weight. That came after I switched from 40/30/30 to keto and fasting.