Anyone doing bullet-proof coffee

(Denise) #1

I’ve been drinking 2/3 Chicory Root, and 1/3 Leaded coffee (2 cups in the a.m. only) with cacoa, 1/2 tsp, cinnamon, just a sprinkle, stevia, about 1/16 scoop, or 1/32 scoop (can’t remember but it’s teenie, and about a tbsp of Almond Milk.

The Chicory Root has a lot of benefits, but it has carbs and I was looking on youtube for recipes for BP coffee using a decaf coffee. Chicory root is very expensive for me, and I am thinking I could get rid of those carbs if I switched to bullett proof?

Anyone? Btw, I just tried adding a chunk of butter to my “coffee” this a.m. and I like it! Feedback welcome :wink: Denise

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‘Bullet-proof’ coffee is a proprietary MCT formulation developed and marketed by the company of the same name. It’s claim to fame is that it gives you a morning dose of MCTs to get the day started. Adding fat to your morning coffee is otherwise referred to as a ‘fat bomb’ and it’s generally like drinking an oil slick. I drink what I call ‘keto coffee’ each morning. It’s a mix of fats and proteins to my keto macros and contains zero sweeteners and a very small amount of carbs from whey powder and whipping cream. No oil slick! My keto coffee - perfected over the course of several years - tastes nearly identical to the ‘coffee with cream’ that I drank and loved for decades prior to keto. If you’re interested, just search my posts for ‘keto coffee’. I’ve posted various versions of my recipe multiple times.

(Denise) #3

Hmmm, I have to say adding real butter I thought it might taste the same in my coffee, oil slick, but it doesn’t. I didn’t add a lot, but it tastes great so maybe I just like the taste of oil-slicks, thanks for your feedback.

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If you search the forums on “bulletproof” you will get quite a number of posts, including various recipes.

I see no reason that decaf coffee could not be used.

(Denise) #5

I did that Paul, but I didn’t search recipes so I will do that :wink: I just searched the “Food” board.

I will do that, and I can see I didn’t need to post this so maybe a mod can remove it. Probably not since there are replies now though.

(Marianne) #6

I agree. When I first started, people mentioned BPC all of the time. The thought of putting butter or MCT in my coffee kind of skeeved me, but I decided to try it anyway. Delicious!!! I’d put it in a plastic container and shake it until it became frothy - such a treat. I found that one or two BPCs replaced my breakfast and as I got more time under my belt, it would hold me comfortably through no lunch and up until dinner. I say go for it, if you enjoy it.

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

Yes, sometimes a pat of butter, sometimes 2 Tbls heavy cream. Love it.

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No need to remove the thread. But if you look, you will see all sorts of opinions about Bulletproof coffee. My own is that I prefer my coffee plain, with no additives of any sort. And going to the lengths of blending and mixing that people described in their posts was simply antithetical to my lazy nature. For a while, under the influence of posts I read on these forums, I drank my coffee with heavy cream in it. It was okay, but I soon realised I preferred it black.

(Denise) #9

That’s why I got onto looking for the BPC because I heard it could help me not eat between my breakfast and lunch, that’s my main issue, and running a close 2nd is “not” eating between lunch and dinner. I am hoping for that Marianne. I do realize I will grab something not because I’m hungry, but staying busy with pre-planned projects is helping a lot. Just little things, I’m not trying to bite off more than I can chew, so to speak, baby-steps work for me so far :wink:

I did like the bit of butter in my coffee, and I know I’ve read some about the hunger thing that does happen after breakfast especially, could be not enough good fats in my meals :wink: We have a Grocery Outlet owned by a truly, great family here in our little town. I saw MCT down there but didn’t get it because I hadn’t read up on it yet, but I just may get some! I’m also experimenting with Chia Seeds and was so surprised at their nutritional value! You can make pudding with them for one thing, and I like the “blended” drinks I think you can make with them too (saw pics of what I think were drinks :wink: )

(Marianne) #10

I enjoyed the MCT that I would use - I always figured the butter would be tastier, but the MCT I got seemed mildly sweet or “light” (?), and very pleasant. Either is fine, I think.

That’s good - it’s not an all or nothing kind of thing. I think you have a sensible approach to your plan.


Not sure of the carb content of chicory, but no way it’s enough to matter unless you’re going crazy with it. You can absolutely do a BPC with Decaf, or half calf or any coffee you like really.

You get a lot of the energy from C8 MCT Oil, which for some reason seems to give more energy in a hot drink, never figured that out. People say there’s no “correct” way, but that’s kinda not true, at least if you’re going to use the term Bulletproof Coffee. You can make it however you want clearly, but a “Bulletproof” coffee is grass fed butter and C8 MCT Oil. It’s not a catch all term for fatty coffee, The rest are just Keto coffee’s or whatever you want to call them. I’d try try it the original way since you’d be skipping the energy from the caffeine assuming you got any from it, I don’t. Being a C8 oil and not a mix or Coconut oil is important if you want the energy from it.

(Denise) #12

Yes Ifod, I don’t get energy from the coffee (leaded). If I drank more than I do of coffee, I would get worse gitters/tremor so it’s really just that habit of a tasty (to me) coffee in the a.m… That’s a big reason I would like be caffeine free. I would save me some bucks to just drink a decaf and added some butter and probably my little, bit of stevia. When I feel I need a bit of cream, I’ve been just using my Almond Milk, unsweetened but again, I put a bit of stevia in there :wink:

(Denise) #13

I’ll just stick to the butter as I have a lot stocked up for now. But I’ll keep my eyes open for MCT at our GO market as they get a lot of neat stuff for way less. You just have to watch the expiration dates :wink:

(Denise) #14

Yes, to each his/her own tastes :wink: Most people around me can’t believe the things I eat like Nutritional Yeast, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed! Of course most of the folks here my age and older don’t cook at all for themselves. I imagine I will always cook for myself especially since I am very careful and want to know “what’s in that” lol :wink:
I never really learned to cook until my 50s, I mean like what temp meats are done at etc. I was a junk-food junkie for sure. I’d just rather not cook :wink: Now I really cook to fuel my body. I might not want to get up and do it, but I always do so far :wink:

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What is leaded coffee. I have an image in my mind that can not be correct. :crazy_face:


I sometimes do a fatty coffee with 1 Tab coconut oil and 1 Tab butter. I blend it for 10 or 20 seconds to emulsify and it’s absolutely delicious. Keeps me full all morning. Highly recommend the blending step which makes it smooth and creamy.

(Denise) #17

We’ll both survive, I’m still trying to get over the oil-slick comment, Happy New Year!

(Laurie) #18

Leaded coffee = not decaffeinated?

A long time ago I read that BPC is specifically butter and coffee, because of some interaction between them. Not just any old hot drink with any old fat.

I tried coffee with butter on top. Yuck. Blending or shaking might improve it, but, like Paul, I’m not going to go to the trouble.

(Joey) #19

Yikes - this is far too complicated for me to prepare before my morning coffee. :crazy_face:

I have my dark french roast black with a heaping tablespoon of 100% dark cacao powder. Makes a wicked morning mocha. Many hours later - after I’m awake - I begin to ponder what more complicated recipes I might entertain.

Power to ya’! :+1:

(Ronald Weaver) #20

I do exactly the same…couldn’t live without it !