Anyone doing bullet-proof coffee

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I’ll just stick to the butter as I have a lot stocked up for now. But I’ll keep my eyes open for MCT at our GO market as they get a lot of neat stuff for way less. You just have to watch the expiration dates :wink:

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Yes, to each his/her own tastes :wink: Most people around me can’t believe the things I eat like Nutritional Yeast, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed! Of course most of the folks here my age and older don’t cook at all for themselves. I imagine I will always cook for myself especially since I am very careful and want to know “what’s in that” lol :wink:
I never really learned to cook until my 50s, I mean like what temp meats are done at etc. I was a junk-food junkie for sure. I’d just rather not cook :wink: Now I really cook to fuel my body. I might not want to get up and do it, but I always do so far :wink:

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What is leaded coffee. I have an image in my mind that can not be correct. :crazy_face:


I sometimes do a fatty coffee with 1 Tab coconut oil and 1 Tab butter. I blend it for 10 or 20 seconds to emulsify and it’s absolutely delicious. Keeps me full all morning. Highly recommend the blending step which makes it smooth and creamy.

(Denise) #17

We’ll both survive, I’m still trying to get over the oil-slick comment, Happy New Year!

(Laurie) #18

Leaded coffee = not decaffeinated?

A long time ago I read that BPC is specifically butter and coffee, because of some interaction between them. Not just any old hot drink with any old fat.

I tried coffee with butter on top. Yuck. Blending or shaking might improve it, but, like Paul, I’m not going to go to the trouble.

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Yikes - this is far too complicated for me to prepare before my morning coffee. :crazy_face:

I have my dark french roast black with a heaping tablespoon of 100% dark cacao powder. Makes a wicked morning mocha. Many hours later - after I’m awake - I begin to ponder what more complicated recipes I might entertain.

Power to ya’! :+1:

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I do exactly the same…couldn’t live without it !

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Preach it, brother! :+1:


You 100% need to mix it in a high speed blender while very hot, very smooth when you do, but no frother or slower blend method will do it.

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Leaded coffee

noun phrase
Coffee with caffeine, as distinct from decaffeinated coffee: Coffee? You want leaded or unleaded? (1980s+) Source.

Seems kind a silly comparing coffee with leaded and unleaded gasoline.

Leaded Coffee

Coffee that is highly caffeinated. A strong brew.
Waitress, please give me a cup of Leaded Coffee. I want the good stuff. Source.

Why ‘lead’? Heavy? Dense?

Leaded is a synonym of caffeinated.

As adjectives the difference between leaded and caffeinated is that leaded is held on place by strips of lead while caffeinated is containing caffeine naturally (eg, coffee, tea, and cacao [whose seeds are used to make cocoa, chocolate, and their various derivative products]) or as an additive (eg, soft drinks, sports drinks, or energy drinks). Source.

Held on place by strips of lead??? What is that supposed to mean?

I have to admit I’ve been drinking coffee a very long time and never once - until now - had it referred to as ‘leaded’ and ‘unleaded’. @Goldengirl52 thanks for expanding my knowledge about coffee. I guess I should mention that I don’t even think ‘decaf’ is coffee, just a coffee flavoured hot beverage. :coffee:

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Seconded! I personally am not into fatty coffees but when I tried out coffee with a little butter (maybe 5g per cup or less :D), it only worked when I made it foamy with my blender… It was yucky without that, to me. I still don’t like it enough, I rather use cream and/or an egg (the egg badly needs blending too, the cream is fine without, obviously) but it definitely was better than black coffee back then. (Now I am fine with black if I want coffee, I drink water by default.)

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I previously used my counter top blender to mix my keto coffee. It was nice and foamy and I liked it lots. But I adjusted my ingredients so that I no longer need to use a blender in order to get a good emulsion. The blender added time, both prep and cleanup, and also meant I needed a second ‘on the go’ mix for times when I did not have time for the blender or needed to mix my coffee elsewhere, at a coffee shop for example. Now all I have to do is stir vigorously and all is good. I still get a layer of foam on top, just not so much.

That said, I could see that if all you’re doing is dumping various fats into your coffee a blender would be required to get a good emulsion rather than an oil slick. I think the addition of whey and collagen powders help the fats emulsify easier and better. I also think whipping cream helps this process as well. It seems lots of folks think you must use MCT oil or butter and that’s it. Not so. Whipping cream mixes readily into coffee and helps the other fats do so as well. There’s also MCT oil powder that mixes quite completely into coffee. Adds a couple of carbs, but might be worth it to avoid the hassle. Just my opinion after lots of experimentation.

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Water is my main liquid during the day, once in awhile I like S-Pelligrino but that’s sort of a treat, not regular. For Summer I want to make some cold coffee drinks too, haven’t really tried a “DIY” and I don’t plan on buying them, too pricey for me :wink: Thanks for the reminder this a.m. I forgot the butter!! :wink: Happy New Year Shinita

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I really haven’t decided if you expanded my knowledge or maybe blew what was left of my mind.

But I still know it’s a New Year, so have a Happy :grin:

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I’m with y there. Black coffee works on its own. If I feel like it eat a pat of butter on the side just for satiety :sunglasses:


MCT oil is a worthy dairy substitute. To wean off cream.


MCT oil worthy? :sunny:
worthy? it really is not for many. it offers alot of nasty side effects for many. people should google MCT oil and cons about it, before using this stuff and then ‘find yourself’ on if ya want it. In the end obviously it is a personal choice on how ya wanna roll and how well you do with it in your menu. Personal opinion is I would not touch that stuff with a 39 1/2 ft pole…but that is a personal eval on it!

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Denise, if it works for you.
But myself, and a handful of others have found that adding stuff to our coffee made it “hyper-palatable” and we abused it.

Also, for some, ANY Dairy can lead to stalls! True for me.
Finally, for me, adding Stevia slowly drove my blood pressure really high.

Stevia comes from the Ragweed family. I learned my family has a pretty severe allergy to ragweed, so that could be it. I have issues with Milk Proteins as well… Too much butter can trigger it. And HWC is a non-starter for that reason.

The true challenge here, is finding what you CAN do, and what you WILL do. In the beginning, I was here for the bacon… But now I notice pork and bacon raise my BP. In fact, I had some over the holidays, and I am on day 5 without any, and my BP is STILL +20 points! In about 2 more days, it will start dropping day by day.

Does this make it true for everyone? Nope!
Can I explain why? (I am easily inflamed is my best guess).

Also, I discovered that the stress from my normal job will push my glucose 15-30 points, and lower my ketones below 0.5 on an all meat diet. OUCH. But again, it explains my results. When I am stressed, I create glucose. Interesting.

So, your results might vary. Treat it as a living journey.
Eventually, I believe once my body completely heals, I will tolerate some of these things better.
But I will probably NEVER be able to have them daily!