Anyone else try this sugar substitute?

(Jason Sampson) #1

I had a horrible time finding sugar substitute that would not lead me to my bathroom more often then I would like. I found Bocha Sweet sugar is working for me but is kind of expesnsive. I do keep ordering it so I guess not too bad. I was more curious if you have tried it and also check blood sugar levels. I am losing weight fairly steady so I awould guess it is ok but was hoping maybe someone has checked their own.

(Brian) #2

I’m curious, too. So far, the stuff I see online is quite expensive. But I am curious as to whether others have negative reactions to it, blood sugar or otherwise.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #3

They don’t say which pentose they use in their product. If it’s adenose, it’s probably fairly benign, since it is one of the bases of adenosine triphosphate, the chemical broken down for energy in the mitochondria.

On the other hand, if it’s xylose or xylitol, you may have a reaction. Note also that xylitol is deadly to dogs, so you may want to be careful if you have dogs in the house.

(Jay AM) #4

Stevia doesn’t tend to have a laxative effect either.

(Jason Sampson) #5

I was more looking at the effects to BSL. I tried stevia and do not have any problems with it other than I do not like the taste/aftertaste. This Bocha Sweet stuff has a good taste to me. I liked the taste I got from xylitol but it didn’t agree with me. Bottom line I guess is this stuff is working for me. I am down 40+ pounds since January 8th 2018 so no complaints just really wondering about that BSL.

(Jay AM) #6

One thing about blood sugar from sweeteners is, in some people, even ones that say they won’t can have an effect. I did read some gastrointestinal horror stories about BochaSweet on their Amazon page. But, without testing your blood sugar for yourself, we can’t know of you’re susceptible to it. I didn’t see reviews saying it did raise it, however.

(Jason Sampson) #7

Here is an article I was sent from Bocha Sweet. I am not a paid advertiser just like their product.

Can Pentose Derived From Kabocha Aid in the Battle Against Insulin Resistance
According to JAMA 60% of American adults and 30% of adolescents have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes caused by insulin resistance.

Insulin is needed to manufacture fat. It is believed the sub-conscience brain implement will insulin resistance as a defense mechanism against the formation of fat. This defense mechanism often will lead to prediabetes and in many type 2 diabetes. Can the brain do the opposite and stop the implementation of insulin resistance?

Since pentose can be metabolized as a pure source of cell energy without the participation of insulin, can pentose consumption serve an important role in the body’s ability to fight against insulin resistance?

Why is Pentose Unique and Beneficial to Your Health?
Erythritol, stevia, and monkfruit pass through the body and are secreted in the urine without providing any energy to the cells or nutritional benefits. Only pentose provides a source of pure energy without the requirement of insulin.

6 carbon sweeteners including: HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), coconut sugar, honey, agave, dates, and cane sugar require insulin to be metabolized. Hence, they promote weight gain which leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Bottom line. Pentose can be highly beneficial for anyone concerned with weight, insulin resistance, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Not only is the taste of pentose derived from kabocha superior to other sugar replacements, pentose is derived from a cultivated crop, kabocha, which is quite suitable for soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts. Other sugar replacements are extracted from waste materials or blended with cheaper inferior ingredients. Some are chemical compositions. BochaSweet is 100% kabocha extract.

Even if we could obtain a cheaper version from waste materials, we at BochaSweet would not compromise the taste or the health benefits of 100% kabocha derived BochaSweet!

(Mary) #8

I think I’m going to write that on a sticky and put it on my fridge…

(Marta Loftfield) #9

I prefer Bochasweet. No insulin response for me. No bad after taste. It is pricey but I do not like sweet stuff very often.


My husband is a diabetic. BochaSweet does not affect his blood sugar whatsoever. No stomach issues either. Tastes almost exactly like sugar, works like a charm in all our recipes. It just doesn’t get any better than this! Try it and see for yourself!

(Hermie) #11

I like it, continue to order it. Because it does have some carbs, I usually mix it with Stevia if a recipe calls for a lot of sweetener.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #12

To everyone that uses bochasweet and sais it has no “bad aftertaste”…

does this also mean it has non of that licorishy aftertaste stevia and monkfruit has?
That is the only thing i can taste from a mile away and hate it to my very core…

I can use a blend of xylitol and erithritol without any trouble for most things (tastewise), but apparently to make the perfect gooey caramel sauce the bocha stuff seems to be better consistencywise, so I am considering to order a batch…

(Jason Sampson) #13

I have 0 aftertaste with Bocha sweet. It is just expensive.

(Margie Wilhjelm) #14

I love swerve , it comes in granulated, powdered and even brown. I buy it on amazon.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #15

well if I only use it for making 2-3 times caramel sauce per year I should be fine.

Caramel is the only thing I miss occasionally since going keto…

bulletproof vanilla icecream with caramel topping… mhhh… :drooling_face::drooling_face:

(Jason Sampson) #16

Margie if I remember my studies swerve still raises blood sugar. Causing insulin levels to rise.

(Margie Wilhjelm) #17

Thanks wasn’t aware of that.

(Jason Sampson) #18

wait no no no not swerve. good grief too many things in my head at once. Swerve is fine. I read it right my brain translated it into splenda sorry Margie continue to get your swerve on.

(Margie Wilhjelm) #19

That’s great to hear. I have been enjoying fat bombs made with it . :+1:

(Hermie) #20

Bocha Sweet is our favorite sweetener, definitely the closest to real sugar taste that we can find. It is pricey, I always order enough so I get free shipping. I have recommended it to several friends and relatives, always give them a sample to try. Their Bocha bars are good too, but a little high on carbs. If I am making a recipe that requires more than 1/4 cup of sweetener, I will use part Bocha Sweet, and the rest something else (Stevia or Swerve,) that cuts the expense a little.