Anyone else feel disappointed when a fast ends?


I have not done a post 42 hour fast in over a year (Covid concerns since I sometimes get colds during fasts). I am currently mid Day 3 (yay). The first 42 hours are always easy for me. Hours 43 - 50 were a little miserable yesterday. I planned to end it either at lunch or dinner tonight. I would like to eat, a little hungry but not like last night. However, I know from prior experience (used to fast 4- 5.5 days), that I will feel disappointed that the fast is over!

It is not like when not on Keto you are hungry and food tastes delicious, it is always kind of a blah feeling where you realize you could have kept going


Most times whilst Fasting, upon breaking, I usually think… Why didn’t I just keep going? :thinking: But no matter if I do 2, 3 or 5 days, it’s pretty much the same. I’ve been fortunate that I don’t usually have any issues with Fasting, and I do enjoy it. But I actually set a 5 day (120 hr.) limit to my Fasting, even before I started doing any extended Fasting. (Never felt the need to go beyond, and I don’t like to Fast on any weekends personally) But I mostly just miss eating a nice meal, but do not break from hunger.

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I am only a month into this, and only my 4th fast, and I just end them when my bod tells me to with no remorse. I am trying to get a rough pattern of 1 decent EF fast a week and low carbs high protein through the rest of it.

What I get is cravings for the fast feeling all through my eating days.


Weekends for me are very activity dependent. I set a 5.5 day limit on fasts. I do not want to get into longer term fasting without medical supervision. Since I hate doctors, medical supervision is not an option.

@M_M I was very much like this my first year

Right now I ending Day 3 of a fast that was supposed to end tonight (started Sunday night, here it is Wednesday night and had dinner plans for Thursday night. While I normally would not start a fast unless I knew I had 5 full days, I started this one by accident because I had a stressful Monday and around 10PM realized I had not eaten and was not hungry. Kept it going. There have been maybe a hour or two twice where I have thought it would be nice to eat or I happened to pass by a food place and it smelled good. However, I was planning to break it tomorrow at lunch (sometimes eating does not agree with me after several days of fasting and I did not want to ruin the dinner).

Now it is looking like one of my friends who is the main reason we are getting together is not feeling well so we may have to postpone. I am honestly not a happy camper that I have to go another day of fasting, was really looking forward to eating tomorrow. May eat anyway but my initial reaction was really not Yay, I get to fast another day! Even though I know 5 minutes after I start eating I will be disappointed I broke the fast