Anyone do ZC OMAD?

(jilliangordona) #1

Hi all… I’m looking to do a few weeks zero carb and see how my body reacts. The school year is about to start up, and I prefer to fast until dinner so I can be more efficient over my short teacher lunch break and not working about packing anything.

I didn’t see anyone talking about it so I was curious. Once I eat up the plants and dairy I have I will go ahead and start… so I won’t go ZC OMAD until my body is a little more used to it. Thanks!

(Jodi) #2

Do you do OMAD now?

I personally haven’t had any luck forcing OMAD, and I’m not currently ZC. Sometimes it naturally happens for me (when keto or ZC), but it never is a consistent thing long term. I always like ZC as far as you just eat more fatty meat when hungry, no concern about how many meals or other restrictions. :blush:

So no actual help, just my experience lol.


I’m ZC and switch between IF and OMAD. The last few weeks I’ve also thrown in a couple of 3-day fasts.

(jilliangordona) #4

I did OMAD during the end of the school year (March-May) and then stopped once summer started. I also didn’t follow it on the weekends. I was asking because I was curious if it was feasible, but the more I read the more I see people reporting less hunger!

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

I don’t now because I can’t get enough protein in one meal (I have a gastrectomy) however, I did for a very long time. I enjoyed it for a multitude of reasons.

This is what taught me I had a very weird relationship with food. Briefly, I mourned the loss of other “meals” and then was all, “WTF am I doing?!” It made me realize the emotional reliance I place on eating. I found ZC OMAD liberating, truly.

Right now I typically IF, however once every 4-6 weeks I will do OMAD for a day or two. Just hard being only able to eat about 6-8 ounces by volume at once, tops. Even so, I still find it very useful and enjoyable to do so.

(Chris) #6

Absolutely fine, barring any crazy medical conditions you haven’t disclosed. I regularly fast 3-5 days in the week and OMAD all weekend long on ZC.

(Crow T. Robot) #7

Do you follow Chris Krueger by any chance? If not, he has a bunch of videos basically touting ZC OMAD. It’s pretty simple and he doesn’t complicate it, although he does sell coaching (gotta make a living). He’s fun to listen to and shares a lot of keto friendly info.

(Chris) #8

I saw some of his videos, and he seems pretty genuine. Also, he doesn’t go nuts pushing the paid stuff. I believe one could easily get by and see real results from the free advice alone.

Also, he’s stated that if someone straight up asks for help, he’ll help them without thinking twice (even at no charge, so he says).

(Crow T. Robot) #9

That’s a good way to put it. I think that’s part of the appeal for me. I really get the impression that he just wants to help people and even though he has a program, he doesn’t push it.

(What The Fast?!) #10

I know that Penny @Ocrgrrrl is doing OMAD. She just started and has a thread about it here:

I don’t do OMAD because I don’t want to eat all the food at once, I feel like a.) I would overeat because I’d be like…AHHH I only get one meal! b.) then my stomach would stretch and release insulin and c.) if I went off of it, I feel like I’d be used to eating big meals and then just eat more than one big meal a day.

BUT a lot of people have success with OMAD! Especially if you are doing it for schedule purposes. PLUS, the health benefits of fasting all day are fab!

Good luck and let u know what you do!


The idea of zero carb (carnivore) is to eat when hungry, and I’ve found that most of the time for me that
means twice a day (never once) and occasionally 3x. I never try to force any eating pattern but try to listen to my body and identify true hunger.

(Adam Kirby) #12

I have been doing ZC OMAD for 2 months maybe and have lost 10 pounds. I’m specifically doing it for fat loss and I’d say it’s damn effective for that. I love having two meal times freed up and simplified shopping as well.

(Andrew Schaefer) #13

I shift between OMAD and T(wo)MAD. It really just depends on the day. I’m at the office from 7-3 and get home around 4. Sometimes I’ll eat right when I get home (usually bacon + eggs) and a couple hours before bed (1lb of 55% lean ground beef from US Wellness Meats and drink the drippings). Other times I’ll have something to do right after work and just eat all of that at once for my only meal of the day. I don’t really notice a difference when I split it up or when I eat it all at once. That said, even when I eat two meals my eating window is still very small (somewhere like 4pm to 8pm).

(U K) #14

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has any updates to this thread?

Specifically the original thread was asking if anyone has tried ZERO carbs on Keto and OMAD and this is what I want to know. Usuallu Carbs should be 5% of intake, but I want to know if anyone has tried ZERO carbs (aside from the carbs in your vegetables etc)

Previously I was weighing out like 20 grams of pasta to get my 5% but I am considering stopping this altogether. Is it healthy to do so?


This is a Zero Carb thread my friend. Just meat and water (plus dairy if you’re good with it). No vegetables. Not specifically Keto. Carnivore it is also refered to. Lots pf people do it and have success. Others modify it to meet their needs. I am interested in the OMAD idea though. I’m walking across Spain at the minute. Yesterday I said I’d go as long as I could without eating. I powered through 30km fasted (+20 hours). Felt fantastic. Then a natural fatigue began to set in so I ate a good fatty Chorizo and the last 10km were much more difficult. I wanted to lie down. Perhaps only feeling better towards the end. It makes me think of when a Lion gets his catch, feasts and then sleeps all day. Seems to be a mental thing with me that I feel I should eat. Interesting topic.

(Elizabeth Stern) #16

Joe and Charlene Anderson, zc twenty years, have done omad, no problems.

(Chris W) #17

I did OMAD for a while when I 1st started keto. I had a lot of excess body fat then, and it seemed that as soon as I became fat adapted, I could easily go for a full day without feeling hungry.

By the time I started ZC, I was much lighter. I was in the habit of 2 meals a day, switching my routine occasionally between skipping breakfast and skipping dinner, just to mix things up and see what felt best.

It would be really sweet if my life were so unstructured that I could follow the advise of a lot of the veteran ZCers and only eat when hungry and eat until full. Unfortunately, my life takes place according to a schedule and takes me to places that are more then a few steps away from my stockpile of meat, so I have to pre-plan roughly when I am going to eat and pack a portion that matches my best guess as to how much it will take before I’m full.
As a reversed T2 diabetic, I prefer to keep a 14+ hour window each day without eating to ensure that I get a good window of low insulin. Packing 2 meals into a 8-10 hour window leaves me eating when I’m not hungry several times a week. Dropping to OMAD, I struggle to get enough packed into that one meal to keep my energy steady.

I’m starting another phase of my N=1 today. My plan is to eat every 16 hours. To fit this around my sleep schedule, I started out this morning with a big meal at 5:00 AM. I’ll eat again at 9:00 PM this evening, then again at 1:00 PM tomorrow, then 5:00 AM on Wednesday, etc. I think this may hit a sweet spot where I am getting hungry just as my planned meal is approaching, On the days I have an early & late meal, I eat both of those at home, so portions can be more dynamic, and I only have to pack something to take to work 2 or 3 times during the week.

(Chris W) #18

The 1st 16 hour cycle was pretty good in terms of timing relative to hunger. I did find that eating a full meal that close to bedtime was a bit uncomfortable, so I may tweak the timing a bit to shorten the window to 14-15 hours on the days I eat twice, and lengthen the time window a bit from when I eat late, until when I eat mid-day the next day.